Like a lot the 90’s babies, I used to watch what was called in France, the saturday trilogy which was a TV program including shows like Dark Angel, Charmed and Buffy, the vampire slayer (well, and many others but those are the ones I can remember watching with my family). So I felt really nostalgic when I discover Lace Grenade Instagram page and her references to these 90’s and early 2000 movies/shows/bands.
It is even funnier when you think that Lace Grenade is an Australian brand but still we have the same references. I guess the USA influence is really strong all over the world.

[I received this set free of charge for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Lace Grenade Buffy
I also really like Lace Grenade careless aesthetic. Her main model always seems to have a lot of fun being photographed in this lingerie and showing off body hair with a very high level of confidence. She is simply badass.
In addition to that, the designer is good enough to do custom sizes for a very wide range of body types with knickers going up to 7XL. I have also seen H cup bloggers wearing her lingerie in the past.

I have been intrigued by some of their “risky” designs for quite a long time, so you can imagine how happy I was when Annalisa, the designer, offered to send me a custom set of my choice. I had a big crush on her Buffy bralette and Faith knickers but was also attracted to the Peep Hole material. She ended up customizing the set for me and I couldn’t be happier about the result!

Lace Grenade Buffy Since this bralette is very open in the middle, I really thought it would not work for my projected breast shape at the beginning but I guess the four fully-adjustable straps made me want to believe I could still rock it. Guys, I am so glad I chose this particular style! It is honestly one of the few bralettes that I can were at work without worrying about my breasts shape or position.

Lace Grenade Buffy
When I first tried it on, I noticed that it was a bit small in the cups since my breasts are very wide and close-set, because of that they tended to escape through the middle space of the bralette when I bent forward. Nevertheless, one day, I thought I could maybe play a little bit more with the straps, and found out that when I shortened the crossing straps, the bralette felt much more secure and even more supportive. So I decided to go out with it and SURPRISE: I didn’t need to re-adjust it or anything. At some point I simply forgot about it.

The only thing that reminded me of it when I came back home was that my piercings decided to get inside the holes >_<. If you have nipples piercing, you should really be careful and patient with this fabric, if not, you’ll probably get hurt a little. Otherwise, it does a really great job at holding my breasts high and round and I always feel super powerful wearing it.

Lace Grenade Buffy

I love the wide underbust band that doesn’t roll or move during the day, as well as the 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes at the back. I am actually very happy that Annalisa got the band so right! I can wear it at the loosest setting and it feels tight enough and comfortable. The straps are also 14mm in width which is pretty ok for my size.

As you can see, the “cups” feature a vertical seam which is closer to the side than the middle and help giving some structure to the bralette. I really love how this seam doesn’t cut into my breasts tissue as I have had terrible experiences in the past with bralette featuring a unique vertical seam. Well this one is only there for the best.
The design of the Buffy bralette is perfect for me as it is secure enough without providing so much coverage and my shallow breasts can finally experience some cleavage! The fabric is sturdy enough for my taste and I think it’s going to stay in good condition for quite long. Can you see how the cups nicely cross each other? I find this piece so well-thought even for my 30GG breasts!

handmade lingerie
The Faith knickers are amazing too. I really like how the designer included garters that seem independent from the front and completely sassy from the back! I have only one high-waist brief with such a big hole at the back but sadly it was made in an unstretchy lace and was never so comfortable or wearable out of the house. so I was a bit scared that the same thing would happen with this one. well, I didn’t need to worry! The fabric is stretchy and the elastic is comfortable enough so that I don’t feel it when I wear clothes. The straps of garters cover my buttocks in a strategic way, which I appreciate for Instagram reasons, but also aesthetically. The back of this brief is really great to look at in my opinion. My only issue would be that the thighs elastic are a little tight for me, so if I don’t want a VPL I need to wear the brief lower and then it is less high-waisted that I’d like. Not a big deal though. It’s more for practicality.

indie brand
Overall this bralette is one of the best wireless designs I have tried so far and I feel so grateful that I got to try it! If something was to improve, it would probably be the neatness of the seams if I can say it that way. I found that the zigzag on the edges were not as clean and regular as what I have seen in the past, though I don’t think this is going to be an issue through the time, I think it would really had something to the final product if they were neater.

Really, I am so happy to see more and more indie designers creating fullbust bralettes successfully. I will have a handful of bralettes to show you guys in the future and I hope you’ll be as excited about them as I am. Lingerie sewing is really an art and a science. <3

Yours truly,

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5 Replies to “Lace Grenade Buffy bralette & Faith knickers”

  1. I’ve been seeing Lace Grenade all over Instagram recently and absolutely loving their designs, so it’s brilliant to see a full review of them! The bra is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a brilliant fit for you, especially as a bralette – I love the crossover straps too. And those open back briefs – wow!!
    On top of that, you look just stunning in these photos – your hair and make up are amazing.

    1. Aaaw thank you so much, Sian! I really enjoyed putting this review together! And indeed I am so impressed with the way the designer adapted this design to my breasts measurements! Her lingerie is definitely worth a try! 🖤

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