Happy Monday y’all! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know the pieces I am wearing on today’s article. I have been wanting to pair these pieces for months but somehow couldn’t get myself to photograph them. Anyway… I finally did it.
The real star of today’s review is a corset I bought from Canadian maker Starkers Corsetry. At the beginning of this Summer (June, I believe), the brand introduced the concept of “affordable corset Friday”. Every week, they offered a different corset via Instagram for a price close to 150 Canadian dollars + shipping. The size and style changed every week and their followers could only discover the corset at 5pm on Friday. The first person to claim it and buy it could have it.

For me this was an opportunity to try a corset made by a high end Canadian designer and experience a different quality from what I have tried before. I have read many things this year about corsets, but I am still quite inexperienced. I know that many people only swear by made to measurement corsets, but I also don’t have the budget yet. So, I prayed for my size (20″) to finally be available and eventually, it happened.
I ordered it, and within 4 days, I received a long rectangular package in the mail. The corset was beautifully presented inside, along with a lovely enveloppe containing a “Thank you” card and some instructions on how to start wearing corsets.
The first thing I noticed was the weight of this piece when I put it on. It felt light and comfortable right away. I tried it carefully at first, because I wanted to make sure that the size was right. However, I felt like I wouldn’t need to season it for too long. It was gorgeous and comfortable, while still providing great shaping to my narrow hips and undefined waist.
This 20 steel bones corset is made of blueberry silk satin with a inner layer made of black cotton coutil. I was afraid at first that silk would be a fragile material but Dianna, the designer told me that the silk was additionally reinforced with interfacing. Also, since the silk isn’t holding the corset’s structure (the coutil is), it wouldn’t get damage by the strain of tight lacing.
The German steel busk is very neatly inserted and feels high quality. For my inexperienced eyes, this is already a great point. Corsets at low price point sometimes show less attention to detail. The corset also features silver pewter laces, which makes it feel even more luxurious. It came with a fully boned floating modesty panel, which I always appreciate. I asked Dianna to add suspender loops as I mostly intended to wear this piece as underwear. Surprisingly, the suspender straps that didn’t work with my Glamorous Lara corset work with this one. I might get prettier ones in the future but they hold my stockings very well.
I have bought this corset in June and only after a couple of wears, I felt confident lacing it the way I did it for these pictures. This corset doesn’t feel fragile. It really reacted well to me wearing it. It only gets more comfortable. I don’t wear corsets everyday but I never hesitate reaching for this one. The hips spring isn’t so wide (closed 76cm∼29,9 inches) but my hips are quite narrow (83 cm= 33inches) so it works well. I don’t feel awfully restricted when I walk around and I can wear this corset for hours.

I didn’t talk much about the aesthetic of this corset because it’s plain and purple. However, I have to say that I love this silk. You know, sometimes synthetic satin corset can look a bit too shiny which can make them look like a part of a costume (which isn’t inherently a bad thing). This blueberry silk has just enough shine to look elegant and is dark enough to work easily with other colours. I didn’t know I could like purple that much before I got my Harlow & Fox Serena violet set and now I really think that this color suits me. I love that it is both warm and cool.
I am just so happy that I got this blueberry beauty for such an affordable price (150 CAD = 115 USD). This piece is definitely suitable for everyday wear and I think it gave me an idea of how confortable corsets can really be. Starkers corsetry seems to be an incredible artist and seamstress and I am so happy we live in the same country.

Do you have any tip or experiences with corsets?

Yours truly,


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  1. I have never purchased a corset before (not counting the waist-cinchers I have worn in the past), but am thinking about maybe getting fitted for my first ever corset. The Harlow and Fox Serena Violet lingerie set you were wearing coordinates beautifully with that Starkers Blackberry Silk Victorian Corset, and you look beautiful wearing it.
    P.S.: Happy birthday month!

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