So,  I am in holidays. For real this time! I have a lot of lingerie to introduce to you but today we’ll talk about a set I wanted for a long time : the Comexim Ingrid.
This set has been reviewed many times by my fellow bloggers and I have to say that every time I’ve seen it, I found it cuter and cuter so at some point I just had to put my hands on it.
I bought the Ingrid in a 70J and a size Medium for about $ 63 CAD + 6.44$ for the shipping.

What I like with Comexim is that they make cute and comfy lingerie for a very affordable price. I think their lingerie is the cheaper I bought for a longtime and it is the only lingerie brand I always buy from at full price. Also, their garments are usually well-made and even if I think the sizing is not very consistent, they do a great job with the shape and comfiness of their sets. Above all, they have an extremely wide selection of sizes and they make alterations for free. For all those reasons I really like this brand and the efforts they put to make their costumers happy. It is not that common…

About Ingrid… The old-fashioned aesthetic of the pattern has drawn me to this set at the first sight. I was really unsure of how it would look against my skin, though… Fortunately the color doesn’t look that bad on me, the fit of the bra however is definitely not the best for my breasts shape.

Ingrid is a three parts plunge and weirdly, while the Yoko from the same brand was slightly too small for me in a 70J, the Ingrid seems to run quite big.
The band of the bra is incredibly comfy and features 4 sets of three hooks and eyes. I wear it at the second set of hook and I find it to be firm and stretchy at the same time.
Ahah, ok, I know it is not relevant to use opposite words to describe something… The thing is that the band feels so comfy that I can forget that I actually wear a bra. It is looser than the Yoko band but at the same time I don’t think it will quickly stretch out . They have managed to make a super comfy but firm band and it is hard to put words on this wizardry.
Hopefully you get me.
The central gore is soft against my skin but tacks properly. It is quite low and narrow. That’s the way I like my central gores. The little bow in the middle is not the cutest I’ve seen, though. I really think that it could have been made in a better way. It is made of a very thin ribbon and although I think it is a part of the design, I think it doesn’t help to increase the beauty of this bra. But this is just a tiny detail and it doesn’t affect either the fit or the way I like this bra. I can easily ignore it as it is squeezed between my boobs! Ahaha! Also as most of Polish bras, the wires are quite narrow but not too much. They are soft just as the rest of this bra.

Due to my position (me trying to take a decent picture…Yeah I failed), the issue looks worst than it is but it is good as you can see what I am actually talking about.

I have taken a very longtime trying to find what was wrong with the shape of this cup… I am still unsure of the reason but my conclusion is that it is due to the tension of the elastic on the cup. I mean, near to the armpit. I didn’t see a lot of bras that had elastics on this part of the cup, or at least, there was no tension on this elastics. Usually padded bras are quite static. But this one is very lightly padded and also very “flexible”. It is the less padded bra of the padded bras I have seen in my life, in the sens that you can easily deform the cup without feeling like you are destroying its shape.
I think the purpose of the elastics on the sides of the cup is to help maintaining the shape of the cup even if you shorten the straps at the maximum or if your breast is heavy. The thing is that one of this elastics has a stronger tension and while my right breast is absolutely okay, the left one, and unfortunately the fuller on side and bigger one is the victim of this terrible elastic. (Yeah, I like being dramatic) So the result is that I get terrible side boobs at the left and because the cup volume the right (maybe slightly too big), the space that is not filled by my boob is collapsing near to the central gore in a weird and truly not elegant way. That must be partly because of my breast shape but I do think that the tension is different as this issue doesn’t happen with my right boob and also because you can see it just looking at the bra with attention. I can understand that bras are made by humans and obviously those things happen but I admit that I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to love this bra so baddly! I like it yes, but I don’t love it as I wanted to.

Comexim Ingrid bra 70J
The brief is a pleasure to wear! Like… REALLY! It is not a sexy brief at all but the level of cuteness is amazing and I adore wearing them because it is one of the most comfy pair I have, I can easily make a comparison with Ewa Michalak bottoms and this pair is even more comfy because it fits me better.
I am so glad that I bought a Medium instead of a Small because the Small would have been definitely too small. I’m usually a size Small in most of the brands (except indie brands) , so take this in consideration if you consider ordering the coordinates from this brand.
The size M works perfectly with my body and if I adjust it properly I don’t get VPL. Only the sweet feeling of nice fitting panties. I love the touch of the fabric from the inside. It is really soft against my skin.The little “wings” at the sides make it adorable without making it hard to wear under normal clothes.  I really don’t have anything negative to say about this brief. I like it!

Comexim Ingrid bra 70J
As you can see on this picture, I get horrible side boob at the left (well, at the right of this pic).

Overall, I think the Ingrid set deserves a 9.5/10 for being insanely comfortable and having such a convenient sizing for a padded bra but since the fit issue really bothers me I would rate it as a 6.5/10 for the fit. Although this bra didn’t work out well for me it did for a lot of other lingerie gals, such as :

Catching Arrows 65M  and 65J 
Weirdly Shaped 60N
My Fashion Insider 60HH
All Fair In Love and Lingerie 60F
A tale of Two Boobs 65HH

This experience doesn’t discourage me from buying from Comexim again, but I really hope to have better luck next time! For those who have never ordered from Polish brands, usually it takes about a month to receive your order. I also think that it rarely worth it to return a product to Poland (especially if just like me you live in Canada, which has one of the worst post service I’ve experienced in my short life). Ordering from Polish brands for the first time asks for patience. So if you feel like trying Comexim, I’d recommend you, at least for the first order, and depending on your budget, to order from Canadian and USA websites like Zathiya (US based) , Well fitting (US, but take in consideration that with them the delay will be the same as Polish brand. You’ll have an easier return policy and nice customers service, though) , and Bra Obsessed (Canada). Ordering from these websites will come out more expensive but you will have more chances to get what you are looking for and not being disappointed.

Hope you have an anxiety free week and you are strong enough to resist buying everything in this evil sale season!  😛

Bisous bisous!


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