For those who don’t know the story, my blog name comes from the realization that female superheroes never seem to wear lingerie while most of them are quite busty. They however own lingerie (see Catwoman-The Game), the reason why they never wear it underneath their costumes is a mystery. Anyway, just as female superheroes costumes, I find lingerie empowering. It is like a strong secret identity. You can be whoever you want under that boring summer job uniform…

[All Undone generously provided these bra and brief for the purpose of a review. I bought the suspender by myself. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.]
I discovered All Undone, four years ago, when they were just starting in the lingerie industry, and the first thing that caught my young eyes was their suspender belts. They were one of the first brands that made me feel like a suspender could actually be an important part of a lingerie set. Something that would give it a whole other dimension. My favorite All Undone set at the time was the Didi and I thought that I could never buy it as a 2 pieces set.

All Undone MiMi
So when a few weeks ago, All Undone designer got in touch with me to know if I’d like to review their MiMi set, I just couldn’t refuse.
According to a couple of reviews, All Undone padded balconnets run small in the cup so I decided to go with a 32GG instead of my usual 30GG and a Small for the brief. The set arrived wrapped in silk paper, inside a nice gift box. As I said before, I always felt like these sets were made to be worn with a suspender belt, and fortunately I managed to find one on Full Disclosure for a really good price, in a size Medium. The suspender, although bought in their outlet, arrived in a beautiful box over a pillow of pink silk paper. I was really surprised, since luxury items bought on sale often arrive in a cheaper packaging, but this definitely made me want to buy more from this website.

When I first saw the MiMi bra online, I thought the cup was covered with a faux leather print (if such a thing exists). This black animal pattern gives it a super badass look and the little silk wings at the side of the cups also play a role in that Catwoman effect. Later, I realized that the pattern was in fact created by a glossy mesh overlaid on the black foam of the cups. This is a great idea and I think I actually prefer this material than faux leather, for longevity reasons.
I also love the tattoo effect of the glossy animal print on my skin. This really makes this set special, it’s very sensual and somehow makes me feel powerful. Note that the gore is free of any embellishment apart from a lovely geometric piece of silk. This design as just the right amount of everything I like and is a beautiful interpretation of the things I don’t like (I usually don’t like animal prints). Every time I put it on I wish I could show it off and go fight the crime.

All Undone MiMi
All Undone MiMi features a 50% silk satin, which feels soft to the touch but also stronger than pur silk. I am no silk expert but pure silk feels very delicate and requires to be even more caring while washing it, while silk and polyester mix seems easier to care for while still feeling more luxurious than 100% synthetic satin.

The bra itself is very comfortable and convenient. It features gold straps sliders that are adjustable from the front, which I appreciate. The cup foam in very thin and flexible. When I first opened the gift box I thought it would be too big for me but the wires are very wide, which makes the cup shallower than they seem to be. My breasts fluctuate a lot lately, and I actually feel like it is slightly big for me when they are at their smaller volume but considering the way they sit into it, a 30GG would probably be too small. I suspect that I would experience nip slip due to my projected breasts and high-set nipples. Anyway, I always prefer security over cleavage.
This bra does have some push-up effect, even on me, due to its shallow cups, so if you are full on top with firm breast tissue you might be able to go with your usual size and get that crazy cleavage.

All Undone MiMi
The band features three sets of 2 hooks and eyes and feels more comfortable for me at the tightest set of hooks. The gore tacks against my sternum and the bra is very wearable on a daily basis. As often with padded bras, my smaller breast doesn’t fill the top of the cup properly. My solution for that is to put a push up pad inside the cup that is gapping. For this review I choose to only put the pad for the first and last picture (if I remember well), so you could see the difference it makes.

To be honest, while this bra looks amazing, I think it’s construction isn’t the most compatible with my breast shape, at least in this size. The main issue is that the cup foam is too flexible and tends to “collapse” near to the gore. It is hard to explain but you might understand with the picture below (although the effect is accentuated by the shadow and my position). Maybe a sturdier foam or firmer breasts would prevent this issue. It is not a huge deal since it is not noticeable under clothes and doesn’t affect how I feel wearing it, but aesthetically, it is not the desired effect. Take it in consideration if your breasts are similar to mine. I don’t think this flexibility is the best for fuller busts.

The brief in Small feels true to size, although the elastic around the hips doesn’t stretch much. I have rather narrow hips but if yours are wider, you might like to go up a size. That said, it offers a good amount of coverage in the bum area. I found this brief comfortable and beautifully made. Just like the bra, it features neat stitching and no loose threads. Something I noticed, however, is that it felt looser around my bum after wearing and washing it a few times (you can actually see it on the picture of my back). It is weird since it hasn’t been twisted during the wash or anything. I also let it dry on a towel like I do with my other silk garments.

All Undone MiMi
I wish I took at least one picture without the suspender so that you could see how beautiful this brief is. I love the absence of additional embellishments since this mesh stands out by itself. The suspender belt really completes this set and I am so glad I got it.
However, I found it to have some defects and I think that is why it was sold at this super low price. I heard that companies can’t legally sell returned item at full price (still need to verify this info, though). Note that when you buy luxury items for a cheap price, it is often because something is wrong with them,  they are going to be discontinued or another customer simply didn’t want them. I notice several loose threads, unlike the brief and bra, and the little silicone part of the suspenders often get off the gold hardware, which is a shame because when they don’t, this suspender does its job very well. I often reach out to it when I decide to wear hold ups instead of stocking since a lot of my suspenders can’t get attached to hold ups because of their thickness. I wish I could get a size Small but the Medium does the job when I wear it at the tightest set of hooks and eyes.

Although this set isn’t a perfect fit for me, I wear it quite often and I am happy to have it in my collection. It is a refreshing design that actually stands out from the standards of the full-bust lingerie industry. It looks strong and delicate, simple but sophisticated. I love it.

Congratulations to All Undone for their 4th anniversary! For the occasion, you can get 20% off their website with the code Comics20 until the end of the month! 🙂


UPDATE: Remember this problem of collapsing cups? Well, today (04th of June 2018) I had the idea to exchange the wires for some Tutti Rouge Nichole bra wires and now the bra fits so nicely! When I removed them, the wires were extremely wides and light, which could explain why they were comfortable but also why they couldn’t maintain the shape properly at least for my breasts shape and size. The Nichole wires were very narrow (note that they aren’t the narrowest on the market) in comparison and changed the shape for the best.


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