When Kiss Me Deadly launched their first full-bust collection I was so excited I took the first opportunity I got to try their styles. Sadly, although I loved their designs, the first G cup bra I tried from the brand was super shallow and small. I didn’t know if the brand would improve this aspect so I didn’t really want to buy another of their full-bust bra when the new collection came out. However, after seeing the Dietrich bra on so many babes, I finally thought it was worth it to give it a try. Note that this bra is also available in a A to D cup version.

What I first loved about this bra was the amazing length of the longline part. Like, finally a real LONGline bra. This bra almost reaches my belly button. I could definitely wear it as outerwear and it is just everything a longline bra should be. I am so glad I got it!
Considering that KMD bras usually run small I went for a 32G although I am now on the smaller side of that size, but honestly this bra is true to size and there is no need to size up.

I am pretty in love with the appearance of this set but I have to admit that for me, each piece looks better separately, at least on my body. The high-waist brief is very high on my torso and there is some overlapping with the bra which creates wrinkles. Note that I am 5’7 and my torso is rather average.
The bra has a very clean aesthetic and I love the three satin covered buttons at the gore. The top of the cup is also covered with satin and the black lace is lovely and easy to match. I honestly just want to wear this bra as a top this summer. It looks amazing with high-waisted jeans.

The back features 3 sets of 8 hooks and eyes and since the bra is so long, the 32 band is tight enough for me. I wear it at the second set of hooks and it feels very comfortable yet supportive. I am so surprised with the fit! It is so different from what I have experienced with the Angelou bra. I wonder if I would have had more chances if I opted for the Pankhurst bra two years ago. The Dietrich bra seems to be made with the same pattern.

My breasts fill the cups completely but the gore tend to “detach” from my sternum if the band is not at the tightest which can make the cup more opened at the top. Since my breasts are not the fullest, this can make the bra look like it is slightly too big but I think it is also because of its projected shape, since this even happens to their model (see the picture below). Anyway, this doesn’t prevent me from loving the fit of this bra. The cups  feel like pillows for my breasts, it feels secure and elegant, and in winter it is perfect to get an extra layer under my pullovers.

The straps are removable and fully adjustable but honestly this bra doesn’t provide a good support/shape without them. They are wide situated but somehow don’t slip off my shoulders and are reasonably wide for this cup size. This bra is really a pleasure to wear.The side of the longline part is made of powermesh which makes it feel a little bit like shapewear but in a nice way. The band is made of a lighter mesh. To prevent the bra from rolling up too easily, the edges of the band feature a line of gel.

The brief fits rather big in the waist for me, I wish I could have got a XS. Maybe it would prevent also the wrinkling. I like that the side are made of satin and feature the same satin covered button than the gore of the bra. It feels super nice to the touch and this brief is overall very comfortable to wear. This set would look like an actual bodysuit if the brief was shorter. To be honest the wrinkling is less obvious in person, I think the light makes it uglier than it is in my pictures.

[ The wool stockings are from Levante. I am wearing a size Tall, but I find the XTall ones to be more comfortable.]

Considering the set is retailed at full price 84£ for the bra and 44£ for the brief which is far from cheap (at least for me), I am surprised that I have found several loose threads on both the bra and brief, but then again, discounted items are usually the ones which have this type of issues. I wonder if a full price item would seem to have a better quality control. Now, Kiss Me Deadly is a small brand and has to put this type of prices on their products because of the cost of design and productions for small compagnies. They don’t have a lot of stock for every collection which increase the cost of production for them. I can totally understand the price point but I admit that I am not sure if I would have paid this set full price (about 230 CAD). I really like it but I wish the brief fit and the set finitions were a little better. So I am glad I got it on sale. I wish I got the matching skirt though!

Overall, this set is still a win, and I am glad I finally own a longline that I can wear outside plus I am happy to see that Kiss Me Deadly improved the fit of their full-bust range! It is always tricky to buy full-bust lingerie from indie designer who aren’t specialized so I am positively surprised and I hope the next full-bust collection will be at least as well fitting as this one! <3

I know this collection is almost out of stock but I hope this will help some of you for future purchases!

Your truly,

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  1. I know you said the gore doesn’t tack. If you ever decide to sell this, please sell it to me!!! sourbirthdayprincess (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ve spoken on Insta before 🙂

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