As the year is slowly but surely ending, I would like to slow down a little, breathe, and enjoy things for what they are. I usually fight the beginning of winter, mostly by wearing summer clothes for as long as possible, then suddenly avoiding going outside until Spring. But this year, I thought I should celebrate winter by wearing comfy loungewear and making everything slightly more pleasant than usual.

[ Disclaimer: The Moiselle and Noelle Wolf sets were gifted to me without expectations earlier this year. The other items were bought with my own money.]

[ Robe : Violet & Wren Bloom kimono robe (sample sale find), Pyjama set : Noelle Wolf Mist silk set embroidered with words by Melody Hansen ]

I am hoping to fight seasonal depression with silk and sugar. I have to say that since the health crisis started, my loungewear wardrobe has expanded and also gotten much more use than it used to.

Romantic silk loungewear

This Violet & Wren Bloom robe I got last year in their sample sale is one of my favourite pieces. If you can put your hands on some Violet & Wren garments while they are available, I recommend you do so. The quality is beautiful and the prints feature beautiful flowers or natural patterns that are perfect for lounging as well as outerwear styling. The attention to detail is also remarkable.

[ I am wearing the Mist set in size Small, which seems like a good fit for me, but I also own another set from the brand in size Medium, which works well for me too. It all depends if you prefer a looser or more fitted garment.]

As part of this ensemble, I am wearing Noelle Wolf Mist pyjama, which is a very romantic set. It features a lovely embroidered message by Melody Hansen. If this particular message doesn’t speak to you, there are other messages available, though you can also opt for the plain version.

Note that the embroidered Pjs sets are part of Noelle Wolf’s “Female voices” project which is a collaboration between the brand and 3 poets. Net proceeds from sales will be donated to Dress for Success®; a charitable organization driven to empower women to thrive in work and in life.

The blue is very rich in person and the silk feels buttery against the skin. It has a little bit of stretch too. This set is very nice if you sleep under heavy blankets and don’t actually feel the need to be fully covered by longer PJs. I find myself reaching out of it all the time because it is comfortable and actually adorable…

Supportive wireless bralette

[Moiselle Mae opaque bralette (custom size S cup/ XS band), Mae high-waisted tanga XS (in French TP – Très petit)]

Another set that brings me comfort is this Mae opaque set by new Montreal ethical brand Moiselle. It’s a wireless longline bralette that has a lovely vintage aesthetic.

It’s made of strong power mesh and lace and features boning on the side to avoid too much rolling but also doesn’t hurt the stomach when sitting. I have worn it when sleeping, but also just as an everyday bra.
The matching tanga makes my bum look awesome, however, after wearing it for a while I which it was more like a high waisted thong. The back part is a bit too wide for my taste.

Joggers and wires

But if you are more into wires, a comfortable option would be Katherine Hamilton Abrielle. Though, in my opinion, the most comfortable bra from the brand might be Abbie, Abrielle is definitely on my list of beautiful luxury bras that are suitable for everyday wear.

[ Katherine Hamilton Abrielle bra 30GG, / (old) Montelle cashemere mix joggers.]

I think I am in between a 30G and 30GG in this style, but still a 30G in other bras from the brand. The product description mentions that the bra runs one cup smaller than other KH styles. I would say that in my case, I wish a size between 30G and 30GG existed.
The 30GG fits me well but doesn’t uplift me the way I expected. I think a 30G would do that, however, the 30GG is great for days when my breasts get bigger due to hormonal fluctuations (which lasts 10 days of the month really).

Velvet, cashmere, and silk…

Two years ago, I acquired this Naked Princess cashmere slip for an incredibly good price as the brand loungewear range got discontinued. I now regret not getting it in grey and navy, but I adore the one I have. Cashmere is expensive, but it also is 7 to 8 times warmer than Merino wool (which is already pretty warm).

[ Naked Princess cashmere dress (Small)]

I think living in Canada, having a few timeless cashmere items can be a good investment. While it’s not necessary if you buy Merino wool, it’s softer and more durable. Also, cashmere is self-cleaning, so although it needs to be taken care of properly, it is not a fibre you want to wash often.

[Marjolaine velvet robe with silk lining – size 40 ]

The last piece I want to introduce is this Marjolaine hooded velvet robe with silk lining. I got it from an independent seller for 125 euros, and if you know the brand, Marjolaine velvet and silk robes are usually 3 times this price. I was lucky enough that this came in my size. My Marjolaine size is a 38/40 and I always prefer to size up for robes. This one is really like a luxurious teddy bear.
I am not sure what the name of the collection is but I know the brand regularly offers velvet robes with silk lining. I wanted a comfy easy-to-wear robe for a while. Although I adore all the dainty robes I own, I always feel that I have to be extra careful because silk can be damaged relatively easily by friction. Having the silk on the inside only is such a life hack, ahah.

Yes, friction still happens but you get all the benefit of the shiny part of the silk (super soft for the skin and hair), while not having to be scared to drink coffee. Well, still be careful, but you know, a drop or two won’t reach the silk layer.

While some of the pieces in this editorial aren’t currently in stock, I hope this will inspire you for future purchases as it’s definitely possible to find similar pieces on the internet.

I will list a few examples for men and women I found on the internet in my next article!

Lots of love!

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  1. The Katherine Hamilton Abrielle bra looks gorgeous, and the Mae opaque bralette and coordinating high-waisted tanga also look very pretty.
    All of these loungewear sets and lingerie look very pretty, comfortable, and like they must feel delightful to be wearing. The Marjolaine velvet robe with silk lining also looks like it must feel delightful to wear. Contemplating and appreciating the beauty and luxurious feel of lingerie seems like it could be an excellent respite from the disheartening news reports I’ve been reading recently.
    Best wishes for the season, for the coming years and beyond!!!

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