Happy holidays my dear readers! I hope y’all survived to the finals and are ready to enjoy the holidays! I am personally exhausted but happy to be done… I think it was time for me to speak about strapless lingerie after 2 years without even mentioning it on my the blog. I hope this post will be helpful as I know there are so many options right now and it can be hard to know what to pick. I’ll try to make it as short and detailed as possible but if you have any question, feel free to ask for more info.
The first bra I will introduce to you is the Charnos Superfit, which the brand generously provided to me a few weeks ago (you already know, all opinions are my own and stuff…). The other bras/slip have been purchased with my own money a long time ago.
Strapless bra
The Superlift is a padded strapless bra made with a thick foam. I heard that it is a best seller in the UK, which is probably because it is made in a wide range of size. Indeed this bra is available from a B to H cup but also runs really big in the cup. It also features a more feminine design than most strapless bras.
Charnos originally sent to me the Superfit bra in 30H but it was just huge on me and I exchanged it for a 30G. I honestly still find it to be a little bit big and a 30FF would probably fit too but it is wearable. Aesthetically this bra is different from the usual plain strapless bra and has some kind of vintage vibe. It is super comfy and at first sight provides a beautiful fit. However, I think I would ideally need a 28G in this bra.

Strapless bra
While the band features silicone to prevent it from slipping, I can feel it going down rather quickly after putting it. Maybe this wouldn’t happen to someone with a wider back but since it happens to me, I’d suggest to size down in the band with this bra. The cups are rather bulky and a little bit pointy. They separate the breasts a lot from each other as well. I think this bra could work very well but I don’t find it so easy to pair with my usual strapless dresses. I think it would work better with thicker dresses that will keep their shape no matter the bra you wear underneath.

Strapless bra

That can also be because of my body shape, though. On my figure, it kind of makes my breasts look disproportionate compared to the rest of my body when worn under clothes. That said, it is a rather secure bra with the cups being very closed at the top. It also has a wide band featuring 3 sets of three hooks and eyes.
The construction of the bra makes it pleasant to wear if I am not being active but I would definitely need to size down in the band to get it to stay into place through the day.
The high waisted brief in a size 10 fits me well but I think a size 8 could fit me too. I find it to run bigger than the Bridgette coordinates. It is comfortable and doesn’t create visible panty lines which I appreciate! I also love that it is a really high waisted brief while so many of them do not reach my belly button.

Strapless bra
Now one really sexy strapless bra, and that is rather rare in the full-bust world… The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless. I think I have the first lace design of this bra which was called Glamour (if I remember well) in comparison to the plain black or beige version. It is now available in a “Refined Glamour” version featuring a different lace in a beige and a black colorways which look very good too.

This bra was the very first strapless I have ever bought. I tried it in a 32G which was my usual size at the moment but it was too big both in the band and in the cup I almost returned it for refund but I decided to try a 30G and I am so glad I did. I could do with a tighter band but it is not bad. I wear it at the second or at the tightest set of hooks and eyes.

The particularity of this bra is that the support comes a lot from the cup themselves, as if they were two hands holding up your breasts. It is meant to be a push-up strapless bra. I don’t know how it works but each cup has indeed, a hand-shaped system that is supposed to uplift your bust and somehow, it does.

The band is wide and supportive, and like most strapless bra it features silicone along the band edges. That said, I don’t really like this band because it quickly slip along my back which makes me think about this bra all the time while I am wearing it. It is not dramatic, since it doesn’t really show when I wear a tight dress but I just don’t like to be thinking about my bra when wearing it. I love this bra for its shape, the cleavage it gives and also because it gives me more options in the strapless dresses I can wear than my other bras but comfort and security-wise, it is not my favorite.

The third bra is the Fantasy Smoothing strapless bra which is my all time favorite. I bought this bra 3.5 years ago and it is in a magnificent shape. It never failed me and although it is a little big in the cup for me at the moment, I can still wear it without hesitation.
This is not the most exciting design, but it is SO trust worthy! I bought it in a 30G when I was usually wearing a UK 30GG/H. It does run big in the cup but is tight in the band.
I still wear the band at the loosest set of hooks and eyes after all this time. That said, I don’t wear strapless clothes everyday.

Strapless bra

I can do everything in that bra and I would buy it again if this one had to be replaced. The gore tacks firmly but is not painful. The band features 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes and doesn’t slip along my body, probably thanks to the firmness of the band fabric and the silicone along its edges. Its shape is a little bit bulkier than usual padded bra but it doesn’t look bad under clothes. I find it rather easy to wear. This bra is a warrior. I LOVE it. I only wish it was more open at the top of the cup because while some clothes are meant to show a beautiful décolleté, this bra hide a lot of skin. A perfect strapless would definitely be an hybrid between the Wonderbra and the Fantasy smoothing bra. I keep praying for it to become a reality one day.

Last but not least, this beautiful Gossard Superboost strapless slip. While Gossard is known for their amazing VIP collections, I have always loved the unlined bras from the Superboost range. I was really sad when the brand discontinued this cut. I am not a big fan of padded bras so I don’t always find myself in the padded styles although the design itself can be beautiful, but their Glossies and unlined Superboost remain some of my favorite everyday bras. Anyway, I am so happy to see that the brand decided to upgrade this range! The unlined plunge bra that I loved so much is back and with it comes also a gorgeous bodysuit. This slip is from Winter 2015 I think, I can’t believe I took so long to introduce it to you.

Guys, I wanted this piece so bad from the day it was released! I actually bought it a year ago for half its price on Amazon UK but only started to wear it this Autumn. I originally got a 30G which is my usual Gossard size, but I had to exchange it for a 30FF because the cup were very deep and very lightly padded. If you consider buying the strapless bra version, keep in mind that you can size down in the cup. At this time I was a 30GG, so this bra runs one or two sizes bigger than my usual bras, but that depends on the fullness of your breasts. That said, the cup are more open at the top than the Fantasie Smoothing and the Charnos Superlift which makes it easier to wear under certain type of clothes. I am sure it would provide less coverage if I opted for a 30F or if my breasts were fuller on top.

The bra part features a real band which is hidden under the slip but has three sets of two hooks and eyes. The gore tacks and the cups provide a very good coverage. The cups are made of three parts are give a very slightly pointy shape but nothing that really shows under clothes. The straps are removable but I admit that I wouldn’t wear it as a strapless under most of my dresses because the cup are not strong enough to provide a secure support without them. I think, I could try to wear it strapless under a very tight dress but I wouldn’t recommend it to very full busted ladies.

The slip itself feels like shapewear (or at least what I know of shapewear) and really sculpts the body in a flattering way. I would wear it as outerwear if it didn’t have a tendency to go up very high on my thighs. I wonder how it does on other body but I think if I would try to dance or move too much in this dress it would end up higher than my bum very quickly. I only wear it as a slip but on rather active days, I found myself adjusting it a lot. I still love it and it makes me feel fabulous but keep that in mind if you’d love to buy it to wear it as a dress.

Another issue might be the zipper, which doesn’t seem to close completely but I think it is not a big deal for me since it never opened up unwittingly.
My favorite part of the dress is the sheer sides made of lace and mesh. This lace is just so GORGEOUS against the skin and the placement is perfect to accentuate the waist line. I love it.

I was supposed to feature another bra in this review but I will probably review it next month due to the overwhelming holidays season. I hope this review will be helpful! I am so sorry it took me so long, this semester was not easy for me and the past few weeks have been a nightmare. Well, I am happy now and I hope y’all are having an amazing time with your loved ones!

Sending love! <3
Yours truly,

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