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I have always enjoyed wearing bodysuits. As a former gymnast I used to wear bodysuits very often and that was certainly my favourite part of competitions… Even when I was very young, you know, when you are too old to wear bodysuits because it’s time to go to school and so nobody will help you to open it to go to pee… And your parents say “you are a big girl now”. Well, you know what I am talking about… I guess… Even at this period of my life I loved bodysuits. I was quite sad when my mum gave all my bodies to a girl younger than me… x)

Gossard Desire soft body
But, I grew up as a busty girl and it became difficult to wear this kind of piece without a bra. As gymnastic bodysuit are often thick (they are sportwear, not lingerie) , it was not a problem to put a bra under them. But now that I am more a lingerie addict than a gymnast I often see beautiful sheer bodysuits which have not enough space for my bust to fit me decently….
When I saw the Desire bodysuit I immediately thought it was never going to fit me, since the “breasts part” of the piece seemed unable to contain a bust like mine. Plus, I didn’t know what size to buy because my breasts would have needed a M but the rest of my body needed a S or a XS.

After looking at a lot of retailer websites I opted for the size 10 and now I think it was a great choice! Also I got it for 21 pounds on Gossard UK website which was a great price for this fit and quality.

I was really surprised when I tried it on.
1) It was very very comfy
2) There were two sets of poppers to open the gusset (such a great idea!)
3) My breasts looked lovely in it (Hallellujah!)

I am so terribly happy! This is my first bodysuit since my last gym competition four years ago! And it is a lingerie piece! Don’t you see this beautiful eyelash lace!?
I think the only issue with this piece comes from the short “sleeves”. They constantly fall at the side of my shoulders. I think my breasts weight doesn’t help them to stay in place but they are really thin…
Oh and my bigger breast would have needed a little more space but when I wear it with a bra it is (almost) unnoticeable.
What made me want this body (and ask my best friend and my bf, it was a big deal!) is its construction. The central part is lined with a mesh that hides a bit the transparency effect but mark the waist. And the bottom part is made like the Desire brazilian brief, so no VPL in sight!
This body makes me feel like I am really feminine and I love the shape it gives to my body. It is not really a shapewear but my body looks “well designed” in this piece.
I also love the fact that it is easy to remove, not like some of my gym bodies which hadn’t any zipper…

Gossard Desire soft body
As you can see it has some stretch so if you want this body and you are not sure about your size take this in consideration.
This piece is still available on Gossard UK (only in size 8 and 12 for an affordable 21 pounds), lemon curve , where it is much more expensive than the original Gossard price but this one has Swarovski gems and it is a limited edition (150euros). You can also find the normal version on  Asos and  Amazon .

Until next time, <3


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4 Replies to “Gossard Desire soft body”

  1. This body is absolutely phenomenal on you. I was tempted to try and cram my boobs and ass into the size 16 but feel it probably wouldn’t go well so I’m going to live vicariously through you on this one!

    C x

  2. It looks AWESOME on you indeed! Congrats on that first body after so much time!!!

    Oh no, there’s a size 8 available…I’m soooo tempted to buy it…but I.CAN’T. 😛 *Gosh, how I’m I gonna resist it???* *returns to site, hoping the shipping cost is monstrous!* *It’s not…* *But I’ve already ordered two new bras this month…* :'((( Gotta be strong and resist it!

    Rock that body for me, will ya, sweetie? 😉

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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