Hey guys! I am so very happy today! My birthday is coming in a week and it’s all that I need to feel excited about life. 🙂 Today I am going to review a shirt that I have worn a lot since I received it! The Foxers Equestrian lounge shirt  has been sent to me free of charge for the purpose of a review, which doesn’t affect my judgement about it!


I know I don’t look like that but, I must have said it before, I have spent a big part of my life wearing black only, (except when it came to Hell Bunny dresses), dark nail lacquers and basically the same black choker every day. Once, someone in English class described me to people as the girl that wears only black and white and I realized lately that 80% of my dresses are still black (/and white)… I try to wear colors but it is definitely not my natural choice in clothing.
No need to say that, I have been very happy when Foxers gave me the opportunity to try their so lovely equestrian shirt with these contrasting collar and cuffs (note that this shirt also exists without contrasting details in light blue, black and white.)

 Foxers Equestrian lounge shirt

I didn’t know if it was supposed to be worn as a pajama or as an actual shirt for outfit when I ordered it but as soon as I received it I decided that it was too cute to be limited as loungewear/nightwear. Also the length was perfect to wear it with a pair of jeans. :3 .
I am so in love with this white-collar!! I just want to add this detail to my whole wardrobe!
As you can see, Foxers paid attention to the details for this shirt construction, so that it has an actual shape and looks more elegant thanks to the seem in the back, I think. That is maybe the difference between this piece and many cotton pajama tops.

 Foxers Equestrian lounge shirt

This shirt is made at 92% from cotton and 8% spandex, so it feels very soft and breaths nicely. I really like to wear it because I feel like I am in pajama outside and nobody notices :D. I received a size Medium and it is super comfy with a lot of room for my breasts. As you can see it closes without any weird gap between the buttons. I think I could probably wear a size Small but I am not sure if my boobs would like it.  I can put a light top under this one so this will definitely be a part of my winter closet.
I like the black butler**/school girl feel of this shirt, I find it cute and kind of elegant,but easy to wear as everyday cloth.

** The japanese manga serie

 Foxers Equestrian lounge shirt

The little bow below the last button makes it look more like a pajama in my opinion as it reminds me of the ones that are on panties but the little tag on one of the cuff definitely changes something in the look of this shirt. I mean, I like androgynous clothes and although this one is kind of girly, the cuffs reminds me of the sleeves protruding from a man suit. I love suits. I also like the little pockets on the chest. These are very cute in my opinion.

 Foxers Equestrian lounge shirt

Now I am wondering if you’d have preferred to see me with an actual pair of jeans to see how they go together instead of my usual lingerie phantasy… Sighs, too late. I just wish people could go out in lingerie without being treated as exhibitionists/pervs/sl*ts? but not in this world I guess. ^^’
Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this shirt. It is good quality cotton, in my opinion. I stained the collar with my hair (bad idea to wear this after a shampoo and all the things that can come after) but I was able to wash it by hand and it is now as white as it was at the beginning (I had different experiences with other fabrics… WOC hair problems…)
The black didn’t rub off on the white, and everything goes well with the shape of this shirt so far.

I need more Wednesday Addams clothes in my life. Period.

xx Wen.

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  1. Woah woah, now I need to know about that cute tail you’re wearing under the Foxers shirt–additional cloth? A special panty? It tooootally makes the Wed Addams shirt go from PJ to “damn!”
    –Mountain Man

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