Black lingerie… Black lingerie was my nightmare for years. There was a time when black was the only color of bras available in my size. At least that is what I was thinking because I couldn’t find anything different as a teenager. So when I found out that there were a lot of other options, I decided that I would buy black bras only if they had something really special. So here I am… I was supposed to do a lingerie diet this month. I have to admit that I failed… I have been weak this month again. Maybe less than usual but I have to work on that. I will try again this month until I find a job…
So today’s review is about the Viva longline plunge bra from Pour Moi?. It’s hard for me to resist a longline bra. Especially if it is unpadded. The Viva is the first unpadded longline bra that I found in my size this year. I know that a lot of these kinds of bras will be released this Winter but this one was already available and I had to try it out.
I have to say that I only had bad experiences with Pour Moi? so I was hesitating a lot before I bought this bra. But you know, sometimes you want to give another chance to a brand because you feel like it tries to improve its products. So I took the plunge.

Fit and construction

I bought the Viva in a 32G since the 30GG was not available in this model but if you love the design and you are out of the size range you can still try the Viva underwired bra available in black and white (I think I have to try the white in a 30GG).

Pour Moi? Viva longline
Here you can see that the bottom of my breast is at least 1cm upper than the wire and it is worst from the sides.

I would say that this bra runs big but I am not sure if I am right because the wires sit very low under my inframammary fold. They are not even close to it. In fact, these wires are super wide and maybe too big. Because of this issue, the “longline” part of the bra gets some wrinkles and it’s something that I’ve never experienced with any of my longline bras so I guess the brand could improve that in the future.
I thought I would return it but when I adjusted it to my breasts I found that it wasn’t bad enough to return it, finally. Also, this bra is only 22£ and I bought it on sale so I think it wouldn’t worth it to return it as I love the design and how it makes my boobs look.
The cup is stretchy which is good for my asymmetry (I have only one unpadded plunge bra and it doesn’t fit well because it has no stretch :'( ). I think it looks like a hybrid between a balconnet and plunge on my side heavy breasts, but the gore is still low as it is a plunge.


Pour Moi? Viva longline
The band is comfortable and I think it is not too loose for a 32 band. I am also happy because the side of the cup takes all my breast tissue while it doesn’t bother my armpit.
The straps are ruffled, large enough to be comfy and well situated on my shoulder, so they don’t slip off through the day.
The gore is too wide for my close-set breasts but it lays softly against my sternum. I can’t complain as everything stays in place through the day and I like the fact that it doesn’t hurt, this week-end I was sick and I fell asleep into it. I know it’s not a good thing to do but at least now I can say that it is really comfy.
I love the satin-like look of this bra and the sheer part makes it look sexy like a Catwoman bra.

Pour Moi? Viva longline
In this picture you can easily see that the wires are not close to my roots at all.

I would like to get the coordinate but since I should be on a diet I think I will match this bra with my microfiber black briefs. ( I love those from Intimissimi, they make me love my butt and hips ^^ ).

In a nutshell, this bra isn’t a perfect fit but I am still happy with it. It does make me feel pretty and I am totally comfortable into it. I hope Pour Moi? will improve the fit of its bras in the future but I have to try something else from the new collection to have a better idea of what this brand can do for me.

It’s May already! The time is flying this year…  I think this month will be the month of Polish bras, I have three babes to introduce to you! I am super excited!

Sweet kisses,



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