I am actually wondering if I feed on lingerie. I don’t think I spend as much money on food as on underwear… But as I am still alive I guess this lingerie diet suits me… And by the way, how could I resist when every season brings cuter and cuter pieces to my eyes?

More than one month ago I had a huge crush on the Kumiko panties which were on sales. (The bra was cute but I didn’t think it was going to fit me in any kind of way)
Unfortunately, the only size available was a Large. As I had read some old reviews of Toru and Naoko sets I thought the L could suit me (everybody seemed to agree the fact that the brand ran very small).
I decided to ask Camilla (the owner of the brand) if she thought that a L could fit me. She kindly offered to make a size M as she had enough residual fabrics of this range to make an entire set. I felt so lucky!! So she also offered to make a made-to-measurement bra. Guys, as I said before I didn’t think that a bra like the Kumiko could fit a chest like mine. NOT AT ALL. But she said that it might work because she also owned a Kumiko bra and she was a full bust girl too. I decided to trust her… It sounded like a very exciting possibility…

How cute is this!?

About one month after I placed the order I found this lovely little pouch in my mail. I think I have rarely felt so much excitement for a parcel that small. There was no way I could wait to try it on! Ahahah! I had been so patient, and here was the object of my desires! If you are a lingerie lover, I am sure you can understand this feeling!


First, I was very pleased to see the back of the bra. I had not realised that it would be like this (how could I missed this fact?). I was both happy (lovely band, isn’t it?) and worried because all these straps looked so thin! And then I tried it on. Mmh double reaction:
_ I was looking like a real lingerie superhero (cute but BAD-ASS)
_ I could never fight crime in this bra (an other one…)

Okay… Just kidding (I am not obsessed by supergirls and fights)… We all agree the fact that a bralette is not the best suit for fights but what bothers me with this one is that the back is a bit too loose. You can see that it is really adjustable and it could have been very interesting if it was possible to tighten it more. It is only possible to make it larger than my underbust circumference. So I have to wear it on the tightest hooks (there are two sets of hooks) and I tighten the straps of the “band” the more I can. I really think that this issue is partly due to the fabrics of this band. It is like a strong flat elastic.
Apart from this issue, the fit of this bra is spot-on! I love how it makes my boobs look! The mesh is so adorable! And even if this set is delicate, and the bralette seems fragile compared to a real bra, I see the quality of the fabric and I don’t think it will be damaged or stretched at the first (hand-)wash. It’s like this mesh has enough stretch to follow the curves of my breast but it is strong enough to keep all the things in place. The straps are fully-adjustable what I really like but I think they would be more comfortable if they were larger/thicker.

As expected the bralette doesn’t provide a lot of support so it is not something I’d wear everyday but it makes me feel cute and sexy in the same time so I definitely like to wear it on the weekend or for some special occasions. Look at these bows! Seriously ! Aren’t they irresistible?
To be honest, I don’t think I would have bought this if it was not in sales. Not because I think it isn’t worth it but because I am a student and I am not rich so I usually look for bras that can be worn more often. But I am really happy to add this one to my collection and I think the white version shouts my name very loudly.


The Kumiko panties are one of the cutest high-waist I’ve ever seen. It is very personal… I am a sucker for bows and transparency. I also love its sobriety. These knickers have all the characteristics to be loved by me. They are also very comfy! The comfiest high waist knickers of my collection. And I can say that they are true to size according to the size chart. I am so glad Camilla has been kind enough to make this bottom in my size! This babe provides a good coverage without looking like a “grandma brief” (although my grandma is so fashion that she doesn’t wear any of these briefs…).


As you can see I am very pleased with this set. It is a true doll set. Well made. Glorious… The kind of precious little thing that you don’t want to wear too often but that makes you feel so great. I am very happy to see that the brand improved the sizing of their panties because I have read some lukewarm reviews about their first collections. If I had a bigger budget I would say that I’d be glad to buy some other styles from this indie brand, but I think it will be the kind of occasional purchase, maybe for birthdays or Christmas.

Do you buy from indie brands?  Do you think it is worth it to pay more for something made with ethical considerations/by hand?

With love,


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12 Replies to “A Toru and Naoko set for a 30GG gal: The Kumiko”

  1. Oh wow, this looks gorgeous on you! I’ve only recently come across Toru & Naoko and added them to my list of favourites (yes, I have an actual physical list!), but hadn’t considered at all how they would work for a full bust. I’m super pleased to see that it works so well! Oh and the back is so pretty too!
    Sian xx Big Cup Little Cup

    1. Thank you very much ! I am quite happy if you have a better idea of how their products fit now. 😊💛 however I am pretty sure that it really depends on the shape of the bra… Not sure it would have been the same with their Lenore or Tempest bras… But maybe they could fit a bust smaller than mine 🙂

  2. This set looks so lovely on you! I wear your sister size (32G) and seeing how lovely this looks on you, I must now resist the temptation to try one for myself!

    1. Thank you ! Ahah maybe you should just wait for the sales and then your made to mesurement bra will be as expensive as a normal bra ?

  3. That Toru and Naoko lingerie set looks beautiful!
    It’s wonderful that they put so much love into the creation of these pieces.
    Kudos to Camilla for sharing her love and devotion to beautiful lingerie
    through her brand Toru and Naoko!
    I have not bought from indie brands so far, but I will consider it for the future,
    as I do think the extra cost is worth it.

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