I know, I said the previous post would be the last one about this trend show, but I just realized that a lot of images I thought were lost were actually buried inside a hard drive.
So I thought I would make an effort and write another piece.

During my last day at the Salon, I decided to spend more time just hanging out and visiting smaller brands that I didn’t know or hadn’t tried before. So here are some of my recent discoveries and re-discoveries.


I had come across Konrad in the past when I first got interested in Polish lingerie. I think I haven’t tried them because I was confused about the sizing but it was really nice to see their products in person. The brand create bra in a relatively wide size range with bands from 30 to 42 and cups from EU A to K depending on the styles and coordinate from S to 3XL. I would really love to know more about the fit but from what I have seen, their bras had narrow wires and some nice immediate projection. My favorite style was definitely this blue and taupe bra that I used as the very first picture of this article. I found it so elegant. The brand had different styles that would probably appeal to different type of people. I love Polish lingerie because the fit is usually on point and I really appreciated discovering Konrad’s designs in person.

Rui Glamourous

Maybe you don’t know that about me but I have always been very interested in Asian culture but especially Japanese culture. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Japan yet but I know that whenever I go, I might just film a documentary about Japanese lingerie. For a long time I thought I could never find my size in Japanese brands because most of them don’t go up a G cup. They are also known to run small both in the band and in the cup as well as offering heavily padded bras (in comparison to UK bras).
So of course when I saw Rui Glamourous booth at the Salon International de la lingerie, I was so surprised and intrigued! The appeal of Japanese lingerie for me is this extremely frilly, colourful and over the top feminine aesthetic that is so different from European lingerie. This brand is specialized in full bust and plus-size lingerie with a size range relatively wide compared to most Japanese brands with bands from 30 to 44 and cups from UK D to GG. Note that many Japanese brands’ size ranges stop at a UK 38D. I came across a few UK F cups but rarely more, so a UK 44GG makes an actual difference. Count 40 USD for a bra and around 10$ for a coordinate.

* UK GG cup = JP L cup

Paloma Casile

[ Picture of the Auguste Body (blue) was taken from Paloma Casile website, as I couldn’t get a good picture during the show]

I had met Paloma Casile a couple of years ago at Curve NY, and it was a pleasure to meet the brand again. Originally designing black lingerie only, the brand decided to introduce colours during the past seasons: a rich burgundy and a navy blue. I honestly loved what I have seen from them this year.
The pieces that really caught my attention were this jumpsuit that you can’t see entirely ( but you can have an idea of the lace thanks to the slip on the bottom left corner) and the Auguste bodysuit which is made of Italian re-embroidered tulle and just look so incredible in person. Paloma’s lingerie is made in Paris ethically from very high quality material and I am extremely sad none of it can fit my bust. However, I am really contemplating buying one of her loungewear pieces when I get the chance.


I think this was the very last booth I visited before leaving the trade show for good. I had been dying to get closer to Corsetorium pieces but never found a good time to do so during that busy weekend. It’s something to see pictures on Instagram but it’s another one to actually get to see that excellent craftmanship in person. I was honestly astonished by the sumptuous chantilly lace and beading on this heartshaped black corset (bottom left picture). Every pieces looks so well-made with an incredible attention to detail. The designer said that she often designs for celebrities and tries to keep her online presence minimal. I hope one day I have the budget to try one of her pieces as they all look so dramatic and wonderful.

A few pieces that caught my attention

[ Silent Arrow Royal Bra available from 32-40 DD-G]

Aubade x Victor & Rolf[Aubade x Victor & Rolf collaboration]

[Playful Promises capelet]

Playful Promises x Gabi Fresh[Playful Promises x Gabi Fresh]

 Bonbon lingerie [ Bonbon lingerie ]

Flash You and Me[Flash You and Me]
Flash You and Me[Flash You and Me]

There are a few designers that didn’t want to be featured before the launch of their collections, so maybe I will write a few other pieces about them later this year. I wish I visited more booths this season but I honestly was overwhelmed with meetings and went out of this weekend completely exhausted. This trade show was such a great and exciting experience and I know I’ll make sure to go back next year.

I am already missing Paris and it’s ugly weather. This city has so much to offer and I think it’s sad so many Parisian people don’t know about its treasures. Next time, I’ll try to do stores reviews.

Bisous bisous!

Yours truly,

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