Can you imagine that I started blogging exactly the same day last year? I remember how scary that seemed.  How I bothered all my English speaking friends so they could check  out my texts, see if I didn’t leave awful mistakes. Also I was always wondering why people would read my reviews. The blogosphere is so huge now, why another 30GG would be of any interest. Well, guys, I still haven’t find out but I am so grateful!
Thank you for reading, for taking the time to comment and share my posts. I also want to thank the brands and stores that were willing to work with me from the very beginning! I know they’ve helped a lot!
I’ve really discovered another part of myself through this year. My English is so much better also. I met some incredible persons and traveled too.  Hopefully I’ll be there for long!


As today is a special day, I am happy to introduce to you a set from a brand which is totally new to me: the Nessa Francheska!
I wonder how Poland is always so right when it comes to lingerie fit and construction for the bigger cups but I am always positively surprised! Nessa is a very feminine brand, and from what I have seen on the internet they are into pretty embroidery. This brand in my opinion could please a wide range of ages since their design look elegant but still youthful most of the time. They also have a very wide size range! Francheska for example is available from the volume of a 28DD up to a 46 G, which means that for a 28 band you have 13 cup sizes from DD to L then the number of cup decreases with the band to keep the bigger volume available as all the sister sizes between a 28L and a 46G.
Hopefully you get what I mean.


** Zathiya generously provided this set for the purpose of a review, all opinions are mines**

I received this set in a size 65K for the bra and Small for the coordinate. Note that 65K is roughly equivalent to a UK 30GG.
Can we start with the appearance of this set?  Cause I think I’ve never mentioned that my favorite color is burgundy. Burgundy and everything around. The color of this set looks just so warm!  I love it! It is so perfect for Autumn! When I first saw the stock picture I wasn’t sure if I’d like it on me. But well, this embroidery got me right away after I put it on. These flowers look enchanted!

zathiya bras

The 3/4 of the cup are almost opaque and feature sleeves and some kind of vines which make lovely curves. I love the top of the cup! I wish they could create a half cup version of this bra with only this transparent part.
As you can see they added tiny little bows at the apex and on the central gore. I am not sure if that was necessary especially on the gore since it is not very noticeable compared to the embroidery but well, it is there, and it is cute.

The straps are wide and fully adjustable. They also have a good length for my taste, not too long and they are very stable on my shoulders.Even if it is not obvious on my picture, the straps also features a discreet and more linear floral embroidery.

Nessa Francheska giveaway

The gore is narrow  and tacks very well on my sternum. However the wires are wide for a polish bra. They don’t bother my armpits, though cause they are not too tall. Just  wider than my roots (which are wide already).
The band is true to size as a EU 65 is supposed to be a UK 30. In my opinion it runs a little bit big in the cup, though, I could easily size down to a 65J. That said, it remains supportive and secure. I think this bra is full on bottom friendly but it is still open enough at the top for a lot of upper fullness. In this size I would need to be fuller on top to avoid wrinkles on my smaller breast.

Nessa Francheska

The band is made from a comfortable fabric which is just stretchy enough to feel good but not enough to stretch out easily after a few wears. You can see the brand signature embossed near to the hooks.

The panty is pretty as well! I like the sheer back! It balances very well the full coverage of this piece. Also it feels soft against the skin and is very nice to wear. It gives a very discreet to no visible panty line depending on the pants. It does look a little bit like a shorty from the front and I like these wide edges.
The middle of the front part is made from the same fabric as the bottom of the bra but thinner, which makes it more transparent. The lace on the side is a floral lace and it is stretchy, I like that it has no seems around the legs. That gives a more delicate finish.
The mesh of the back also has a fair amount of stretch.


Overall, I am positively surprised with this set! I am also glad I have been able to discover a new Polish brand! It is always complicated to try something new from Poland since it seems that each brand has its own sizing.
What do you think about Francheska? Would you like to try it? :p
I didn’t begin with that but the title might give you a clue… For my blog anniversary, I collaborate with Zathiya to organize my first giveaway! Ahah! Congratulations if you have read until that point!

Nessa Francheska

How does it work? It is simple:
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Once it is done, just put your account name/URL on the social media(s) of your choice in a comment and don’t forget to write your email (courriel) in the comment form. Don’t worry I will be the only one who will be able to see it and it is my only way to contact you personally if you win.
Competition closed on the 25th of November.

zathiya Nessa Francheska

I wish you all the best of luck! <3

Yours truly,


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18 Replies to “Nessa Francheska Review + Blog Anniversary Giveaway”

  1. Oh wow! Congrats on one year blogging. I started reading this blog when The Lingerie Addict recommended it in December/January. I’ve loved your reviews and you’ve done so much in one year you’ve been blogging. I also didn’t know you weren’t a native english speaker…I presumed you were bilingual!
    Congrats again!

  2. Tout d’abord, j’étais ravie de découvrir que les instructions sur ce site étaient en français (j’ai étudié le français à l’université, et j’ai habité à Toulouse pendant une année scolaire 🙂 J’adore cet ensemble de soutien-gorge et culotte, et j’aimerais bien le gagner !! Tu as l’air très jolie, comme d’habitude 🙂

    I follow you and Zathiya on Instagram and have reposted the image on my IG account (jax811).

    1. Oh j’ai moi aussi étudié à Toulouse! J’y ai vécu deux ans! Ça me fait plaisir de lire un commentaire en français de temps en temps! 😊 Merci pour ta participation!

  3. following on all platforms , and subscribed to the blog . following from @janekramer1986 on twitter and instagram ( retweeted the contest tweet on twitter ) and jane kramer on facebook

  4. Happy blogiversary! 🙂 You have done amazing work during last year and I really like your reviews.
    I have shared this giveaway on facebook (@AbracaBraBlog) and also on instagram (@abracabrablog) and I follow Zathiya and you on both social networks.

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