Spring is finally here. Meaning, 70% of rain, 30% of sun, and around 12ºC more or less constantly. But I am happy. A lot of opportunities are coming up and I feel blessed even if life seemed determined to make me learn everything by the tough way. I am where I am supposed to be.

**This set was gifted to me by Samanta lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mines.**DSC08498_edited45_edited.jpg

Today I want to introduce to you a set that is not only unusual for my wardrobe but from a brand I had never tried before. The Daisy set by Samantha lingerie is what I needed to wear during these cloudy days. I think my pictures hardly give it justice.

For those who don’t know it yet, Samanta is a Polish brand which focuses on very feminine designs to create a wide selection of every day lingerie and nightwear. This brand has now 24 years of experience and claims its lingerie to be created by women for women.

When Samanta’s designer offered to send me this set, I was a little bit worried that it would be too girly for my taste since I am not into white feminine lingerie, but once I finally held it in my hands… GUYS ! I loved it.

I received the set in a 65H for the bra and the coordinate in Medium and these sizes are just fine for me .


The Samanta Daisy actually exists in 6 shapes of bras and 3 shapes of coordinates. One thing I really like with Polish brands is their ability to created the same design in multiple cuts so that the costumer always has a chance to find the right one for their size and body shape. So I received the A922 cut for the bra and the boxers.

I know I must sound very excited, but guys, I am! The pattern is very nice and I don’t know what exactly is the difference between it and my other balconnet bras but I love its shape. Also, I don’t think I have ever had a set that white. It is like immaculate and so bright! After these 5 months of winter (and dark lingerie),  it feels so refreshing!


Also, can we talk about the details? Daisies used to be my favorite flowers as a kid. They are so simple and yet so nice and welcoming. I like that Samantha went for a monochromatic look with these flowers. It makes this set classy and simple. I could have it in nude, black and white and they would be my go-to everyday set.

The gore is narrow and feels also very nice against my sternum. I mean, even when I lay down, I still don’t feel any pressure. The wires are also very narrow and just like the gore they sit comfortably. So far I haven’t got to complain about them. This bra is a real everyday bra, I have been wearing it for like 12h hours straight and didn’t feel the oppressive need to remove it at any point.


The back features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes but I don’t think I would prefer it with additional hooks. The straps are fully-adjustable, short (as you can see, I didn’t even need to tighten the left one, note that it is also my bigger breast’s side) and cushiony, which makes them very comfortable, and certainly prevent them from slipping. You can’t see it on my pictures but the embroidered daisies continue on the straps.
The workmanship is so great on this bra… The finishes are neat and the fabrics are soft yet sturdy. I particularly like that the side support is almost invisible. You must have noticed that some brands add some side support to the bras after a certain size (usually a G cup). Most of the time they also “slightly” change the pattern.


Well, the result is more likely to be unattractive to my eyes, but not this time. Although you can see the side support on some picture it is due to the light since the brand used a very transparent and light mesh instead of a sturdy white fabric. The bra itself gives a nice natural, yet rounded shape to my breasts.
As you can see, my smaller breasts would probably need a smaller size but considering how great my bigger breast fits in the cup and how symmetrical the overall look is, I think this bra is a great fit.

The coordinates are also very nice to wear. I adore the sheer back of these boxers! It has a satin touch and I really appreciate the seamless edges! The size Medium is a great fit for my bum. This bottom feels very secure, it doesn’t go up or down and my butt does not eat it either ^^ . I think Polish brands know very well how to make comfy bottoms, I always find them bum-friendly. I haven’t talk about the cute flat bows on the gore and on the boxer but I really like this detail, despite its size, I think it completes the set without being too present.


This set is a very nice surprise and I hope I’ll get to try this brand again in the future! If you are not a fan of white lingerie this set also exists in beige and green colorways. The green one looks actually very nice! I think the ratio quality/price is pretty good with this brand. This lingerie set is young, delicate and makes me feel pretty without compromising the fit. Yeah, you get it: I am conquered.

Hope it is sunny in your part of the world!

Yours truly,

Wen. <3

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