Zathiya generously gifted me this set for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you have read my lingerie resolutions post, you know that Ewa Michalak was on my to-try list for a while! So when Aisha, the owner of Zathiya website asked me if I would like to review some Ewa Michalak sets I felt like a kind of Cinderella who was finally able to go to the Polish bras ball! I received the SM Kusidelko bra in a 65GG (30GG) and Aisha has been kind enough to send me both the matching brief and thong in a size M.

I have been very surprised when I opened the parcel! I couldn’t imagine how transparent the cups were! I have to said that it was a very good surprise because I was a bit scared of the “beige” effect on my skin if the bra had been just like the stock picture.
It is finally the perfect nude bra for my carnation. I have to say that I  never had any nude bra before this one, because:
1. It’s hard to find a lovely “nude bra” (and it’s even harder to buy a non-attractive bra)
2. We all know that nude is not a colour and it can be hard to find the one which could match my skin tone …

I had some troubles to take a great pic because weather is very cloudy these days….

It hasn’t been so easy to find my Ewa Michalak size but finally I think I am in between a 65GG and a 65H depending on the bra shape and a 38 (S) in the bottom. That means that this bra is a bit too small for my bigger breast, and the thong is too big. I think I will make some alterations to make it fit. The brief fits quite well, though.
Whatever, I love this bra .
I love the details between the straps and the cups, I love the little buttons on the central gore and also this big satin bow! I love the contrast between the black and this caramel beige! The Kusidelko is quite simple but at the same time, the wires, lined with black satin really make it more sophisticated. In my opinion, this set is truly adorable!


Unfortunately I had a weird experience with this bra.
When I tried it, the first time, it looked like an okay fit. Yes, my bigger boob would have needed a little more place but nothing significant, no spillage at all. Then, I just wore it during about 20 minutes and everything seemed to be just fine. I was super happy and excited! I just wanted to shoot this babe. Several days after that, I took some pictures for the blog and everything was still okay.  So I decided to wear it during half a day (kind of busy day) to get a true opinion about the fit.
Guys… I am so sad to say that I got both side and front spillage  with my bigger boob. I really think that my asymmetry is terrible. There is one cup size between these girls and this bra has no stretch… :'(
The Kusidelko gives less coverage than my usual balconette bras. With my chest it looks more like a mix between a plunge and a half-cup bra. So if I want to avoid the spillage I have to stand up very straight.
Also it is not very deep in the cup. You know, even if I’m not the most FOT gal ( I am more FOB) I still have some upper fullness and I have to say that due to the lace on the top of the cup this bra is not really FOT friendly. Maybe a FOT gal should size up in the cup to avoid quadboobs.
However I really like how the central gore allows my close-set breasts to live their life. It is low and quite narrow so not only it does tack perfectly but it also balances the bigger-breast issue. So if I am not really active I get some cleavage instead of awkward spillage.


The bottom of the cup gives a lot of projection. It is the first time that I see an unpadded bra pushing my boobs upwards like that. Now I understand why everybody get this spectacular effect with Ewa’s bras. I was wondering for a while if everybody was fuller on top than me x’). But these bras construction is simply magic! I think they could uplift the majority of women breasts. This is epic!
About the wires, I would say that they are really narrow! Maybe the narrower wires I have ever tried.
The band: I think that the 65(30) is a great size for me in Ewa’s bras because I have tried the Syrena with a 65 band and it was extremely comfy. However, I have to say that the Kusidelko band (just like the mesh of its cup) is not so stretch so if you are in between size maybe you should size up.
The straps are large and fully-adjustable. I am really pleased to see that they don’t slip off my shoulders (that is really rare !!)! These straps are really comfortable!
Even if this bra is not the best fit for me I think it is a lovely piece and in the good size it would have been an epic addition to my wardrobe. It’s such a shame that it has been discontinued!

The underwear: I am not so used to full coverage bottoms but this one is really comfy ( My Toru and Naoko high waist brief and this one are the comfiest briefs I actually own) and I adore the lovely keyhole on the back of this piece. Also, it is really soft to the touch and it doesn’t give any VPL ( Yeaah!).
As I said, it’s not every day that I prefer a full coverage brief rather than a thong but I am a sucker for bows and keyholes especially when they are on the backside of panties. These details are just amazing!
Just, one thing about the sizing: I don’t understand why the thong is that big compared to the knickers. Or maybe these knickers run small?
However, I suspect Ewa to make some of the comfiest underwears! The elastics are just the perfect tension! The butt has enough room! I think it worth it to buy entire sets from this brand!

To summarize, I would have needed a 65H in this bra but I am not sure that this would be the same with an other bra from the same brand because I have tried the Syrena in a 65H and it was too big even with the pads. I guess this bra runs quite small. I just hope that my breasts will shrunk a little because the Kusidelko looks like a nice summer set! Also, I find the SM cut really nice! Between sexy and secure. I will definitely try some other sets from Ewa Michalak ! The ratio quality vs price is really good!

Lots of love,


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14 Replies to “Did someone say nude?”

  1. Great review! Do you think going up a cup might give you too much room on your smaller side? Fitting unlined cup bras with no stretch can be challenging for people who have a big size difference between the two breasts => me. Also, strange about the fit of brief vs thong. I love this set on you, though! Thank you for the review!

    1. Thank you very much! I don’t know if sizing up would give me a better fit, I hope so because I want more SM bras in my life. Maybe a 70G could solve the problem, as sometimes sister sizes have not exactly the same cup volume. I think I’ll try to do that next time. 🙂

  2. This is very interesting! I’ve wanted to try an Ewa Michalak bra for a while but never knew what size to go for. I’m guessing a 65HH would probably be best for me. I just wish they were in stores here so I could try one on before buying!

    1. Maybe a 65HH could fit :). I tried the S syrena in 65GG, 65H and 65HH and the 65GG was the best for me. Without any spillage. But unfortunately the sizing really depends on the shape/cut of the bra in this brand so maybe you would need to try several sizes… Also I saw that Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has received the Syrena in a smaller size than another S style. So maybe it runs big I don’t know. The sizing is a bit tricky… 😅

    1. Yes, it is sad… I just hope that my breasts will shrink a little bit with sport and a better alimentation ^^’… Thank you very much for your kind comments! <3


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