It’s been three years since I reviewed a sports bra! Ahah, I love seeing my progression through old blog posts… Today’s review was highly anticipated and yet I have taken 5 months to publish it… I am not too proud. However, I can now give you an opinion based on months of experimenting with the product! So you’ll have an idea of how the first collection of Empreinte sportswear line, IN-PULSE, holds up through time.

Indeed, the brand launched its Initiale collection last Fall, after three years of research and development. Since Empreinte makes some of my all-time favorite pieces, I was definitely excited to discover this range. I usually don’t find full bust sports bras to be pretty but when I put my eyes on the Initiale collection, I knew I had to try it!

[I received this set as a gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Pictures were taken 5 months into wearing the product.]Empreinte initiale reviewEmpreinte initiale bra


There are two colorways for this range: Intense grey (smokey grey and rose gold shimmery detailing) and Bubble (light pink and rose gold shimmery detailing). I was sent the darker one as I thought it would be more flattering on me but both are really pretty.

When I initially received the set, I was amazed by the glittery detailing at the top of the cup, on the straps, underbust elastic and over the mesh cut-out of the leggings. This is such a nice touch of glamour for activewear. The brand paid attention to detail and used big orange metal rings to link the band and the straps. Nonetheless, these straps are versatile and can be worn as a racerback thanks to functional g-clips at the front of the bra. The leggings are honestly the most comfortable and flattering I have ever owned. This is a sleek design!

Fit and construction

The bra features molded cups which is one of Empreinte fortes. It’s so light and soft.I was sent a size 30E, instead of my usual 30F. At the moment I am clearly in between 30F and 30E but I couldn’t size down in Empreinte lingerie since they don’t sell double letters. For this bra, however, the 30E is my ideal size. The wires have medium width and are properly cushioned. I don’t feel any discomfort or desire to remove the bra during a run.

I received the leggings in size XS which I initially thought would be too small but actually adapted beautifully to my body. These leggings are honestly SO good! I just want a backup and several other colorways! The fabric used is absolutely amazing. I was probably not using high-end quality sportswear before because it was my first time experiencing such a flexible fabric. As you can see in my photos, I am very comfortable stretching it. Not that my other leggings can’t stretch of course, but the way this one stays into place during the whole workout, no matter what exercise I am doing is outstanding. It also dries very very fast. A great additional feature is the hidden waist elastic that is adjustable from the inside. I don’t need any adjustment with this size but if you have a big difference between your waist and hips that might be useful!

After wearing it for 5 months quite regularly…

While the fit and shape of the bra and leggings remained great, a few things are worth being mentioned. As amazing as the construction and fit are, I really hoped the glittery details would survive frequent hand-washing a little better. It’s something that usually doesn’t last long and I have to say that even with this Empreinte product, I have seen these glamorous details fade away wash after wash.

I have been using the same Eucalan wash I use for my lingerie for a few years now but still, the shiny upper part of the cup and the mesh part of the leggings are now mostly mesh with very little sparkle. The straps and band elastics are intact though. This doesn’t make this set a bad one, as it still makes me feel like I am a superhero, but it’s something you can expect if you are going to use it a lot.
Empreinte initiale sportswearEmpreinte initialeHonestly, I really love this first activewear collection! I can tell that the brand put work into making a product that is true to their culture of quality and efficiency. Empreinte is a fit specialist and takes pride in providing its clients with long-lasting quality lingerie. It’s still true with the Initiale collection, although there is room for improvement. I would love to see how the next collection will turn out, as I would definitely be willing to spend 90 euros on another pair of these leggings! Shiny or not they are still my best pair!

Have you tried the new Empreinte activewear line? Did you have a similar experience or a very different one?

Stay safe!
Love always,
Wen xx

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