Wen is a blogger and freelance writer with a passion for the lingerie industry. Through her blog, Comics Girls Need Bras (CGNB), she discusses ethical and full bust fashion in order to make it more accessible to everybody. She believes lingerie is one of the best cures for body acceptance and always a nice treat for oneself. She has been a contributor to The Lingerie Journal and The Breast Life and has modeled for brands like Ellesmere label, Queen of SuburbiaFLeur’t intimates and Maude Nibelungen. Wen has been a participant in several Curve NY/Salon international de la lingerie panels and is very involved in the online lingerie community.

Contact: comicsgirlsneedbras@gmail.com

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  1. Wen you have a very natural beauty and your body is gorgeous. Good luck with your degree, I am trying not to sound creepy but your choices of lingerie amplify your beauty and curves to a pleasing sight and walking masterpiece. Anyway good bye and good luck

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