Guys, I am not gonna lie, I am having a hard time blogging this month. It is hard to take pictures and it is hard to write something that would not sound as pessimistic as my actual mood. But today I felt like it was time to put myself together and write about something that looks like me and that makes me feel great. So here is my review of the Scantilly Unleash bra that I have been lusting after since the first time I saw it this summer at Curve NY. (Sadly I won’t be at Curve this time because I am to busy with school to just take 3days off at the beginning of the week :'( )


I took advantage of December’s sales to put my hands on several Scantilly sets at a reasonable price but I heard that the Unleash coordinate ran very big and I didn’t want to take a chance since I am already wearing the smaller size available. Instead, I got some faux leather shorts from La Senza, and I think they work pretty well together.

Scantilly Unleash bra
If you had read my Curve NY preview last year, you must know that I loved everything about the Unleash set. Especially its biker style. I mean, seriously, this set it me:
⇒ Black colorway : checked
⇒ Gold rose buckle: checked
⇒ Faux leather: checked
⇒ Half-cup cut: checked
⇒ Overall perfect style to go to a metal concert: checked
I truly loved the design of the high waisted panty too…

Scantilly Unleash bra
So I bought the Unleash bra in a 30H following the advices of my dear Hcup Chronicles who is truly a specialist when it comes to Scantilly :p! As often she got it right and this was the right size for me. I have to warn you that you might need different sizes depending on the bra you buy from this brand. I actually own four sets in 3 different bras sizes. For this one, I think it is preferable to size up if you want your breasts to stay in the cup through the day. Most people I saw on social medias said they got it in a size too small put loved the effect on their breasts. So it is up to you. Having high set nipples, I wouldn’t be able to size down.

Scantilly Unleash bra
I found the bra to be surprisingly comfy. The cups are like pillows and the wires sit softly on my skin. I think the band runs more like a 32 band so take this in consideration if you are a 28band and wanted to try a 30band in this bra.  I wear it at the first set of hooks when I don’t want to feel like I am wearing a bra but I feel more secure at the second set of hooks.
The gore tacks gently against my sternum and the bra itself stays in place through the day. The edge of the cup are quite tall and the straps are rather short. I really like short fully adjustable straps but I think the high edges might bother some armpits. They actually don’t bother me but I feel them sometimes. Also the wires are wide but they are great for my breasts. I fill the cups entirely on the sides.

Scantilly Unleash bra
I don’t know how it is for other ladies but my main issue with this bra is that my breasts tend to come out of it very quickly. It is like it has enough space to contain them but an invisible force push them up and within one hour half of my nipples are out. They eventually stay this way for the whole day so I think this is how my breasts shape sit in this cup. The pictures are not very accurate in that sens that I had to always put my breasts back inside the cup to look decent. I don’t mean to lie to you about this bra fit but I don’t feel like showing my nipples so freely on my blog. Plus the bra looks actually like that if I spend my day sat at my desk studying or not moving so much but as soon as I have to hurry you can be sure my nipples won’t stay hidden. I also think this bra is more full on top friendly. Since I am full on bottom, I don’t get this freaking crazy cleavage that I have seen on other ladies… I don’t complain, ahah, just note that if you are FOB you might not get the same two cakes on a plate effect as the brand’s models.

Scantilly Unleash bra
One would say that Scantilly makes bedroom pieces so it doesn’t matter if your breasts don’t behave in their lingerie but for me there is rarely such a thing as bedroom pieces… 99% of the things I buy are for my own satisfaction plus I am kind of picky when it comes to fit… I really prefer being able to wear my lingerie at anytime because if not I know I just won’t wear it. So I really like putting this bra on but it is true that I wish I could wear it more often. However I do not regret this purchase because WHO DOESN’T NEED FAUX LEATHER LINGERIE IN THEIR DRAWER? Plus I feel super badass when wearing it. I could just put it on and stay undressed for the rest of the day. This would be a great satisfaction. One day, one of my girls told me I looked like I was about to give a concert in this set. 😀 Best compliment ever, right? Would just need to practice guitar a little bit more often…

It is a sunny day and I feel good. Hope y’all have a great Sunday too!

Lot of love!

Yours truly,


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7 Replies to “Metalhead lingerie review: Scantilly Unleash bra”

  1. As a metalhead this bra really appeals to me- and it looks awesome on you. Kind of think you need to be posing in front of a couple of flamethrowers, standing on the skulls of your former enimies, battleaxe in hand!

    I’m sad to hear that it doesn’t really contain your nipples properly, I’m hesitant about buying it for that reason as, like you, I need a bra to be suitable to wear all day, not just in the bedroom.

  2. You look beautiful, as always. I love the socks and the boots. I might copy your style for March 8th and do a little marching in faux leather, but maybe in red. “We can do it!”. Stay beautiful and strong!

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