A basic bra shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s actually an item of clothing most people with breasts want to own as a way to fit into society’s acceptability standards. If you don’t own lace or colorful underwear, it’s useful to at least have one bra that can work with most of your wardrobe and is suitable for your work environment.

The discussion about nude lingerie for people of color started a long time ago. Back in 2013, after Nubian Skin entered the lingerie industry, it all seemed revolutionary. I am sure we can agree that a need, present for decades, had just been acknowledged.

Fast forward to 2022, it’s very easy to come across basic bras in different shades of brown on the market *if* you have access to internet…

[ Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Broad lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]However, inclusivity is a multidimensional subject. With the concept of intersectionality, it’s good to realize that a brand might be inclusive for some people and not as much for others, who, at first sight, seem to fall into the same category of customers.

For example, the first brown nudes available on the market only covered a size 30B through 36DD. So while they offered 4 shades of brown, which was amazing for many women of colour, they didn’t include people who didn’t fit into these sizes. And of course, it’s no shade to anybody – no pun intended -, as it takes time to increase a size range especially when you offer a product that didn’t exist before.

In just a few years, the lingerie industry has gone a long way. It’s getting clearer and clearer that the full-bust spectrum is much wider than the letter G and brands are regularly working on size expansion. Yet, people with bigger breasts, and sometimes bigger bodies as well, still struggle to find the perfect basic option.

Today, in collaboration with Toronto-based brick-and-mortar store Broad, I want to talk about 3 great brown nude fullbust options that easily fit into a G+ drawer.


Panache Cari bra is a beautiful spacer bra, created with comfort and versatility in mind.
A spacer is a molded bra, that is created with a thin and breathable foam that offers a smooth and lightweight feel under clothing. This bra isn’t meant to add volume but to adapt to your bust and disappear under your outfit.

I am wearing Cari in size 30G and UK 10. This is honestly a bra I have taken naps in, so it does keep its promise to be comfortable. As for the smoothing and “nude” aspects of things, I think you can probably tell that it works very well for my skin tone. One thing I have noticed with brown lingerie is that it doesn’t need to be a perfect match to actually work exactly as intended. As long as it doesn’t contrast with your skin, it will be invisible under a white outfit.

brown nude fullbust panache braThis bra gives a rounded but not unnaturally uplifted look to my breasts and I think the cup shape offers a generous fit. For example, when I am on my period, I am closer to a 30GG than a 30G and this bra still fits amazingly. The cups provide full coverage but aren’t closed, if that makes sense.

The gore tacks comfortably and the straps offer full adjustability, with the option to wear the bra as a racerback, which is honestly a great feature in a nude bra. The geometric embroidery is also beautiful and makes this bra stand out in comparison to fully plain basics. Note that the coordinate is VPL-free, which I feel is de rigueur, when it comes to basics!


Ewa Michalak is a Polish brand specialized in full-bust and plus-size lingerie. The brand is known for offering a great number of bra patterns in order to cover as many breasts shapes as possible. Polish lingerie in general is known to be very uplifting and Ewa Michalak is doing magic when it comes to very deep cups. While many brands only offer full coverage bras after a G cup, Ewa offers relatively low-cut, lacy, and strappy designs throughout her whole size range.

**depending on band size.

brown nude fullbust gladziochThe Gladzioch set has been around for a few years now and I was really happy to see that a brand whose main customers aren’t necessarily people of color, still considered us enough to offer 2 different shades of brown in such an excellent, easy to wear pattern.

The Gladzioch bra is an elegant basic that features vertical seams which significantly uplift the chest, thanks to an unstretchy mesh lining. This bra is considered Semi-soft by the brand. From my understanding, that name comes from the fact that the stretch is only at the horizontal top part of the cup. This allows for some flexibility during size fluctuations while the firm bottom part makes the cup slightly thicker and pushes the breasts tissue up and forward. I am wearing a 65G/30G.
brown nude fullbust polish braThe narrow and short wires are comfortable and the low gore is great for close-set breasts. As a bra nerd, I love looking at the details of this bra’s construction. The expression cut-and-sew takes on its full meaning when looking at it. It’s beautifully engineered. I think this is a great bra for low neckline tops and dresses. Especially these trending square necklines that are meant for Marie-Antoinette kind of cleavage.

The coordinate is a size 38 and I think it is just a bit large for me at the moment because I have lost some weight, but they are a true UK10. This is a very comfortable and stretchy high-waisted panty and I just love how it fits my bum. Of the three sets’, this is certainly my favorite coordinate.

brown nude fullbust cosabella


To complete this little capsule, here’s a soft longline bralette by the brand Cosabella. It’s my very first time trying their products and I am happy I did. This set is part of their Curvy range, which is meant to cover many fullbust sizes from 28DD to 40FF.

I noticed that the brand separates the Never say never bralette into two categories, which are continuities and fashion colors. The colorway I am reviewing today doesn’t seem to be part of their continuity range and comes in this size XS to XL as well as a Petite option which should fit sizes 28DD-30E.

Update: This is actually the color Tres and it’s part of Cosabella’s new Skin tones/Neutral range, which comes in 7 colorways. It will therefore be part of their continuity range.
Now with that in mind, I consider that the size range is relatively flexible. For instance, I am a 30G and during my period a 30GG. In both cases, I fit very well in this bralette in a size Small.

As you can see, it provides a lot of coverage, almost like a top. The back featured 3 rows of 9 hooks and eyes which really helps with the rolling we usually get from longline bras. The straps are fully adjustable, which is great too.
brown nude fullbust braletteAt first glance, this bralette looks simple, just like a lacey top, but the construction seems to be very well thought out. On the inside, it’s lined with a layer of power mesh, which is consolidated by a double layer of power mesh fabric at the side. This centers the breasts and support them in a more structured way.

The Never say never bralette is fairly secure. I don’t have a problem sleeping in it and waking up with my breasts in the same place. It’s a nice addition to a lingerie wardrobe, either for lounging or to wear as an extra layer. Perfect on days that don’t require an extra lift, it gives a nice natural shape to the breasts.

brown nude fullbust lingerieThe matching thong is discreet and comfortable, and I like that it lays so flat. This is a nice ensemble for times when you’ll wear light, flowy fabric that calls for light and comfy underwear. I have worn it in the heat and humidity of the Caribbean and I loved it.

With the current state of things (ie. Omicron), Broad recently took a little break from in-person fitting, but you can find all these sets via their website! They are currently doing virtual fittings and are very good at it.

If you live in Toronto, curbside pick-up and shipping are available. You can always give them a call if you need to ask questions or if you don’t see your size. The store also ships internationally! <3

I hope this article will help many of you in your quest for the perfect everyday bra! Stay tuned for a Youtube video this Saturday if you want to see the lingerie in movement!

Hope your year started with lots of good things!
Stay safe,

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  1. I love Cosabella’s bralettes! Have you considered their Soire Confidence Curvy bralette? That one gives me nearly the same shape as an underwire and comes in several skintone shades too.

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