Spring is finally showing up in Montreal and all I can think about is holidays… I want to be outside enjoying the sun and the green grass. Unfortunately, no holidays for research students. Lol. I can still fill my house with flowers, candles and good vibrations to celebrate the end of this extra long Winter.
The set of the day is also into Spring’s spirit and almost feels like I could wear it as outerwear once the temperature gets warmer. <3

[I received this set free of charge for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Vava lingerie Priscilla I recently discovered Vava lingerie through Instagram and my immediate crush was the Priscilla set mostly because of this super high-waisted thong and the soft color of the lace. Actually this brand aesthetic reminds me of early Summer mornings on a balcony, reading a nice book and listening to the silence of the city when most people are still sleeping. Everything about them reminds me of peace of mind and lazy Sundays. Their Instagram is also very nice to look at. Vava lingerie definitely focuses on women of all body types and I am happy to see a lot of different faces in their feed.

This brand is giving me very positive vibes and I am grateful to be able to feature it on my blog today! I received the Priscilla set in 32G and size 4 for the thong and both sizes are a great fit! I would recommend to follow their size chart, as it was accurate for me.

The Priscilla top is a longline bralette made of stretchy but sturdy powder pink lace. You must know that VAVA lingerie pieces are made from deadstock material as the company tries to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Vava lingerie Priscilla When I first tried the bralette on, I was surprised both by the sturdiness of the fabric and by the fact that it was actually not so hard to put on even without closure at the back. This bralette feels like it was custom-made and I had to ask the designer if she picked a size based on my measurements or if she made one just for me. She answered that the only customization was the wider straps I had asked for. This bralette is her standard 32G. The longline band actually feels more like a 30 and I am so happy with it! I have worn it during work days and really had nothing to complain about. No adjustment needed, no boobs trying to escape. Impressive. This bralette just feels so secure! It’s amazing! I want more longline bralettes made of this kind of fabric.Vava lingerie PriscillaI am actually so impressed by the shape and comfort provided by this piece. It doesn’t make my breasts look flat and doesn’t crush them. It doesn’t move so that I don’t feel like I am wearing a flimsy bralette during the day. The fact that it’s a longline really helps with that as the underbust seam kind of replaces the wires, making me feel supported without rolling under my breasts. I like how carefully sewn this set is. Have you noticed the ruffled detailing in the middle? I love how it flaunts the V shape of this bralette and looks like a discrete and lovely butterfly. This design is simple but shows a great attention to detail.

Vava lingerie Priscilla This lace is so cute and for some reasons reminds me of some old decorations at my grandmother’s house when I was little, but in a good way.
Now can we talk about this high-waisted thong? OMG! I am not the kind of person who buys bum shapewear but this thong is something! It makes my bum look so round and full! It’s incredible! It is cut in a way that makes your waist thinner and your bum bigger. Paired with the bralette, it definitely looks like you are wearing a bodysuit. Indeed it is so high-waisted that when I stand up, both pieces overlap, but the fit is so nice that I find it pretty cute.
Vava lingerie Priscilla
This thong is made in three parts and is rather comfortable. The two vertical seams at the front accentuate the shapewear vibe of this thong. Just like the bralette everything is sewn beautifully. I have come across a bikini version of this thong and it seems to be available on request for those who are anot fan of highwaisted briefs. However, I simply want high-waist and longline everything so this set is amazing for me. I loved it when I saw it on Instagram pictures but I didn’t know I was going to love is SO much before receiving it. It really is an amazing everyday set and I rarely say that about bralettes.

I would highly recommand VAVA lingerie to people who are looking for easy to wear but wireless lingerie. I know that the level of support will vary between pieces depending on the material but at least this one set is a victory for me!

Have you tried VAVA lingerie? What are you favorite bralettes on the market right now?

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  1. What an incredible looking bralette! I fit bras for a living, and I love having bralettes to suggest to my customers with a E cup and up!

    1. I am glad you like it! I agree, it’s incredible! Two years ago I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a bralette outside of the house, and now I realize that there are some great products out there!

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