My love for fancy pajamas started quite soon, when a friend of my mum offered me my first sets of pajamas from a lingerie boutique at the age of 15. Two sets of cotton pajamas but very classy for my age. So classy indeed that I used one of the tops as outerwear a few times… I loved them and from that time, I knew that I really liked matching stuff.

A few years ago when I fell in love with the pin up aesthetic of Playful Promises, I was also under the impression that this brand was unaffordable for me as a student. Then, I’ve come to realize that it was mostly because I was not used to shop this type of products. I mean, when I was 18, lingerie was basically bras and panties. Let alone the fact that I didn’t know what was an indie designer and had not idea that lingerie could be something else than what I had seen at the French boutiques where my mum used to bring me (where everything was also unaffordable but well, I didn’t have to pay with my own money at that time). Kiss me deadly and Playful Promises were the first UK brands to catch my attention with their loungewear, corsets and lingerie accessories.

Last year, when Playful promises launched their first full-busted collection I finally decided that it was time for me to become a faithful customer and discovered that it was actually possible to buy from them even with my small budget. Indeed, the brand has sales quite often, and I have been able to grab some wonderful pieces without squandering my small fortune.

Playful Promises nightwear

Today, I want to talk about the Sabriel teddy that I have been lucky enough to get for a VERY affordable price on Kiss me Deadly more than a year ago. This piece is now out of stock** but I think it could be of interest to describe my love for it as I think it could give you an idea of Playful Promises nightwear quality. The Penelope teddy which is pretty similar in the cut is still available in size Medium ( <3 ).

When I saw the Sabriel teddy for the first time I was unsure that it would be a great idea to buy a piece made of satin. Satin can sometimes look very cheap and even make you feel very uncomfortable when wearing it (you know when the fabric doesn’t breath properly and makes you feel hot and sweaty…). But I am so glad I gave this piece a chance! The fabric looks so bright and gorgeous! It feels soft and delicate !

Seriously, LOOK AT THIS PRINT! (picture from Playful Promises website)

As I don’t think my pictures give it justice, you can see it from closer on the picture above. I find it so elegant, so unusual! This piece manages to look young and yet, it reminds me of some of my grand-ma’s furniture. I must read more English books to improve the way I describe my emotions, but this print is everything. I adore it.

** You can still find the Sabriel teddy in a size M here (I might have seen a size L somewhere else on ebay).
Playful Promises nightwear
I got this teddy in a size Small (UK 10). I think it runs a little bit big but it is nice for us full busted ladies. I usually have to go up a size with bodysuits and teddies to fit my breasts, but this time there is all the space needed.

This piece features an elastic at the waist which is nice since unfortunately the little belt straps didn’t last long. They might have been a little bit too thin. Now I have to admit that I often lose my belt because it doesn’t stay in place too well without them (I should probably replace them).

Playful Promises nightwear

The detail that sold this piece to me (since I was first hesitating on buying it) was the eyelashes lace. It reminds me of climber plants but also of a peacock wings…. A year after this piece still fills me with joy! This lace completes it very well! The only thing I am not very fond of is the super thin straps. I know that they come with most of nightwear pieces but I just feel like really thin straps and big breasts don’t get along. It is not a question of support (this piece is not mean to support anything but itself). For me it is more about proportions. But that’s only my  personal opinion and I am fully aware that this teddy was made to suit different body types and not only mine. So I wouldn’t call it a real issue.

Nevertheless, I feel very light and free wearing this piece. I would love to get more of this print in my wardrobe. I am also happy to tell you that it didn’t fade and still looks awesome (note that I only wash it by hands, though).


Playful Promises nightwear
Believe it or not I also have a deep love for eyes masks… Some people think that they are useless accessories only meant to make women look fancy but first there is nothing wrong with that, and second I am really sensitive to light when I sleep so they actually have a purpose for me. So I decided to get one of Playful Promises eye masks which looked like everything I like.
If you buy Playful Promises products now, you can have an overview of what the actual product looks like, which can be slightly different from the advertising pictures, but last year, I could only see the model wearing “it”. If you pay attention, you might see that she is wearing a bigger, square mask so I was a little bit disappointed when I received mine. I actually loved that her mask covered a big part of her face and more.
Apart from that, the mask itself is really well made, I really love the touch of satin against my eyes! (what a weird sentence…) The attention to detail is beautiful! I love that they didn’t forget the elastic that goes around the head. Too often I see that this element is left behind but here it is covered with a cute ruffled satin. Just like my Sabriel teddy, this piece remained beautiful through the time. I would love to get another one… They are all so lovely!

I am really into Playful Promises nightwear: I own now several pieces and it seems that every season they bring something new and refreshing! I would love to see their François gown and chemise from closer. 🙂

Sending lots of lingerie love and good vibes to you guys!

Wen <3

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