**Avocado sent this set to me free of charge for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own.**


Since I started being interested in lingerie my favorite shape has always been the “half cup” or “corbeille” in French. Sadly I don’t remember a time when my breasts could fit in this type of bras properly. They are always cut too low for me even if they are made in my size.
I have to say that I usually avoid them to prevent any deception and when I saw that Avocado had released their new collections I thought the Chamade HC would only be available in the smaller sizes. I was extremely surprised to find it in the parcel with the rest of the lingerie because I was so sure I’d receive a RV or NF cut! I was also surprised about the fit!

Avocado Chamade HC set

I originally received the bra in a 60L and the panty in a size Small, however the 60L was way too big for my breasts and Anna was kind enough to send me a 60K, which is now a lovely fit and my most comfy Avocado bra.
As you can see, this bra goes a little bit higher than an usual half cup. For me this is just perfect because my nipples are so high that they never stay hidden by the usual halfcups.
The construction of this bra is amazing. I love this unique seam in the middle of the cup, I love the construction of the back which makes everything so secure, and the fabric is just so great! It should fit different shapes of breasts but I would say that if you are full on bottom you can easily size down in the cup because the fabrics is stretchy and the cup has space at the top.

Avocado Chamade HC

Note that I am loosing weight for some reasons since this summer and my breasts are now smaller. I am still a 30GG but I definitely think that I am on the smaller side of this size.This bra should fit a breast sightly bigger than mine if your nipples aren’t super high since the fabric is very adaptable. 🙂
That said, this bra perfectly encapsulates my breasts. As usual with Avocado I don’t experience any side boobs effect and the straps have a perfect length so they never fall off my shoulders.
The band also is very stable and I find it stretchier than my other avocado bands although it is still not loose. A 60K in my opinion would be roughly and equivalent to a 28GG-H. Note that Avocado bands are quite firm so they might feel tighter than your usual bands. For me the 60 bands give me a better fit since they also come with narrower wires and I feel really secure with them but this is a personal preference since Avocado bands don’t run big.

Avocado Chamade HC

I love it when brands pay attention to details even on the band and straps. I think the blue lace in the back really completes the design of this bra! The straps are fully adjustable and wide enough to be comfy. I think this colorway in particular is very discreet. It is very neutral but still pretty and delicate! The light taupe/beige fabric feels comfortable. Although it is not the best tone for my skin it should be nice on lighter skin tones.

I really like the color allotment, if I can say it this way. I find it to be discreetly geometric and this set is for me the expression of a pure elegance without anything to prove. Less is definitely more.The cup shape itself is really minimalist for a full bust garment and it reminds me of a cute water drop from the side.

Avocado Chamade HC

Although the cups are deep, the wires are wide on me. I find it to be less wide than my RV bras wires but compared to other Polish brands, you will find them to be wide. It is not a real issue for me, though, since my armpits are safe.
Chamade gives a lovely rounded but natural shape.The gore is very narrow which is amazing, since it is kind of high. This way it is still comfortable for my close-set boobs.
As often with Avocado, no bow in the middle, but a lovely branded silvery pendant. The same pendant is featured on the front of the coordinate.

Avocado Chamade HC

Talking about the coordinate, I received the classic brief which is a perfect everyday panty. It feels soft, provides a nice coverage, and it stays in place the whole day long. I a fan of Avocado bottoms. They are always well-made, comfy and fit great.I don’t know how is made the fabric that they use for the bum part but it feels so nice! I don’t own any panty from other brands that gives me the same sensation. Also they usually have space for the bum and don’t cut in. However, be careful, some styles might fit differently. I have tried four Avocado bottom styles and 3/4 fit me great in a size Small. I needed a size Medium for one of them.
By the way I really admire the efforts of this brand to create different shapes of bottoms and bras for every style and not only 2 bottom and a bra. This way you always have a chance to get a great fit and the style of the bra doesn’t change dramatically from a cut to another even with the bigger sizes.

Avocado Chamade HC

In a nutshell, I am really happy with this set, it is very romantic and I like to wear it anytime because it is comfy and feeds my desire for delicate lingerie. I wear it when I feel sensitive or when I need some “body makeup”. For me this set feels like a little bit of blush under my clothes. Like a very natural make up just to cheer you up or make you feel confident. Note that if you would like a more dramatic colorway this is also available in black . 🙂

Hope you are ready for this week! 🙂 Stay strong, holidays are in a heart beat!



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