Hey guys! Today I want to introduce someone that constantly brings a lot of joy into my blogger life. She is French, and also own an amazing lingerie blog! Can you guess who I am talking about? Well, it’s Mlle Caroline, from Le Salon de Frivolités ! Caroline’s blog is specialized in plus size lingerie, loungewear and accessories, often giving very cool tips about how to make your lingerie drawer’s life easier. She mostly writes in French but you can find some bilingual posts as well on her website. Anyway, she is amazing, and we often have the same lingerie crushes. So today is a special day, as we want to review one of our favorite lingerie sets, from two different perspectives! Stay tuned!

If you’ve been reading that blog for long enough, you know it’s no secret that I am a big fan of Empreinte lingerie. I have to say that my love for this brand really started when I discovered the Pink Powder Empreinte Pompadour set a few years ago. Later, I got the chance to meet the brand at Curve NY and fell deeply in love with the Nuit Ambrée colorway two years ago. This is one of the most gorgeous full-bust lingerie set I have ever seen. I knew I had to have it. However, since I was already living in North America, this set was really unaffordable for me when it was released.

[This set has been purchased with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I had almost forgotten about it when one day, I decided to visit the Underworld boutique in Montreal. I was so surprised to see that the pink powder version of this set was available and that the last set in the outlet was an Empreinte 30F (French 75F) and XS (FR 38). Was it meant to be? I was scared that this colour would look weird on my skin tone, but my boyfriend ended up my hesitation process by gifting it to me. Later that week, for some reasons I decided to check if the Nuit Ambrée colorway was still sold in some online stores and discovered Les p’tits Caprices , a French online store selling a lot of discontinued luxury lingerie. The set was available in my size for a steal and I had to share this discovery with Mlle Caroline , my partner in crime.

Of course it was not the right time of the month but we both got it anyway and were very anxious to get our hands on this coveted treasure. It arrived quite quickly, and luckily, the fit was as amazing as expected!

As previously said, I got the bra in my usual Empreinte size 30F/75F and the fit is pretty perfect. I find it to be deeper than the new Diane bra (review to come) but very similar to the other 75F I have tried from the brand. Pompadour, is a very Versailles-inspired bra and I feel grateful for every inches of embroidered tulle and lace covering my breasts. It is meant to be a balconnet bra but provides a full coverage since the cups are rather closed at the top. You must know that my breasts are very full on side and bottom so this cup shape works very well for my current UK 30GG breasts. However, I think that even to full on top 30GG breasts would find it a bit small at the top and should size up to a 75G/30G. The cups are very projected and up-lifting. I would say that this bra is almost pointy, but somehow round enough to look natural and beautiful under clothing.

Empreinte PompadourI thought you’d like to hear Caroline’s opinion about the Pompadour, although her gorgeous pictures speak for themselves.
“Just like Wen, I’m especially in love with the incredible colors, material and Versailles-like embroideries. Regarding the fit, I took a 32DD/85E (instead of my usual Empreinte size, 34/36D), and I was afraid that the band would be too tight. But to my surprise, the fit is actually better than my usual size. The band is firm, and the cups fit me perfectly. They’re perfect for my breast shape, which is somewhat projected. For me the bra offers a great lift, and is very comfortable! I’m so in love!
For the matching thong I took a size 20 instead of my usual 18. It also fits very well, and is way more comfy than what I thought a thong would be. I find it very flattering for any body shape !”
Empreinte Pompadour
While the fit of the bra is perfect, I admit that I am simply dying over the bronze and turquoise embroidery and this adorable tulle bow. This set is screaming “coquetterie”. I don’t know what would be the perfect translation of that word in English but in French it mostly means the desire to be pretty and elegant, to please the eye. The lower part of the cup is also made of embroidered tulle but show a different pattern very French royalty inspired as well ( I get some flower-de-luce inspiration here). I particularly love the turquoise accents that give a jewellery feel to this set. The straps shows some appliqué embroidery as well as the gore and the ensemble just feel so well-thought! I can imagine that this set can look a bit “much” for some people but, I mean, Versailles was too much anyway. I love this kind of too-much vibe. This set is wonderful both in construction and aesthetic. No wonder why I needed it in two different colorways.

As usual with this brand, the wires are quite narrow and the band is wide and comfortable, featuring 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes. It is made of high quality microfibre and is very comfortable. The straps feel soft on the shoulders and are fully adjustable, though the embroidery might be an obstacle if you’d like to go further. That said, these straps are rather short and as you can see from the picture of my back, I needn’t to shorten them that much. I also wear the band at the loosest set of hooks and eyes.
The gore is high but also very narrow. This bra hold the breasts so well, and in such a neat way that I want to wear it everyday. Though, I would be so sad to see it getting old that I try not to use it too often.

Empreinte Pompadour
The matching thong is so perfect in my opinion. Note that I usually wear a size S in Empreinte. This time I chose the size XS because it fitted me well in the Pink Powder colorway and I didn’t want any surprise with this order. The ruffled mesh on the side accomodates very well to the shape of my body and is simply flattering. From the front it almost looks like a shorty or a brief, and from the back, you get this glorious drapé effect that gives a lovely shape to the bum. I just find it glorious. Every detail of that set gives me life.

Empreinte Pompadour

Now I know there is already a lot going on in this post but I felt like it was a good opportunity to talk about some of the best macarons I have tried since I moved from France. The Point G patisserie is my favorite place to go when I feel down or want to get a cute present to someone I love. When I decided to shoot this set, I knew I add to include them. [This is in no way a sponsored post.]
For those who don’t know it, the two things I like the most are lingerie and French pâtisserie. I am so really picky about macarons and I feel like, if you don’t like them, you probably haven’t tried the right ones (or you hate sugar?). Pierre Hermé is a place I can’t not visit when in Paris and I recommend them to people who like interesting flavour combos. One day, while hanging out in Montreal, I saw this tiny little shop with the evocative name “point G” (G spot in French, but I guess the G could also mean “Gourmand” :p ) and decided that it was maybe worth a try. After all, they were almost exclusively selling macarons. If you only do one thing you should do it right? And guys, they were not kidding! THIS EPIPHANY!!! I am such a fan now.

Empreinte Pompadour

If your macarons are good, they shouldn’t be so sweet that people have enough with one. They should have accurate flavours, and a delicate structure. I mean, when you bite into a macarons you should get three textures: the top of the shell, which is delicately crispy, a soft, meringue-like interior, slightly chewy but light and not sticky, and a tasteful ganache which should almost melt in your mouth. This should not be a heavy extra sweet pastry. At least, that is my opinion on macarons. Most places make them too dry or with industrial flavours that have no authenticity, but when I found Point G, I knew I would go back as often as my budget would allow it. They aren’t the most expensive macarons in the city. They are decently priced actually. I feel like they couldn’t be cheaper. Macarons aren’t so easy to make and these ones don’t disappoint me. They often bring amazing flavours through the seasons but my favorites rarely change. I am quite a consistant person when it comes to food. I would say that this place have a rather classic selection with some more exciting flavours from time to time. I always try whatever is new in their selection, and I never thought anything that wasn’t good. At worst, it is just not my favorite.

Empreinte Pompadour
I hope you enjoyed this review! If you managed to read it until the end, thank you so much! If you can’t read French but like Caroline’s vibe, you can still follow her Instagram page, where she’ll happily answer in English or French! <3

Sending love!

Yours truly,

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  1. Hey, I’ve been through all the post! 😉 This set is gorgeous, it has some similarities with the Gilda model from Darjeeling (less embroideries). Maybe I’ll add it to the gift list as she love the purple colour. Let’s see if they got a French 100f. Btw Ladurée has some good macarons too ,slurp.

    1. Thanks for reading! I love Ladurée macarons too! They are wonderful! I just don’t like the long line to enter the store 😂. Good luck in your research for a 100F! I think they make this size. 🙂

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