Hello everybody! 😀 I have a little break from school these days and I feel like everything is possible. I want to drink smoothies and make lemon pies. And run and laugh and watch old movies. I hope you feel in a good mood too cause Spring is there and Summer must be in a heartbeat! 🙂
Today’s review is about a provocative brief that I am crazy about. That is incredible how Playful Promises knows how to reach my heart even if sometimes it hurts a little bit… I can’t wait until June to see their new amazing pieces… (Spoiler here  )

The Magdalene range is unusual and weirdly sexy in my opinion. This brief is now out of stock on PP website but you can still find it on Bluestockings.

I bought the Magdalene harness brief in a size Small.

How it fits? Well, this brief is one of the comfiest briefs I have in my drawer. If I make a comparison with Ewa Michalak briefs, I would say that it is the same kind of coverage, but this one has tighter elastics so I get some kind of VPL (as it is black it is hard to see on the picture). If you don’t like full coverage briefs, this one is not for you. I feel like it holds my butt in a super-secure way x)! I am not used to that so at first I wasn’t sure if I was ok with the fit but now I don’t mind anymore. The VPL (Visible Panty Line) is not awful either, but it is there.
The front part of the brief features a super cool satin print with a picture of Mary Magdalene surrounded by light (and fire?), flowers, and angels. Ahah! Such an appropriate place for this picture, isn’t it? I especially like the fishnet on the sides of the brief. It’s not very feminine and I think it makes it even more different from what we are used to seeing. These chunky knits remind me of the church, the confessional, and… Prison. In my opinion, this knicker evokes rebellion. This is how I feel about it.
The back part is made from black mesh and is subtly sheer. It has some stretch which is nice if you are in-between size.
I forgot to take photos to show you its versatility but the harness part can be worn on the hips which is cool and easier to wear throughout the day because, yes you must need to pee at some point ^^! It is fully adjustable so you don’t have to worry about how it will adapt to your body. Also, it is made from black satin so it is soft to the touch and lightweight.
I wanted to get the bra but I am out of the size range, and at the end, I think it would be too much, maybe. So I am happy to wear it with my black bras.


Overall I am super happy to own this sassy babe. It is one of those pieces that you like because you know that you’re not going to find anything like it and now that it is out of stock I feel that it is even more precious. However, you can find other styles of harness briefs on Playful Promises website, like the Frida (I love it so much) and the new Peek & Beau Hope harness brief (I think I NEED this one. It’s marvelous) which are less subversive but so gorgeous.

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6 Replies to “Everybody is in a harness mood these days…”

  1. I was actually about to point out the Hope one to you because I am SO obsessed with it and feel like I need to find some shiny gold bras to match. Then I realized it was one that you recommend LOL.
    I want to try out Playful Promises at some point though! I’m especially convinced when I look at the undies. The harness part is just an added bonus IMO!

    1. (I am so sorry for always answering super late…) Hell yeah the Hope is so gorgeous! I think it could be a good start for you :D. I want to buy it too but I am on a lingerie diet (for now 2 months… Yes… I want to cry because everything is on sale these days…). I really like Playful Promises for their designs and inspirations. Their briefs and accessories are just too cool! And it is so nice that they always try to extend their size range and improve the fit of their lingerie!


      1. LOL don’t worry! I get behind on notifications myself. These sales everywhere are TRULY getting into my head too – it’s a bad time time for a lingerie diet! I do want to try Playful Promises in the future because I love their designs as well 🙂 And their size range is really impressive, too!

        1. Ahaha I am not the only one then!!🙌 Yes they are a very interesting brand. It is like they are better and better through the years!

  2. Es de verdad provocador…Conoces #México?
    Me gusta tu blog!!! adoro tu comentarios saludos @diablin13

    1. I don’t speak spanish very well unfortunately, I didn’t practice enough after high school ^^’ . I’ve never been to Mexico.
      Thank you very much! 🙂


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