If you have been reading this blog for a while, you probably know the British brand Adina Reay. Every year since 2018, I have been posting at least a little update about them on my platform, because this brand is really helping to fill a gap in the market.  For those of us who, as teenagers have been avidly looking at Agent Provocateur and other fashion-focused luxury brands that never offered a decent fit for our body type, yet had iconic designs, Adina Reay feels like a healing elixir.

Adina Reay Capri swim[ Disclaimer: this article is written as part of a paid collaboration with Adina Reay. Lingerie and swimwear pieces have been provided by the brand for the purpose of the collaboration. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.]

This year, the brand came up with its first UK-made swimwear range, and I must say, I am impressed to see them evolve in a way that keeps adding to what the industry has been lacking, in my opinion. Adina Reay swimwear range offers classic silhouettes with a modern twist. While, they aren’t reinventing the wheel, this range is for people who are sensitive to details, fit and looking like an old Holywood star.

Capri in 30G (also exists in black)

Capri was an immediate crush for me. I am the ultimate SUCKER FOR BIG BOWS, and I love a one-piece swimsuit. Anything to make me feel like a glamorous and elegant pin-up. Did I also mention that red is my favorite color? I would say, in all humility that this style was invented for me. Ahaha, no I am joking. But I am not?
Adina Reay Capri swimsuitCapri is a cup-sized one-piece swimsuit designed with function and style in mind.
I am often worried about the length of one-piece bodysuits but actually, Capri is long enough for my 5″8 body. I think eventually it could feel different if I was just a bit bigger as my 25,5″ waist and 36″ hips measurements probably put me in a 28 band for this style. However, I welcome the extra fabric because it allows me to move and have some bum coverage.

The back isn’t adjustable but the fabric feels firm yet stretchy enough to accomodate different 30G body types. My main worry when going for Capri was the uni-wire design. I have so often seen similar deep plunges fit awfully with a gore sitting miles away from people’s sternum. Plunge also aren’t the easiest fit for me. My breasts are both wide, full-on-bottom and close-set. It doesn’t help that my nipples are relatively large and high-set. I am giving you the recipe for the perfect nip-slip.
Adina Reay Capri one-pieceWhile I love that the cups are made in three parts for depth and a pretty and natural shape, the gore doesn’t sit perfectly flat against my sternum. However, it is definitely not bad considering my chest shape. It still allows breast separation and structure, which is the role of a gore. The wires sit lower than my breast’s roots, but this also was to be expected of my body.

Perhaps because of all these elements, the inevitable nip-slip happens often for me. To avoid it I can either tighten the straps as much as possible or wear them around my neck instead. Does it prevent me from wearing this gorgeous piece of swimwear? Absolutely not. Do I still feel like I am about to be cast in a movie within the next 20min after putting it on? Yes, yes indeed.

Peggy in 28G and Medium (available from 28DD-38G)

Taking a short break from the swimwear line to talk about the latest addition to Adina Reay lingerie line: Peggy. A soft and delicate tulle and mesh set that makes my ballerina fantasy feel like reality. Peggy is a great summer set. Breathable, light colored, lightweight also. Peggy is perfect if you just really wanted to be naked under your clothes but “have” to wear lingerie.
Adina Reay PeggyI initially received a 30G and Small set, which usually is my perfect Adina Reay size, but it turned out the bra was big in the band and the cup. I think it felt like a big 32G? Switching up for a 28G was the right choice here. I do still feel that the band runs bigger than expected but I would say now it’s more like a big 30G, if that makes sense. I wear it at the second set of hooks and eyes. I feel this is a bra that will be wearable throughout my breasts fluctuations as the top of the cup is stretchy. You know my asymmetrical breasts love a stretchy cup.

While the fit isn’t perfect on me, I would suggest going a size down in both the band and cup if you try it. If you like a tight band, you could go down 2 sizes in the band. This is a range that could be perfect for people who are usually out of Adina Reay size range as it certainly could accommodate some GG cups and bigger band sizes.

If you want to see the bra in action, check my IG page for reels featuring it. I wore it a lot during the heat waves, as it feels supportive and adorable enough for my summer outfits. Peggy review The brand was kind enough to send me a couple of underwear styles, and I must say, I love both! I initially received the high-waisted brief in Small which felt a bit too tight for me. Because the front is made of unstrechy tulle, I didn’t want to have too much tension on it and asked for a Medium instead. Apparently, I am in between sizes for this style, especially at the waist, but overall, the M is comfortable and lovely. This brief design is very minimalistic, yet, is perfect for people who love to “feel” the coverage.
Adina Reay swimwearI was surprised to receive a Medium thong with my replacement M brief and you know, I actually fell in love with that thong? I adore the slightly ruffled silk waistband so much! It’s also very suited to my narrow hips. The fit is perfect, I love it!

Antigua in Small F/G and Small (exists also in black)

Listen, this summer, I *needed* colour. Adina Reay really delivered in that area.
Antigua is the most versatile design of this SS22 Swimwear collection. The range offers a one-piece swimsuit with detachable peplum skirt, a bikini top, and two bikini bottoms – one with a sporty look and a second with a peplum skirt. It also comes in pink and in black.
Antigua can basically be low-key or high-key glamorous, ahah!

Personally, I didn’t feel undecisive enough to go for the one-piece suit. I want all the ruffles, all the pink, all the Barbie looks!
Antigua comes in a different size system than Capri. Actually, the top is called a square neck top and comes in XS to L, with cup sizes indications for DD to G. I assume they all fit into Adina Reay size range from 28DD to 38G. As a 30G, the S (F-G) seemed to be the right choice, and indeed it was. I couldn’t size down or size up. It is an excellent and supportive bikini top.
One thing that surprised me with this top is that is it boned over the cup at the vertical front seams and side seams. These 4 bones create a “corsetted” effect that pushes the breasts upward for a Marie-Antoinette kind of cleavage. That is the type of top I have been looking for for a while on the market.

I do own a couple of swimwear bralettes that aren’t meant for fuller-busts but still “work” for me. The issue with those is that they flatten my breasts. It is actually interesting how small my breasts look in them. But if you aren’t looking for a minimizer bra, then it’s nice to have a pattern made with your volume in mind.
As mentioned before, I had no hesitation on the high-waisted peplum brief! It just adds to the drama, and I love it! As you can see, I am not really an hourglass shape, but I think this look does it for me. It adds just a bit of structure to enhance the body shape and I must say the fit of that bottom is great. It fits me perfectly at the waist and bum. I am sure it looks a bit more scalloped after swimming in it but in my experience, it stays comfortable the entire time.
For every piece featured in this article, the brand used gold-tone hardware, which adds to their luxurious feel. While swimwear fit doesn’t always need to be super precise, I do really appreciate it when brands put the effort and create pieces that we can actually live in, and not just lay around under the sun, or for IG pictures. This is part of sustainability. Creating fashion that’s wearable and that we want to reach out to often.

I hope you are making the best out of this very hot summer!

Lots of love,
Wen xx

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2 Replies to “Adina Reay Swimwear range and new Peggy range review”

  1. That pretty bright red Adina Reay Capri Swimsuit looks fabulous being showcased by you
    (much prettier than in the photos of it being modelled on Adina Reay’s website)!
    I also love the colour and style of the Adina Reay Antigua – hot pink Peplum High Waist Bikini.
    I also visited and did some browsing on Adina Reay’s website and also loved the appearances of the Adina Reay Fran – Short high-waist brief with wide waistband (having a somewhat sheer back panel) and also loved the Adina Reay Fran – Peacock – Short (made of soft stretch tulle with mesh waistband and cotton gusset). Gorgeous fashion!
    These photographs of you showcasing this lingerie couture are truly beautiful art!

  2. Wow, that swimsuit looks amazing on you! When you say you get the occasional nip slip, do you mean in the water? Plunges work well for me, but the Capri’s gore is far too high for me. I wouldn’t describe it as a plunge. Like you, I love pretty bows.

    I love those high-waisted briefs. Thank you VERY much for telling us you, with your tiny waist, sized up to a Medium. Adina Reay’s size guide for knickers is useless.

    I live in the U.S. and tried on an Adina Reay bra once at Nordstrom. The shape was low and wide. I have self supporting, full-on-top boobs, so the shape I got surprised me. Your review has me thinking their briefs might be worth a try. I have slim hips like you.

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