An unintientional hiatus

Sigh, it’s 2024 already. After an entire year long unintentional hiatus, I wonder if anyone is still reading lingerie reviews. It feels so strange to see everyone grow and change. It also feels good.

It is safe to say, the internet has changed a lot, and we have all gotten a bit older. Kids, marriage, engagements, careers, all of these very common steps can take over quickly.
The year 2022-2023 was a very rough moment in my life and I just couldn’t give as much creativity to the world, so instead of faking it, I just took a step back to think.

Eliza Faulkner sawyer top
Disclaimer: I bought all the pieces in this article with my own ressources. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am actually very glad I was in a position to do that. As a creative, it is a luxury to be able to take a break when your income might be affected. Oh well, there is no shame in going back to a more conventional lifestyle for a while. I probably should have done it earlier. I won’t extend to much on it, I am just happy to feel inspired again. I am happy to feel comfortable and confident enough in my skin to simply be who I am at the moment.

Eliza Faulkner Sawyer top in Small

So there might be a bit of rebranding going on, you know. I am not 21 anymore. Ahaha… I have evolved quite a bit, and I still want to share my fashion endeavours with you all. Thanks to everyone who is still interested and happy to see this process. I want to think you also have grown, and evolved. Hopefully, we still have things in common! 😀 Eliza Faulkner Sawyer top So here I am, Wen (Kitoko San on Instagram), a 29 years old creative who is passionate about sustainable fashion and romanticizing her life. I used to focus my content almost solely around lingerie but after all these years, I feel compelled to expand my horizons and share my other interests on this blog. For me, no ribbon is too big, no outfit is too girly, and I like pouring my heart out through fashion but also sometimes through painting, baking, and writing. Hopefully 2024 will bring more hope and fun on this platform. I am just so tired of the constant internet drama. If you love sugar and silk ribbons, stay tuned!
Eliza Faulkner top

A studio ghibli kind of Outfit

For today’s post, I am wearing a Quebec designer I love very much called Eliza Faulkner . I mentioned the brand in my last 2022 article and have been following their progression through the years. The brand creates extravagant and playful pieces of clothing, that are clearly meant to please the female gaze. The brand has a clear identity and specific silhouettes that they reuse and experiment with every season.Their garments are all made in house in their Montreal studio and you can even come try them on, on Thursdays if you aren’t too confident about buying online for the first time.
Eliza Faulkner F/W 2023 The Eliza Faulkner Sawyer blouse is one of their classic tops. They have made it in many different colours and even sometimes in different fabrics under other names. It’s made of cotton and is easy to care for. I have it in two colorways and I reach out for them very very often. In this brand I usually go for a Small or XS or XS/S. I think anything bigger than that would be huge. They do often have an oversize fit. However, in their fitted garments or those with very stiff fabric, the XS doesn’t fit my chest so I go for the Small. They also are quite consistent with the sizing in my experience. Eliza Faulkner clothes tend to have big oversized elements, such as this top’s collar. However, I also love the small details about them. The little ruffles along the collar pink accents, the yellow tie, the fitted wrist, the little water-drop opening at the front.
I love that this top gives me Studio Ghibli vibes, as that is one of my favorite aesthetics to go for ahah! I actually have another garment from the same collection so the week I decided to wear colourful elastics in my hair, it really looked like I did my hair on purpose to match my outfits. If only small elastics didn’t cause breakage, I would do this hairstyle more often. Isn’t it so much fun?
I got my socks from Marieyat and I love them very much. I might go back to get some white ones. They work for me as winter stockings but I must warn you, they probably are meant to only be knee high socks. The first time I wore them as stockings the blood flow in my thighs was not very comfortable. I had to stretch them out a bit. Even now, I wear them with my flimsiest 6-straps suspenders that have long straps, so that I get the security of the suspender while wearing them lower than stockings.

My favourite Barbie shoes

My shoes are Louboutin Mistiroir from a 2017 collection, I managed to put my hands on, almost new on Vinted. I have to say, I used to love Louboutin more when I was a teenager, and in my early twenties than I do now. I think they used to be so much fun. So now I am collecting all their multi straps Mary Janes. Second hand shoes can actually be a very good deal when the heel is high. I noticed most people who sell them haven’t worn them more than a handful of times. Personally, I use them as often as I can. 😀 These shoes are me and I am these shoes.

Have you ever tried to buy second hand luxury shoes? Are you familiar with Montreal fashion designers?

Yours truly,

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  1. Welcome back! I LOVE your lingerie reviews!
    Sorry to read that the year 2022-2023 was a rough one for you.
    You look healthy and as beautiful as ever after having taken that step back to think.
    I love the pops of pink, yellow and blue colour accenting your hair and your outfit pieces, including the pink colour of your Louboutin Mistiroir (Hi Barbie!) shoes!
    I love the appearance of the entire outfit you styled!
    The design of that Eliza Faulkner Sawyer blouse is fabulous! I love its oversized collar, its puffy sleeves, its airy drape and the look of its fabric. It looks wonderful styled with the (over-the) knee socks. I can easily imagine them styled with the six long garter suspender belt and various pretty pairs of knickers.
    I am not familiar with Montreal fashion designers and have never tried to buy second hand luxury shoes – but those ideas are intriguing!

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