Lejaby, with its full-bust range “Elixir”, was the first French brand that made me feel “included” when I thought I should actually give up on lace delicacy for my G/GG cup. While some other brands reserved beautiful lace and embroideries to their core size range, Lejaby Elixir was offering dainty lingerie up to a G cup in different cup shapes. I know a G cup is not much for nowaday full-bust lingerie industry but it is still rare to find luxury brands that use the same material for their core sizes range and full-bust size range.

[This set was gifted to me by UK Lingerie for the purpose of a review. This doesn’t affect my opinions.]DSC08991

Let me explain… Although French Lingerie is known for luxury detailing and high price point, something it always missed in my opinion is inclusivity. I have found myself out of most French lingerie brands size range after the age of 16 while I was a UK 32FF/G. Indeed, every time I went to a lingerie store the bra fitters used to tell me I was a 85F(32F), F being basically the bigger cup size they had in stock and it was usually too small for me in the cup and too big in the band. I felt like my needs as a full-busted teen were ignored by the lingerie industry for such a long time… So I just stopped buying lingerie in stores and discovered British lingerie, which saved my boobs.

However, I have to admit that I was still a little bit sad that I couldn’t wear the fine tulle and lace or gorgeous drape detailing that were only available in core sizes. This lack never disappeared since I couldn’t afford British luxury full-bust lingerie which is usually less affordable than brands like Chantelle or Lejaby, essentially because you can hardly get it on sale. And then, one day I discovered Lejaby Elixir, which was basically what I always wanted to wear: fine French lingerie that could fit me and still make me feel young at a time when lingerie made me feel like I was more than my age and beautiful when I was self-conscious about my body. I think Lejaby makes lingerie for a wide age range of women. Colored, black or white, simple or featuring ruffles and huge tulle bows… This brand is one of my favorite.


I know I am being talkative, but before starting this review, I should probably give you a quick introduction about French brands sizing.
I have heard plenty of things about an International size system but I truly think YOU CAN’T RELY on it. You can’t translate a UK 30GG into a FR 30J. This will simply not help you. EU sizing chart can be helpful for Polish brands but it has nothing to do with French brands. Actually French brands tend to run bigger than UK brands, both in the band and in the cup. While I can sometimes get away with a F cup in France, this is quite impossible when I buy UK bras (I usually need GG cups). Nevertheless, brands don’t usually translate bra sizes on tags, except for band sizes. So on a French bra sold in England you might read FR 85F/UK 32F/Int 70F and then think that this bra runs really big. My best advice would be to try in store at least once, since French brands tend to be very consistent in the sizing. And now let’s go back on track! 🙂


Guys, I would recognize Lejaby’s lingerie from thousands, but the Rosae set really caught my attention in a different way and you might guess why! This definitely has to do with the big embroidered guipure rose that pops out like a big brooch. I find it gorgeous. It looks old fashion in a very nice way and really gives life to that set. Because of this element Rosae reminds me of ballroom dancing clothing. I instantly think of tango. Warm colors, beautiful arabesques embroideries that recall sensuality, impetuosity.  This set also exists in black but I had a crush on the red colorway. It feels fierce and regal. The quality of fabrics is noticeable, it feels precious. I like the touch of this high quality microfiber on the band of the bra and the panty.


I own several sets from this brand but this one is the first full cup I tried.
Lejaby classifies its full bust bras in different categories. First, some style goes only up to a F cup (usually the “balconnet 3T” which is more like a plunge but also some halfcup bras called “corbeille” in French) and some goes up to a G cup ( “cerclé 3t” or “cerclé” which look either like full cup, or balconnet bras as we know them in the UK system). Note that 3T means that the bra is made in three part.
I think the full cup are a better fit for even to full on top breasts while the balconnets have less room at the top.
This time I am glad I went for a F cup since I am very full on bottom, I think this bra could even fit bigger breasts than mine depending on their shape. However a smaller size would be too small at the sides for me. I would love to try a 30G to see if it fixes the top part wrinkles on my smaller breast. You must know that French sizes don’t have double letters so a French F cup runs bigger than a UK F cup, plus Lejaby Elixir range runs quite big.

What I really appreciate with French lingerie is how light weighted it is. Even for bigger busts. But note that it usually doesn’t give much uplift, it is more like a natural rounded shape under clothes. The wires are not super narrow neither wide, actually they are shorter than the ones I encountered with British and Polish bras. Because of that, I can sometimes have my breasts being too full on the sides to be fully encapsulated while the cup volume is big enough for me. With this bra, I would say that this is not really an issue but depending on the position I can see that my bigger breast shows a little bit at the side. That said, these wires are super soft and comfy and the gore tacks perfectly.
The band features 4 sets of 2 hooks and eyes, something I noticed with several Elixir bras. I would say that this band is true to size as a FR 32 band but will feel looser than usual UK 32 bands. I am glad there are plenty of hooks and eyes so I can start at the second set and still have 2 other positions for the future.

The straps are not fully adjustable but are short and wide enough for my taste. I love the satin elastic used for this part, it is kind of shiny and doesn’t only look utilitarian, plus the embroidery of the cup continues on the front part of the straps.

The coordinate in size Small is perfect for me. I usually wear a UK size 10. On the tag it is said to be a size 2 which is the size I usually pick with French brands if that can help. The microfibre as I said before is super soft. The finishes are beautiful and I think it offers a nice and flattering coverage. I like the medium rise that allows this set to be worn very easily under clothes. You can also find an high waisted and a brazilian version which are gorgeous as well.

I am so glad I got to try this set. I am usually not into red lingerie or clothing since it makes me feel like everybody has his eyes on me but I really love this shade of red. It really feels audacious but elegant at the same time. I would say it has this femme fatal vibe that is actually far away from my character but definitely makes me want to discover other lingerie horizons. 😀 (Also I watched too many Miss Fisher episodes and she might be rubbing off on me)

What do you think of red lingerie? Do you associate it to special occasion or does it make you feel brave?

This is a long post so I hope it is clear enough, ^_^ anyway feel free to ask question! French version here.

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6 Replies to “Lejaby Elixir Rosae set (32F/85F & Small)”

  1. Red is my VERY MOST FAVOURITEST lingerie colour, and outerwear colour 😀 I love this shade too, bold but elegant. It tends to look more luxe than a bright, orange-y red.

  2. Oh my gosh, your stunning photos leave me weak in the knees.

    I am also so excited that you seem to review gorgeous bras very close to my size in brands I haven’t seen! We have very different shapes (I am a very wide set and shallow UK32GG who wears a US16 in my hips) but I think thanks to your reviews I may branch out some more in the bras I am trying. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Oooh thank you so much for the kind words! It always feels great to hear/read that I am helpful! Don’t hesitate if you have any questions!

      😘 Wen

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