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Maison Close is a French brand known for its boudoir aesthetic and its audacious luxury designs. I have some funny pieces from them but this one is my favourite because it is the more wearable and also because I recently discovered my love for side cutouts… So… Let’s talk about this babe!
The first thing I noticed when I opened the little purple box was that the product wore its name beautifully: all the seems were invisible! However, a few minutes later, I also realised that the Medium size I ordered was too small for my butt… So I finally got an awesome VPL! That means that my best size in Maison Close knickers is near to a Large… I was like “OMG these knickers are flattening my butt! :O >_< !”!!
After this little disappointment, I decided to stretch it a little by wearing it over a pair of jeans (yes I know this is a sacrilege and I could have damage them, but the Large was already out of stock and I felt like a roast fillet wearing them!). THEY HAD TO FIT ME! After that the knickers were pretty much true-to-size!  😀

Maison close knickers

I really like how this bottom makes me feel… It is not just a sexy bottom. Even if this brand is certainly specialized in fetichism-inspired lingerie and accessories, I did not buy this bottom for this reason. I don’t think that lingerie has always to make us sexually attractive (and I’m pretty sure that my bf doesn’t like these knickers).
These knickers are not cute. There are no bows, not any cute details on the lace, or anything so girly. I feel more like Lara Croft when I wear them. That’s what I like with them. “Queen of the modern Amazons” is the term used by the brand to describe the woman who wear this range and I totally agree, at least for this bottom (also, the rest of the text was about seduction but I have a really selective mind…).

Maison close knickers
Just because I love this pic so much… Makes me want to go more often to the gym…

As you can see this bottom is easy to match with a lot of black bras, and I love to wear it with my Gossard Retrolution (I haven’t the matching pieces of this bra so I am quite happy to see that they work well together).
My only complaint about this piece is the sizing. If I am a S in the majority of the UK and French brands and a L in this one, so I am assuming that their lingerie doesn’t fit the majority of women. However I have only tried three of their knickers (2/3 were similar designs in different colors) so maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is just this one that runs small… I really hope so! And I’m actually lusting after their Villa Bel Ami High Waisted thong! Totally in love with the range. You know I am very fond of the name of this brand’s ranges, they are clearly inspired by the classic French literature and I used to spend a lot of time reading it. Between romanticism and libertinism…

The À Fleur de peau range is available in Fushia or in Black on Maison Close website but you can sometimes find it at better price if you are lucky on ebay or for the French people on Glamuse or Lemon curve. I got mine a few months ago at a very affordable 16 euros on Asos but it is now out of stock on this website.

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