As you must know, Avocado is one of my favorite brands so far. Their designs get better and better through the years and I must say, the fit too. I have been lucky enough to review about a dozen of their sets and the quality never disappoints me. The material is made to last but yet looks so delicate and precious. The embroidery can really be breathtaking (cf. my Valentina review ) and the construction is often very interesting (cf. Chamade review). The attention to detail is beautiful and I think the price point is fair.
Something I also like is that you can always recognize the romantic classic style of the designer and yet, none of those pieces seems to be outdated. In fact, Avocado seems to grow and evolve with the trends without loosing its particular touch.

DSC088635050** I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review, all opinions and thoughts are my own.**

Avocado’s new collection Intimacy nº2 didn’t fail to blow me away.  Indeed, it completely owns the concept of layering and strappy and as usual you can find those amazing gore detailing which stay away from the traditional bows… The way the designer played with shadows and light, sheer and opaque is incredible. So when she offered me to try a set from her new collection I had a very hard time to choose.

The Ce soir set really caught my attention as it looks like a very evil queen attire. Hehe. 🙂
I also love that they used the same lace as they did for the Isadora to create a very different look. It is simple yet complex, monochromatic, sophisticated. It is body jewelry to me. This set would make any woman look strong and powerful.

Avocado Ce Soir HCT
About the construction, Ce Soir is a three-part balconnet, layered at the top with what I would call a collar of straps that can be attached around the neck.
I received this bra in a 60J (I own the Isadora NF in a 60K, so Ce Soir definitely runs bigger) and it fits me beautifully. It seems that this shape is the best for me. I mean, I own several Avocado bras but this one fits like it was made to my measurements.

Avocado Ce Soir HCT
The sheer part of the cup is stretchy which makes it perfect for asymmetric breasts like mine. Depending on the way I stand you might see some wrinkles but I swear the fit is spot on. <3 I am impressed also by the way it feels. Seriously, I could wear this bra everyday. The wires are very narrow, definitely narrower than any of my other Avocado bras. I also love the narrow gore and its height is great for my breasts. It doesn’t hurt and tacks properly against my sternum.

I love the construction of the cups too! As you can see, although it is a three-part balconette, it is not exactly the traditional pattern. If you remember my HCT Caprice review, it seems to be the version 7.0 of this pattern. So I’d say it is an hybrid between an halfcup and a balconette  pattern in the best way possible. The cup are closed at the top compared to the Caprice HCT, I also must say it feels more comfortable around the armpits. The wide and fully-adjustable straps are stable on my shoulders. There are narrow set which I really like. An other detail, that shouldn’t be ignored is the string around the neck, which is ended by little metallic caps that prevent it from getting damage, and give a more finished and fancy look.

Avocado Ce Soir HCT
I received the hipster briefs in a Small and it fits me well! I am going to sound redundant but I love Avocado’s briefs: they are always easy and pleasant to wear. They use a very soft fabric for the back which is also stretchy and usually cut to provide coverage without giving visible panty lines under jeans. I personally like hipster briefs because they are flattering and comfy at the same time. Plus they have the perfect rise to be worn with every type of clothes.

Avocado Ce Soir HCT
These briefs have a fun cut out at the back that reminds quite well of the strappy design of the bra although they are more discreet. Here the string isn’t adjustable but I like the coordination with the bra. I have seen on the website that Avocado also did a high waisted brief and a classic brief as coordinates for this bra. I would like to see how different they are from the hipster, especially the high waisted one! If one of you guys buy it, let me know how it looks! 😀


I must say this set is a win. I think it definitely worth its price and makes me want more of Avocado lingerie. I love the spirit of the brand. If you are in between a C and HH UK cup, I highly recommend to give it a try!

Also, if you enjoy Ce Soir as much as I do, stay tuned! I might have some exciting news about this set for my readers in the next few days! <3

Sending love and sunny kisses,


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11 Replies to “Evil Queen attire: Avocado Ce Soir HCT set (60J & Small)”

  1. This set is really eye-catching, isn’t it? I love how unique it is while still being on-trend. I am a big fan of this brand, but have yet to try any Avocado sets for myself. Hopefully soon. It looks like a perfect fit on you and you can tell by the photos that you feel great in it. <3

  2. YESSS thank you – I’ve been hoping to come across a review of this bra!
    It really looks awesome on you, very pretty and such a unique design!

    May not be the most practical bra under clothes but I do really want one for myself ^_^

    If you don’t mind, what are your (and / or the bra’s) measurements?
    Mostly band length (stretched & unstretched) and cup depth?
    There’s hardly any info on Bratabase..

    I’m 30GG/30H in UK sizing, 70GG or H in Ewa M. and ~70K in Comexim.. I’m thinking I would need a 65J or 70H in this?

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