What I like with fashion is the unexpected. I know in this fast fashion area, it is hard to be surprised anymore but still. I like to see it evolve and grow. Fashion is work and passion. But while I love fashion, I am not into trends. I probably have the same style since I am 18, I love my black and white wardrobe and I will probably never be any kind of hipster. That said, I love to try new shapes and to challenge the silhouettes that haven’t been created for my busty self. I like textures. I am a very visual and tactile person and it’s funny because I am not really good at speaking my emotions but I know what I like and dislike very quickly.

[Disclaimer: This set has been sent to me for review purpose. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Last year I have had the chance to meet and model for Montreal based designer Maude Nibelungen and I have been positively surprised by her art. It is unusual. Everything is original and some of her pieces are actually made from luxurious fabrics such as silk or kid mohair. My favorite pieces so far where the stockings and high waist brief I have worn when we were shooting her last collection. I don’t own those pieces but they really made me feel good about my body for the time of the shoot.

You might have felt it, today’s review is going to be a little different. I am happy to introduce in pictures this adorable Maude Mnibelungen set named Little Red Riding Hood and although these images aren’t perfect, I have to say that it was around 0 degree outside when I took them. Let’s say I didn’t really have a team to help me rearrange everything between shots. But I love how they turned out. My amazing boyfriend accepted to be my photograph although he was freezing too (and he had clothes on) and I am so grateful for that.
I thought it would be sad to not take advantage of this beautiful Montreal winter at least once and it felt perfect for this post.

Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone who looked at her, but most of all by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she would not have given to the child. Once she gave her a little riding hood of red velvet, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else; so she was always called ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ (extract from the Perrault tale)

I have a love hate relationship with this tale, to be honest. I hate to think that it has been written to describe an awful reality, a reality which haunted me my whole childhood, since I was well aware of the wolves. But it was also a very comforting tale since in our modern version it has a happy ending. Also my grand-ma offered me and my cousin some very sweet red hooded coats that looked very similar (velvet excluded) to the one pictured in this story. I loved it dearly. My grand-mother is great. I don’t think she’d have mistaken my voice with an evil man voice faking it (no judgement intended for the poor lady in the tale).

Maude Mnibelungen one-of-a-kind knit work mimics interestingly this adorable red riding hood, in a very light, unusual and feminine way. I am particularly in love with the hooded capelet which is one of the piece I might get the more use of. I have to admit that my afro would never fit into it ( obviously) but I did these breads for the occasion and I love how well this whole look works. It features a thin satin ribbon for the hood adjustment and a big Swarovski heart pendant.

Have you noticed this peplum inspired top? It might not be obvious with all the wind going on in my pictures but this little top features some tulle at the side to create a peplum silhouette. Maude called it a Peplum corset cover and I think this effect would be better achieved if I my breasts were smaller (you might see it better on her model).

Nonetheless, I like that it almost looks like the top of a dress when combined with the ruffled petticoat. Plus it features a lot of nice details such as Swarovski red and black beads along the top edges and on the straps. These straps don’t simply start at the top of each sides of the piece but actually start from its very bottom and are intermingled in the yarn. On the back, this top is open, and looks like two triangles facing each other. I am sorry that my pictures don’t show this detail better. I think this top would be nicer as an accessory rather than an actual top, which might be why its called “cover”.

I like the idea of this light petticoat, which doesn’t provide volume but only a lot of ruffles at the bottom of a skirt/dress. Sizing wise, this set has been made to fit XS to M, and I think my hips are in the Medium side while my waist is on the XS side. So I had some trouble to pass this petticoat through my hips at the beginning, but once I figured out how I could play with the ribbon at the back it got easier. I wish I had it better adjusted for the pictures but I had to put my winter coat on and off so often with the temperature that I finally couldn’t stay perfect for every shot. Would you say it was worth it?

Maude used a mercerized cotton yarn, which means that the fiber has been treated to be stronger, smoother, more luminous and easier to care for. Indeed, this red yarn is soft and flattering. But I would not recommend to wash this the same way you wash other pieces of lingerie or clothing. Although the yarn is strong, those are very delicate garments and in all honesty, I would suggest to immerge them in water as rarely as possible (or maybe never) and if you do, wash them with a wash that you don’t need to rince like Eucalan or Soak and just let them dry flat on a towel. I haven’t had an occasion to do it but that is how I would do it.

Maude store is closed for a few weeks as she is moving in the NYC/NJ area but she is planning to do many more one-of-a-kind projects when she comes back. In the mean time you can take a look at her patreon to see more of her work and inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures! 🙂 Please tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Yours truly,

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