Interestingly, not quite long ago, it seems that the fashion industry put women in two big categories. First, the “normal ones”, meaning, the 20 to 45 years old women which are healthy, proportionate with no additional conditions and want to be pretty. Second, the others. Plus size women, full-busted women, pregnant women, older women, women with breasts cancer or any medical condition which requires special garments. For a long time all the women in this big category had only the choice between boring lingerie or boring lingerie. Because obviously they had better thing to mind than being pretty.
Now I can’t complain, I was born at the right time and since I started to be interested in this industry I only saw improvements, years after years.

DSC00730Cache-Coeur lingerie: (from left to right) Khali in Honey, Iris in Noir, Iris in Nude, Khali in Night blue

At Curve this year, I had the pleasure to discover some cute or rather sexy options for every type of women. So today I want to focus on brands that offer maternity bras!
The first one I have come across was Cache-Coeur lingerie.
Cache-Coeur lingerie is a French brand specialized in lingerie and loungewear for pregnant women. The first thing I noticed was that they featured underwired bras. I used to hear that wires were not good for pregnant women breasts tissue but lately I started hearing that you just need to be wearing the right size and then, it should be safe.

DSC00736The Magic bra in the Petal colorway, going from a French C to F cup, with bands from 32 to 40 (85 to 105). Also available in Black and Nuage (Cloud), which is a lovely light blue.

I love to see beautiful detailing in nursing lingerie, like these cute ruched straps and this draped microfiber at the side of the cups. Did you also notice the tiny pearls at the gore?This bra actually looks like a “normal” bra and I am sure non pregnant women could be happy to wear it based on its aesthetique. As you can see, it still features magnetic nursing clips so that it can be pretty and practical at the same time.

Here is the Cache-coeur Iris wireless bra in white. This bra goes from a French C to F cup, with bands from 32 to 40 (85 to 105). It is available in three colorways “nude” , black and white. Can you believe it is the same as the black one of the first picture? Lace can look so different from one colorway to another!

Lisa is a three-part balconnet bra made from soft microfibre and lace. Like most of Cache-coeur bras, it features band from 32 to 40 and cups from French C to F (no double letters), this bra is also available in four colorways : Pearl, Khaki, Black, and Fig.
I like this adorable big bow and the detail on the cup seam adds some classiness to the design.

Opéra plunge half padded bra looks more like a bedroom garment than an everyday one which is nice to see in a nursing bras collection! I like to see some ruffles and adventurous plunge shape where nobody expect them.

The Aquarelle is a balconnet bra featuring a soft floral microfibre and cute white lace at the top of the cup. It comes from a C to H cup with bands from 32 to 40.

DSC00747On the left Illusion bralette in Cassis, on the right Illusion Dentelle bralette “vintage” colorway (S-M-L-XL)

The Lollypop wireless bra is mean to give a “retro-chic” look, while providing support and comfort. I like that this wireless bra goes up to a H cup. It’s interesting to see the difference between the black one and the beige one. It is exactly the same design through the whole size range, so I would love to see how this bra look on different bodies.

DSC00752Lollypop wireless bra in Black (32-40 band, C to H cup), also available in Grenadine.

These bras look all sweet and comfy, and even if you can’t see the coordinates very well, I found them to be lovely. Cache-coeur swimwear is also pretty. I love the english embroidery-inspired design on the red one.

These swimsuits go from S to XL. Some of them have an inner bra to provide more support, but none of these are bra sized.

Also look at their imagery! It makes nursing lingerie look very glamorous and fashion.


I also came across the brand Bella Materna which makes nursing bras from B to J cup with bands from 30 to 40 and coordinates from S to XXL. Note that this brand uses European sizing.

fashion nursing bras
Here is the Peacock wire free bra, which is supposed to fit women from 32B to 38E. However this bralette isn’t bra sized. The sizing system goes from S to XL.
S= 32D to F/34C to E/36B to C
M=34E to F/ 36D to E/38B to C
L=36C to F/ 38B to D

Here is the Vine lace t-shirt bra from the Nacita collection, in Navy. This bra actually goes up to a J cup. It is available as a nursing bra and as a “normal” bra.

The Vine lace t-shirt bra in khaki. I love the cameo detail at the gore, and the combination color is super sweet and warm. I find it pretty delicate for a t-shirt bra.

fashion nursing brasThe Pretty sexy bra which is also available in B to J cup.

Bella Materna designs are definitely looking like everyday lingerie for non-pregnant women, and I especially like this Peacock bralette because it looks quite different from the usual offer for nursing lingerie. This brand also does custom sizing! It’s very refreshing to see the lingerie industry evolving to reach women expectations!

fashion nursing bras

I think you guys have heard of Cake lingerie before, but I didn’t know much about them until this summer. Their size range goes from A to HH cup with bands from 30 to 42. However this isn’t the case for all of their bras.


The Truffles plunge nursing bras goes up to a F cup with bands from 32 to 38. Its cups feature a 3/4 foam to provide a nice shape and comfort. Again a very deep plunge, and feminine design. I love that the designer didn’t neglect the back of the coordinate!

fashion nursing bras

The Chinotto tankini and brief set is made for fuller bust from D to I cup. This is a very sporty style and it looks very supportive! The bikini are very low rise to accommodate a growing belly.

fashion nursing bras(Seriously, the cutest smile☺️)

This might sound stupid but I didn’t know sports nursing bras existed. I mean, I know pregnant women do sports but I wouldn’t imagine that they would need nursing clips. Well, the Lemon zest sports bra has been made to be super comfortable and supportive. Actually it must be the more secure sports bra I have ever seen. The design is quite sporty and fits women up to a 42H cup (UK). It has flexible wires that should be gentle to the breasts and also moulded cups.

fashion nursing bras
I have already talked about the Sugar Candy bralette in my last Curve NY preview! So here is a reminder that this bra comes as a nursing option as well!

fashion nursing bras
Also Mayana Genevière lingerie, that I featured in my fashion bralette preview already, has the particularity that its lingerie is made to accommodate a changing body. Meaning that even if the garments don’t feature nursing clips, they are made with breastfeeding in mind.

Here is the Camille “Before and Beyond” chemise, which is made to make you feel beautiful and comfortable through your body’s transitions. It features a built-in bra and can be use for breast-feeding as well.

I am happy to see improvements on this aspect of the lingerie industry, although I wish some styles came in a wider size range!

What do you think of these collections? Do you find it easier nowadays to find garments that please your eyes during pregnancy? Did you know about all these brands already?

Let me know your thought in the comments section! 😘

Take care, the flu season has started already! (I’m actually sick lol)

Wen <3


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