Wen CGNB is a Montreal based blogger and freelance writer with a passion for the lingerie industry. Through her blog, Comics Girls Need Bras; she discusses ethical and full bust fashion to make it more accessible to everybody. She believes lingerie is one of the best cures for body acceptance and always a nice treat for oneself. She has been modeling for independent designers like Ellesmere label and Maude Nibelungen and is currently a contributor to The Lingerie Journal.

If we ever get out of confinement… Corsets might be out and about

In case you haven’t noticed, corsets have been trending through the past two years and even during the whole 2020 situation. I am not sure how this trend has been compatible with confinement life, but it’s been for sure a thing on social media. Corset dresses, tops, jumpsuits, vests, you name it! [Disclaimer : this…