While I am a bit late for Valentine’s day content, it’s always a pleasure to browse the internet for delicate and delicious items. Valentine’s day is usually an opportunity for me to treat myself to sweet pastries and some sushis. If you are reading my blog, chances are that you love lingerie all year round. In that case, Valentine’s day isn’t necessarily different. Yet, I did find a few garments that would put me in a mood for a playful and indulgent day…

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[EmSilk bias cut mulberry silk dress ]

[MadameDabi illustration Shoes Boudoir]

[WW2 correspondance letters]

[MadameDabi Roccoco game t-shirt ]

[LelaSilk cotton pyjama] [Evgenia Rebelle Luxe Ribbon Corset – Rouge ]

[ Helen Valk Varavin Silk set]

[Nearer the moon Belladonna nipple pasties]

[EleganzaHome Satin kimono]

[Rosalie Wynne Marigold bralette set ]

[Hearts & Found Kelly cotton dress]

[Sandmaiden Sleepwear Ruffled sheer pyjama]
[Nearer the Moon Candid stay][Katringloss Cottage Core sheer blouse ]

[Matorosari chockers : Kiea, Hera, Maia, Amande ]

[KaFemme velvet robe]

Now, tell me… What are your Valentine’s day plans and do they include lingerie?


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One Reply to “Soft Valentine’s day vibes from Etsy : lingerie, love letters and rococo art work”

  1. The MadameDabi illustration Shoes Boudoir and the artwork on the MadameDabi Roccoco game T-shirt are fabulous, as are ALL of the lingerie and outfit pieces you featured in the photos above! They are all a treat to look at.
    I love the Katringloss Cottage Core sheer blouse and the idea of styling it with classic full coverage nylon panties (14th image – 3rd from the bottom)
    Sadly I have no plans for Valentine’s Day, however I am quite sure I will be wearing some of my favourite lingerie anyway. 😀
    P.S.: Happy Galentine’s Day!

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