Well, bras are not always the easiest thing to take with you when you travel, even when it is only to go sleep at a friend house or your grandma. Bra is one of the most structured garments you might own, if you don’t wear corsets. The bigger the cups, the more complicated it is to make them fit anywhere without risking to alter their shape.
I personally really struggle with mines when my luggage is full since I just want them to have their perfect nest without anything to crash them…
That’s one of the reasons that got me interested in the Brag company. Well, maybe the second. I have first been really into some of their cute designs after seeing one of their bra cases on the Breastlife website.
The idea of a bra bag sounded funny but at the end very useful for someone like me that always bring too much lingerie when travelling…

You might have seen this type of bags through the internet. They are usually made for smaller cups and you basically have the choice between polkadot and leopard print only.
The main reason why I thought this company was a great fit for this giveaway is that not alike a lot of company they innovated by bringing bra travel cases that have the capacity to contain bras up to a 32G cup. Plus their designs are more diversified than the usual offers.
The main idea is that you could win the bag on the picture above! Hope you like it! It was my personal favorite.
How to enter? It is quite simple! Just subscribe to my blog and write in the comments where you would like to travel with your Brag Buxom bag!

Don’t forget to put your email (courriel) in the comment form so I can contact you if you win. You will have 1 week to answer my email, if you don’t another winner will be picked!  Good luck!
The competition closed on the 25th of November.



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22 Replies to “CGNB x The Brag Company giveaway”

  1. Ooh, I was just looking at these bags online and wondering how many of my bras would fit. I’m traveling right now in France which is fun, but I can’t fit all my bras in my luggage, lol. I would like to go to Eastern Europe next!

    1. Omg you are so lucky!! Next time I go back to France I really need to plan a trip to Poland!!
      About the space, you can put plenty of unpadded bras. Also Polish padded bras fit better because of the narrow wires. 4 Ewa M. S bras in my size can fit with the coordinates. Of course 4 sets will never be enough for us lingerie gals😂 but it’s a good start since you can put more bras if they are unpadded.

      1. 4 padded Polish bras is a good start! Right now I have 4 in my luggage that need a nicer home. I’m thinking about ordering more even though I have no where to put them. And yes, Poland is the dream destination! Probably confusing to most people when I say Poland is at the top of my list… 🙂

  2. Oh my! What a thing of beauty this bag is. I’m currently studying in Scotland but will have to leave in January (visas!) so I’m hoping to visit some friends in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Italy) before returning to the US!

  3. I travel light and am always afraid of crushing my delicates. This would be awesome for my upcoming flight back home in the US.
    Palefiyaw [at] gmail [dot] com

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