Hey guys! I am so happy to get back to my lingerie reviews! My life is being actually extremely active and I have a really hard time blogging and taking pictures. The good news is that I found a job so I’ll be able to buy lingerie that I love without being on food restriction (No, it is not the reason why you can see my ribs on the picture below, I actually eat a lot these days, this pic is just weird x)). Also, I realized something this summer, while I was traveling on a budget… It feels way better to spend your money in things you wanted for a long time or things that make your heart beat faster rather than on pretty things that, yes you can afford at the moment but that doesn’t really make you dream at night.Avocado NF Valentina

Well, today I am going to review a set that really made me dream and that I have been lucky enough to receive as a gift from Avocado for the purpose of this review! As always all opinions are my very own!

Valentina is a romantic name for a dramatic set. I swear, the first time I saw this set was on Zathiya website and I had this kind of huge crush that makes you think about saving and feel guilty about all the silly expenses that you made lately. I fell in love with her and I hoped deeply that she would love me in return.


So when Anna, the amazing designer of Avocado offered to send me some pieces to review, I couldn’t help myself putting this set on the list. I have to say that it is my favourite set so far… (The competition with my new Aubade babe is hard but Valentina is a winner).
I am not good enough at photography to capture the incredible beauty and quality of the fabrics but they really caught my eyes at the first sight. These lace and embroidery have nothing in common with the rest of my wardrobe. They are pure luxury. For my young person this is really impressive.

Avocado NF Valentina

I received the bra in a 65K and the (marvelous) high waisted panty in a size Small. These sizes are quite good for me in term of volume but I have to admit that I am torn between my two Avocado sizes. I received some bras in a 60L and while the bands were quite tight at the beginning, I do prefer the wires in these bras which are narrower than the ones in my 65K bras. Also with a little bit of time they fit me perfectly so I think I prefer the feeling of the 60L bras throughout the time. The 65 band feel comfier, though. What a dilemma. 🙂
So as you can see this bra wires look extremely narrow on the flat picture but on me they are definitely wide, which overall is not terribly unpleasant as they don’t bother my armpits** but I don’t really like feeling them so close to my back.

** I recently noticed, after I had to tighten the straps a little bit more, that even if the wires don’t bother me, I feel like the side of the cup is too close from my armpits, which can be a little bit annoying after wearing it for a while. I think a size smaller would resolve this issue.

Avocado NF Valentina

Also, because they are so wide they tend to go down a little bit and at some point of the day and end up lower than my inframammary fold. Weirdly I only start feeling these issues after like 6-8hours wearing it but it leaves some red marks that I found more pronounced than the usual red marks that I can get from some other bras.
Despite these very wide wires this bra is very deep in the cup (really)! I think it is something I noticed with Avocado NF and RV bras. I actually love that depth and I am glad I have wide roots because then it reduces the wideness issue, but I know some of you might dislike that. My only advice would be to size down in the band ( I don’t have these issues with the 60L bras) to have a chance to get narrower wires but of course this is not always possible.


What I personally like with the NF cut is that it is closer to my natural breasts shape:  pretty projected, very full on bottom, not that much on top so that the cup are quite closed at this part, avoiding wrinkles and other inconveniences which come with boobs asymmetry.
That said, this shape is not giving so much uplift compared to the RV or HCT shapes but in my opinion lingerie is not all about push up effect. 🙂
The band features 3 sets of hooks and eyes and I have to say that the straps are pretty short. It is all that I like, actually. Avocado bras are the only ones with straps that don’t fall off my shoulders at any point. So even if this pair of straps is not fully adjustable due to the design on the front part, I only need to tight them up to the 1/3 of the length (a little bit more for my smaller breast, since there is some room in the cup for it).
The gore is very very narrow (<3) and tacks firmly. It is kind of high but not too much for my taste because in this case I think this gore is an important part of the design! Did you see those details! Incredible details! I mean, nothing common. None of my beloved bows or buttons, and however, nothing is missing here! This gore is so sophisticated !


The choice of the material for this set is simply wonderful. I mean, the fabrics used for the band of the bra is as firm as soft, and so dark. A really rich black.
I have to say that the lace used for the bottom of the cup doesn’t stretch but the one on the top with the beautiful embroidery is more forgiving. Although it is closed at the top, it still has a little elasticity. I think my breasts could grow a little bit and this bra will still fit.
.Seriously, this set makes me feel like the fairy Maleficent. It just has this dark powerful look and the attention to the details is astonishing.

The brief is also one of the more comfy I have ever tried. My butt loves it. It doesn’t try to eat it or anything. This bottom stays miraculously in place and doesn’t itch my sensitive belly skin. I am crazy about them because of the way they match so perfectly the bra. My love for high waisted panties comes from the fact that they give more space to creativity and in my opinion, this pair is completely regal. I am sad that I didn’t find a better way to make them look like they really are on my pictures but the same lace used for the bottom of the cups has been used for the middle part of the panty and the interplay (can I say it this way?) of transparency is gorgeous. It is just the right amount of transluence for this area. About the sizing, I would say that Avocado panties run true to size but the high waisted ones seem to run bigger than the other ones. For me it is pretty cool as I am always asking for more room in the bum area while I have no hips so it comes out complicated with some brands to have it all. This Valentina bottom is just perfect for me. I have zero complaints about it and just want to wear it all the time…

Avocado NF Valentina

Also, did you see the details on the bottom of the band? Avocado didn’t neglect any aspect of the front part of this bra! Most of the time full bust brands doesn’t put so much attention to the details in the front part of the bands (and yeah I can get that it is already nice to have a good fit ^^ ) so I am glad to see a little difference here!
This set is dreamy and I just want to be able to wear it forever !

Avocado is really one of my favourite brands at the moment because they never disappoint me. It has been so hard to find a luxury brand that provides both luxury detailing and good fitting items for full bust ladies. I mean, I know some very nice luxury brands which go up to a G cup, sometimes H, the only thing is the longevity of their bras. I feel like they are not made for everyday wear. You have to be very careful for their garments don’t stretch too much or stay in the same state despite the weight of your breasts. In this sens I feel like Avocado lingerie always worth the price. I really don’t feel like my bras are going to change quickly with the use. Just like Cleo by Panache bras, they are faithful to their original states but with the luxury lace and construction as a bonus!


Bisous bisous,


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8 Replies to “Maleficent fairy set, Avocado NF Valentina”

  1. What a gorgeous bra! You do indeed look like a gorgeous Maleficent – this bra seems to have that rare combination of functionality and sensual detailing! I must try this.

    I agree that it’s not all about the push-up effect.! When I was much younger and trying on my first bra I was so used to seeing pushup bras that I was confused when I saw the natural shape of my breasts LOL!


  2. This set is adorable! Avocado is real standout in the fuller buster market. It’s true about the life span of fashion bras unfortunately but Avocado has a nice balance between fit, fashion and classical style.

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