One of the things that made me sad when I moved from France to Canada, was my now limited and heavily taxed choice of lingerie. It definitely changed my shopping habits considering the cost of my studies increased considerably too.

For a longtime I didn’t even know about Canadian based lingerie brands (well, I knew about La Senza and La vie en rose but none of them carry my size so, you know…). It is only during my first Curve NY last year that I heared about Canadian designers and I shamefully admit that I could have done my researches instead of simply looking for the same things I was used to in Europe. But I am French. We tend to complain a lot.

[Disclaimer: I received this slip free of charge for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

That said, once I started to see them I realized that Canadian lingerie mostly means small businesses. I love small businesses because they usually tend to advocate sustainable production processes while most bigger brands never talk about how they care about their workers. Importantly, I think most of them work really hard on the quality of their service and products.

Anyway I was really surprised when Nk iMode‘s team got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to review one of their silk slips. I had never heard of them before but when asking around I realized that people loved this company and thought they should be talked about more often. Well… I couldn’t say no.

I was offered to review the Georgina Sizzling long slip with which I immediately fell in love. Indeed, Georgina is a gorgeous silk and lace slip and looks like you need your very own manoir (or Manhattan apartment) to go with it. I didn’t know what size would fit me better but since the model measurements wear smaller than mine I followed the size chart and opted for a Medium which the brand renamed as the size “Amazing”. I personally think I could have done well with a small but the looking at my pictures the Medium fits beautifully too once every strap and string is adjusted. It must be noted that the crossed satin straps are fully adjustable but the two strings that you see tied up on the picture below are not the continuity of these straps. They are two independent ties.

I have never had any long slip before because I thought they would not look good on my figure (ie. super narrow hips) and I also avoided slips with no bust support for years because I thought my breasts would look awkward in them.  Now I realize that I was just missing out for a long time. This gown makes me feel like a million bucks and although I didn’t get to see myself entirely until I took the pictures (I should definitely buy a bigger mirror) I loved how fluid it felt on my body.

Nk iMode Georgina
Talking about fluidity… I learned the word “georgette” looking at Nk iMode website. This must be an very well-known word for some of you but for me this word is simply an old French lady name. I really didn’t know its meaning before I got this slip (shame on me). I think in French we would say “crêpe”. Anyway now I can brag and say that a georgette is a sheer, lightweight, dull-finished crêpe fabric (thanks to Key Colour). 

Nk iMode Georgina
So Georgina’s georgette is made of 93% silk and 7% elastane. I am so used to see crêpe fabrics made of polyester that I associate it with a cheap feel and a sweat smell but this fabric is beautiful. It is soft and slightly textured, but its beauty comes also from its matte but somehow shiny finish. This is very discret but it looks like there are micro-glitters into its black matte yarn. I hadn’t noticed this detail the first time I opened the package but now that I saw it, I can’t forget about it. I think it makes this slip even more glamorous.

Nk iMode Georgina
Honestly, what really made me fall in love was this opulent eyelashes lace. Seriously, SO MUCH LACE! And what a lace! I am obsessed with its scalloped edges. They reminds me of a cathedral architecture and although I am not into religion, I love cathedrals. The floral pattern is so gorgeous too! I find it to look incredible over the skin. I love that the brand didn’t use a repetitive pattern that would be the same all over the skirt.
Vestiaire Collective
As you can see from my very first picture, the top is different from the edges and the evolution leads to a very sophisticated look. Also, the lace appliqué is sewn neatly and looks very good either from the outside or the inside. The lace skirt is rather thick compared to the lace on the bust part of the slip, it is also made of Nylon. I have a rather sensitive skin, so I tend to prefer softer lace but it is not itchy or anything.

Nk iMode Georgina
According to their website, Nk iMode garments are made in the brand family’s factory in Suzhou, the historical silk capital of the world. I can imagine that the workers are experienced considering how neat this slip looks. The brand also claims proudly to be ethical in their business practices and I think their prices are very reasonable considering the quality of this garment at least. Plus they are priced in Canadian dollars so European and American customers could definitely make good deals.

Nk iMode Georgina
You know, with this slip, I also learnt the word “sizzling” which I guess means “super hot”. I don’t see myself like that but my bf was rather astonished when I showed it to him. So I guess it is hot, lol. This slip feels like an early Christmas present and I can see it on a wide range of women with these ageless beauty and loose fit. It is well-made and flattering, so if Holidays gifts guide were my thing, I would definitely include this babe!

Nk iMode Georgina
Hope you enjoyed this review as I really had fun writing it. My lamp died in the process so I really hope I get some snow morning light again to shoot for my upcoming lingerie reviews.

Sending positive vibes and good luck for the exams season!

Yours truly,

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