Hey lovelies! I might be a bit late on this, since Valentine’s day is already in 2 weeks, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent finds. I don’t usually do Valentine’s day actually. I prefer going to a good restaurant or share pastries than give into the very commercial aspect of it. Though this past couple of months I came across beautiful things that could actually do so well as a present for a friend or a lover. So I thought, why not?

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Pillow Book L’Amant robe
Valentine's day gifts
Pillow book is an independent brand I have admired from afar. Their price range is usually out of my budget but everything I have seen from them is a work of art and love. This robe (L’Amant, meaning the lover) in particular is on my wishlist and I would not mind saving until I can finally buy it. I love that the designer used natural dyes on the inside and I think every piece must be very unique. Every time I look at it, I feel like I have the same crush over and over again.

Loulette lingerie Honeybee short and cami

Valentine's day gifts

Well, bees have been very fashionable during the past 3 years but I still can’t resist a nice honeycomb embroidery or pendant. This Loulette lougewear set is absolutely gorgeous and I feel like it carries a little bit of sun with it. The cami features adjustable straps so you can adapt the fit to your body type. It’s an “easy fit” present that should do its little impression.

Logandria Garden Party silk Scarf 

Valentine's day gifts
OK. STOP. Have you seen this beauty? Actually, have you ever seen something so colorful, so extra and delightfully provocative? This scarf from Logandria is pure lust and luxury. I love that celebration of feminity. It’s currently in pre-order for March delivery! It’s one of the things I want to put my hands on this year, and it’s in limited quantity!

Harlow and Fox Aurora Red pasties and harnesses

Valentine's day gifts
We all know about Karolina Laskowska’s collaboration with Harlow and Fox, right? I am still head over heels for this collection. For Valentine’s day, the brands released a new lush colorway which should compliment a lot of people! Pasties and harnesses are easy to gift and who doesn’t like freshwater pearls?

Evgenia Rebelle half-slip 
Valentine's day gifts

Evgenia creates timeless designs and I can’t believe I still haven’t tried any. This half-slip gives me lingerie as outerwear styling ideas and I think it would work as another layer under a skirt or dress this season. The sleep mask from the same collection is another touch of glamour that I can see myself using for many nights after these two crazy months.

Vintage find !
Valentine's day gifts
If you prefer something more original, I think vintage pieces can do their little effect on lingerie aficionados. A thoughtfully picked piece of vintage loungewear is a present that nobody can forget. Also, if you don’t put your hands on this one, I might buy it myself.

Madame Dabi illustrations and goodies!
Valentine's day gifts
Lingerie illustrations are fun and refreshing. I love everything about Madame Dabi’s shop and I really want one of her scarfs. If like me you are a fan of little notes and discreet attention, you might appreciate her work as a medium to share the love.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your personal ideas!

xoxo Wen

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