The first version of the Claudette Fishnet has been one of these bras that I wanted to try after the first sight but during a long time I was too worried about the fit and as it was expensive I gave up the idea… Until I saw it on Claudette Encore at a very affordable price a few months ago. I took advantage of the -50% sale last month to bring this babe to me.
I have to say that I didn’t expect that the pink would be that bright either that the fit would be so nice. But as the real price of this beauty is quite high for my budget I am a bit disappointed about some fabric and finishes issues…

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After only 2 washes (before wearing it the first time and after) the black velvet started to rub off on the pink fishnet and on the cotton of the gusset despite the fact that I washed it with a lot of care because I didn’t want that to happen… But it did. And now I really wonder if it will be worst and worst or if the problem could be solved with time and praying…

Also I have been very surprised of the lack of attention to details on the seams of the panty. It doesn’t alter the fit or anything else but I am very sensitive to this kind of things.

Sure it’s no big deal but I can’t help thinking about the lovely pieces I got from indie designers which were much more well-finished… (not sure if this sentence is correct but I guess you get it)

Anyway, here’s my review of this still beautiful and unusual set…
As my bf is very good at guessing which bra size I should buy when I’m hesitating, I decided to follow his advice and I bought a  30G and a Medium for the knickers (as Claudette knickers come up a bit small).
He was absolutely right! A 32G would have been way too big for me. To be honest, I don’t find the stock pictures of this set very accurate, neither are my photos. The color is so much brighter in person! I would say that it is neon pink. As I didn’t expect such a bright colorway I was not sure if I liked it. But after trying the entire set I finally think that I really enjoy the sporty and flashy look of this set.
Since I used to live in the Caribbean for the two-thirds of my life, velvet was not so usual for me. In fact, this fabric used to be my fav when I was a really young girl, living in France and I admit that velvet dresses was a really good motivation to go to the church with grandma at this time of my life x). I am really happy to go back to this touch again. Apart from the fact that the black can rub off on the pink very easily, the contrast between pink fishnet and black velvet is amazing! (Now I think that I know why the new version of Fishnet is monochrome, by the way, I’d like to put my hands on the goldie version, even if the Rouge Noir is stunning too 😀 )

So sorry for the bad quality of these pics. I had a hard time taking photos, these (cloudy) days.

This set is really FOB-friendly! The cup has a lot of stretch and it is very compliant to breasts sizes and shapes. It is also kind of triangular so you can get some cutting in if you are very full on top. By the way, I’m not full-on top and there are some wrinkles on the apex. I am not sure it is possible to fill this part of the bra for anybody but depending of your body shape it certainly could be more or less accentuated.
As you can see, the Fishnet gives a lower-profile but also a nice rounded and natural look. I’m very full on side , and this bra follows the curve of my breasts, so it is very comfy but not very easy to wear under my usual clothes.
The band is wide and features 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes. I’m a 30 in the band and I don’t think this one is too loose. It feels very secure and I love how it stays in place without being too tight. The central gore is gentle but tacks perfectly against my sternum and the wires are narrow. Let’s say that this bra gives me the support that I need.

The main issue about this bra, in my opinion, is that the straps are half-adjustable and a bit long. As the cup is stretchy maybe I’ll need to shorten the straps when the cup becomes looser. However, I can understand that fully-adjustable straps would possibly alter the fit and appearance of the bra at some point because the cup goes already very high to the shoulders.
Also here,  the problem is not so big as I wear a 30 band. Well, I recently realized that the larger your band size is, the longer are the straps. So, with 30 bands I rarely have straps issues but I always need shorter straps when I buy a 32 band bra.

About the knickers… I’m not very fond of this kind of panty. I’m more a high-waist or brazilian kind of gal and I dislike knickers with only one string on the side (unless it is a side tie panty) but I was unsure that I’d love this set on my body and I didn’t want to lose my money in something I’d not wear. So I went for the cheaper option. Hum. I have to say that I don’t like how the elastic cut in my hips but it is not as ugly as I thought it would be. Just like the bra, the knickers have some stretch so my current problem of narrow hips/growing butt isn’t a problem here. This bottom is very comfy with a lot of coverage but in a sexy way. 🙂

I get the entire set for a very affordable 31.5 USD + 12.95$ for shipping so I’m quite happy with it, considering how cheap it was but I wouldn’t have paid full price for it (100USD without shipping costs). Don’t get me wrong, I really like this bra, and it is very comfy and all, but I prefer buying something with better quality at this kind of prices. The rubbing off issue is too disappointing ^^’.

However I read Sweet Nothings review of the Rouge Noir set and the new version is a bit different, when it comes to quality, design and comfort. I am not sure that it is totally improved and it looks even more stretchy than this one but in term of knickers sizing and comfort provided by the elastics, it seems to be a bit nicer. If I have the opportunity to put my hands on the Goldie version at a good price, I will give it a try and let you know what I think!

I’m full of happiness today. Don’t know why but I hope y’all are happy too!




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2 Replies to “Claudette Fishnet review”

  1. WOW this is a bright color! I was really intrigued with the fishnet set and I’m glad to see it reviewed, since it seems like it won’t fit on me LOL. Do you think the cups are especially tall?
    I am really surprised by the finishing touches on the undies. I definitely agree that I have seen indie brands complete their pieces a little more neatly. It’s not visible when you’re wearing them, obviously, but I think that sort of detail kind of sticks in your mind.
    Overall I love the aesthetics of this and I think this type of pink looks fantastic on you. The black accents are perfect too! This was a great review and I’m really curious about the Goldie!

    1. Woow sorry for the huge delay. Yes the color is so bright! I would love to see if the aqua version is that bright, it must look great too! Yes the cup is tall. I think it is a part of the design that I like but it may create some cutting in and wrinkles.
      I am glad that you feel me about the finishing touches!
      Thank you so much 😀 I hope I’ll be able to review the Goldie this summer!

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