Can you believe I meant to post this review one year ago? I even thought I actually published it. The good point is that I now have this bodysuit for over a year and I got to wear it very very often. The Gossard Gypsy bodysuit is in my regular lingerie rotation, especially during the harsh Canadian winter. Sadly you won’t find it on the brand website anymore but there are still some pieces around the internet.

[Disclaimer: I bought this bodysuit with my own money, under my real name. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Gossard Gypsy…

Gossard used to be my favorite brand when I started blogging. It was a brand that could still give me the impression of wearing dainty unpadded lingerie even if I was out of every French lingerie brands I liked at the time. It was affordable, pretty and looked young enough for my taste. At some point sadly the brand started to make my size only in padded bras, which didn’t fit me so well. I eventually discovered other brands that fitted my breast shape better and took care of my “vintage” Gossard unpadded bras so that they could last forever.
I had tried the Gypsy collection in 2015. I believe it was my very first partnership with the brand actually. I loved this collection. First of all, it fitted really big so this technically extended the size range. Secondly, it had this vintage aesthetic that I was seeking at the time but with a rather modern and flexible fit. Gossard Gypsy bodysuit

Size and fit

I bought the Gypsy bodysuit in size 30FF when I was still wearing a 30G/GG and as you can see from the pictures it works perfectly. Actually there is some stretch in the cups lace which means, it still fits me great now that I am a 30FF/30G. The cups are deep and the wires are rather narrow. The gore doesn’t tack as firmly as my usual bras do but it’s actually fine because everything stays into place and it’s very comfortable.

The Gypsy bodysuit has a lovely silhouette that is visually accentuating your waistline without actually shaping it. Of course, it will smooth things out but maybe not as firmly as actual shapewear would. I personally just want a bodysuit I can move and breath in all day long without having to think about it. NOW, if you are looking for a non-VPL bodysuit, this one is not it. Although the amount of coverage is fine with me, I get a visible panty line under pants as well as the sensation that my bodysuit should actually be a thong or tanga shape at the bottom as I walk through the day. Gossard Gypsy bodysuit

This bodysuit is rather easy to put on. I didn’t struggle with the wires going through my hips. The straps are fully adjustable and the back is featuring an actual bra band with 3 sets of hooks and eyes. At the gusset, you will find some snap fasteners which I personally find secure. I love to wear this piece under dresses and skirts actually. It’s a bit less trouble than with a pair of jeans. I love how it hugs the body and add a second layer to my winter outfits.

You know I remember a time when I thought wires bodysuits were impossible to find. I think now we have many options and I might even do a listing of the great ones I found out about through the years!

This was a very short review and I am sorry I took so long to publish it! I somehow thought Gypsy was now part of Gossard continuity range. Anyway, if this is a piece that is of interest for you, you can usually find it on French retailers websites!

Lots of love!

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4 Replies to “Parisian memories: Gossard Gypsy bodysuit review 30FF”

  1. That Gypsy bodysuit from Gossard looks very pretty!
    I love the looks of the scalloped lace details, look of the insets and of the over all appearance of the Gossard Gypsy bodysuit.
    I also love the looks of the Gossard lingerie set in rouge that you showcased and reviewed in your 28 December 2015 review. It’s a lovely lingerie range.

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