Well… This week I’ll do my best to finish my Curve NY previews. I have so many pieces to review!
Empreinte was the first booth I went to at Curve. I was very intimidated since that was my first lingerie event, but somehow I have been reassured when I realized that Empreinte’s RP was actually French so I didn’t have to be selfconscious about my accent x’). She has been really informative about the brand and gave me some solid arguments to try it!

Empreinte is a French brand focused on the fit and comfort without any compromise about the elegance of their products. They have their own type of sizing compared to other French brands and also their own shapes and emblematic designs.

Something I really like about this brand is the multitude of bras shapes and panties that they offer. Each collection is unique, in term of design and colorway and even in the same collection as you can see in the picture below, the colorway may change the complete perception of the design.
Most of the time, for each collection, Empreinte offers two shapes of bras (three if the collection includes a padded bra) and three to four options of coordinates.
About the sizing, this brand makes bras from a C to a H cup with the bands going from a 75/30 to a 110/40 band. However, this sizing is hardly comparable to any other brand. For example, in this brand I am a 75 F (in one or two styles I need a G cup but most of the time it is too big for me). Note that I am usually a UK 30GG.
Taking this in consideration, my interpretation of the brand size range could be : from 30 to 40 bands and cups from D to H (possibly HH) in UK sizing. The coordinates size range depends on their shape.

Empreinte SS17
Elena in Freesia (left) and Noir (right)

The thongs, briefs and shorties are usually available from XS to XXL (38 to 48), and the high waisted panties from a S to 4XL (40 to a 52). I have noticed some differences depending on the collection. Sometimes the thongs and shorties can be available from a XXS to a XL or XXL while the high waisted panties could be available from a M to a 5XL. Meaning that if you size out of one collection you might find your size in another one.
I am personally a 38-40 in Empreinte panties. If I remember well, that put me in a size S, to give you an idea.

Pompadour Myosotis (left) and Nuit Ambrée (right)

This Empreinte SS17 collection is actually one of my favourites… I am in love with the Elena in the black colorway and the Pompadour in Nuit Ambrée. This two sets are definitely on my wish list. The Pompadour is one of my all time favourite sets. It is definitely one of the more perfect thing I have ever seen. This set is Versailles. This lace, the embroideries and the tulle detailing are killing me.
The Elena in Noir (first picture) is more minimalistic but it is the kind of elegance that I love. The anemones popping out of the sheer mesh, the shape of the suspender, the draped details on the bottom of the cups (padded version) are simply lovely. I am completely into ruches as lingerie details.

Empreinte SS17
Thalia Seamless Padded Very Plunge bra (Candy)

The Thalia is a very well-known Empreinte range! I have seen it in a lot of different colorways through the years and here it is in a pale delicate pink called Candy. Thalia comes in three different shapes, a padded plunge (up to a F cup), a balconnet (up to a G cup) and a full cup bra (up to a H cup).

Nikki Seamless Low-necked bra (Dune)

Seamless bras from Empreinte give a really good shape to the breasts! Although the Nikki is not my favourite I found it to be really delicate and it might be a really nice everyday bra.
This bra will be available in two shapes (the balconnet shape on the picture above and a full cup shape) and three colorways : Denim, Dune and Pivoine (dark pink).

Empreinte SS17 cassiopee
Cassiopée Seamless bra in Summer Blue

The Cassiopée range really surprised me. When I first saw the bra on internet I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the shape, I was afraid that it would be grandma-ish on me. Let me tell you that this picture doesn’t even give it justice. I tried this bra in the black colorway and I fell in love immediatly. The attention to detail is impressive and the shape it gives, the way it made my breasts look made me want to get it immediatly.

This bra wears its name really well. The cups look basically constellated, in that sens, the embroidery is magical. I wish I could add it to my collection. (My birthday is in a month :3)
They also have a Spacer (T-shirt bra) in this range.

Empreinte SS17 thalia
Thalia low-necked bra (Candy)

Empreinte SS17 lingerie collection is one of my big crush of this year.  I have been lucky enough to visit their Atelier in Paris this summer and there I tried almost all the styles that they had in my size (75F in this brand). It really changed the vision I had of my lingerie wardrobe and made me want to buy less but better quality lingerie. This lingerie is definitely luxurious. That said, I am not fond of all of their bras shapes which can sometimes be a little bit pointy. I think it is really worth it to try in a store before buying this brand through internet.

Kiss (in Mandarine) up to a F cup

Empreinte also created a swimwear collection with the same size range as their lingerie line. It is pretty colorful and young. I forgot to try it unfortunately so I can only give you the information that I got at Curve.

Empreinte SS17
Style (Citronnelle) up to a F cup

I was particularly interested in this bikini top. It has hidden underwires and looks really lightweight. I had the opportunity to try a strapless bra from this brand and it worked out really well. It was padded, though. I really wish I had tried this one too. I like the minimalist design and the cute Citronnelle (Lemongrass) colorway. The shape seems to be quite natural, yet elegant, according to the stock pictures.

Empreinte SS17
Summer (in Passion) up to a F cup

The brand sells four types of bikini tops which include some halter neck unpadded bras (up to a F cup) and some unpadded balconettes (up to a G cup).

Empreinte SS17
From the left to the right: Pin up range(in Bleuet), Pin up range (in Violette), Transat range  (in Passion)

I also appreciate that they offer several types of swimsuits (around 5 types). You actually have the choice between padded cups, strapless, halterneck, V décolleté… Most of them are available up to a F cup but you still have some options up to a G cup. However, you must keep in mind that this brand runs really big if you compare their letters system to the usual UK system. Their F cup could be comparable to a G or GG cup (depending of your band size, obviously).

Empreinte SS17

I noticed that their colorways are really repetitive but comes in a lot of different shapes. This brand is clearly more about quality than quantity and I do understand why some people are so faithful to them. I hope I can try this Emppreinte SS17 swimwear collection next year but I hope I can put my hands on some lingerie sets of AW16 collections before Christmas. 😀


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