If you are fullbusted, you probably have heard tons of times how impossible it was to create a supportive bralette in your size or a lacy halfcup bra that would not only be for bedroom use. You might also have seen a some luxury brands going up to a G cup but only making the exciting designs up to an E cup.  Well, Adina Reay “mission” is to go against this tendency by creating truly luxury and creative designs for full-busted women. It is a real challenge to create a completely new pattern for full-bust bras that would keep the same look through a whole size range, that for sure. That is why people so often say it is impossible.

[This set have been gifted to me by Adina Reay for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
The truth is that it costs a lot of time, money, and passion. I personally prefer when a brand admits its limitation and makes a realistic size range that could work for most customers in this range. The risk when you try to do too much at the same time is to leave the customer disappointed. In that regard, I think Adina Reay’s size range is a very good start. Going from 28 to 36 band from DD to G cup is already a lot for a small business. Now let see how this set works for me!

To be honest, when I first saw the Adina Reay Pru set, I really thought it could only fit super-rounded breasts with almost no projection. My breasts are far from that description. They are full on bottom and side, projected and asymmetrical. As you must know I am now really in between a UK 30G and 30GG. With special designs featuring very low and open cups it can be annoying to deal with breasts that are so indecisive about their own size.

After my experience with the gorgeous Kate, I opted for a size 30G in the Pru and I am happy to say that the brand seems rather consistent in its sizing. I also received two different coordinates, a bikini brief and a short in size Small which fit me very well.


Construction wise, Pru is nothing like the bras I have tried before. Seriously, I am so surprised! Usually half padded bras don’t look good on me at all. It always seems that you should have the same breast fullness at the bottom and at the top to fill them properly and that is not my case. But I find this bra to look amazing on me.

I immediately fell in love with this elegant and unusual colorway but the construction also felt very interesting. Honestly, I love this bra and I am clearly wearing it too often for its own good.

Pru features four-parts cups (the lower and higher parts being divided in two), made of 53% silk satin and lace, with silk side support to help the breasts staying front and center. Aesthetically this bra is a beauty. Half of the strap length is covered with silk as well and the gold hardware adds a finishing touch to this piece.

There is real attention to detail in the way Adina Reay makes padded bras. From the outside, the bra looks like it’s sewed in two parts and at first you can only see one short seam at the bottom of each cup, which seems to be there for aesthetic purpose. I actually like how the side supports structure the design of the cups.

All the contrast in this bra comes from the silk folding and the difference of texture between the lace and satin. Just like the Kate bra, the interior part of the cup is delightfully covered with silk. I fined this bra so refined and flattering!


The Pru bras has wide wires with a very low gore. The cup shape is close to a plunge (another cut that usually doesn’t fit me) but is close enough at the top. However it still allows some top fullness. The lace is lined with mesh and is sewn in a way that is secure enough to keep my projected breasts inside of the cup.

Now, I think the cup could benefit from narrower wires as the foam tends to fold just above the wires, meaning that they don’t sit under my inframammary fold and the cup foam has to accommodate by itself. That said, I have a feeling that this wire choice is motivated by the cleavage the design is meant to provide. I think it would probably work better for someone with a bigger frame and more separated breasts as the gore isn’t tacking so well against my thorax.

That said, when I put the bra on at first, it tacks and everything seems quite beautiful. I think the issue here is that the band runs very big so even at the tightest set of hooks it finally loose its support through the day. In all honesty, This bra has a lot of potential but the band fits close to a 34 which makes this 30G bra more similar to a 34F. The fit of the cups themselves is very good though, and in that regard, it still feels like a G cup bra but I would go down two band sizes in this style to make sure it lasts long enough to justify the expense.

If you have tall roots like mine, I think you’ll also find the straps to be very long, especially since they are only half adjustable. I am considering altering the band in mine because I love it so so much, but for the moment, I am wearing it with straps savers, which improve the fit quite a lot.

The band is made of a sturdy mesh and features three sets of two hooks and eyes. I find this band to be wide enough to be comfortable although I am not really bothered by thin straps and bands. (Note that the bra doesn’t disappear under tight fitting clothes, as the demarcation between the padding and the lace can show.)

The matching bikini and shorts are also an important part of this set, as they are both pretty different from the usual brief and short that we see as coordinates. I really love how the designer played with the texture here. I received them both in size Small and the fit is nice for me. I found the bikini to be very very low rise actually and it looks more like a tanga at the end of the day on me.

The satin at the front makes it look luxurious while the cut also makes it very daring. I love the silky ruffled elastic at the back, it reminds me of that time when women would wear belly jewellery (was it the 90’s? I just know that I was small). It looks like an accessory but definitely completes this brief.

The short in my opinion, is the comfy option. I find it easier to put on for everyday wear as it feels more secure, in a sens. It just hugs your body and falls nicely on your hips. However, the satin part at the back usually gets weirdly eaten by my bum, so it was hard to take a flattering shot of this piece from the back. That said, it is definitely a comfortable short and I reach out to it more often than the bikini.

Overall, I have to say that I love the Pru set. It is one of the most intriguing full-bust bras I have come across this year and it just feels like a warming hug in this very refreshing time.
If you consider ordering this bras, just remember that the band runs almost 2 sizes bigger than a usual UK bra (at least in my size), once you take the fit information in consideration, it’s definitely a beautiful design. I really hope to see this brand grow and improve as I can see their high potential for the full-bust market!

Hopefully, this post brought you some sun! I was so happy to shoot in my Caribbean garden in December! This post will remain one of my favorite for sure!

Sending love!

Yours truly,

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