Of all the Roman goddesses, my favorite has always been Diana. I love that she is pictured as a strong wild character and that her noticeable femininity didn’t define her whole self. (Note that it’s also Wonder Woman first name!) In French her name is Diane. So when I discovered this set in Empreinte S/S18 collection, I knew we were meant to be.

I am not sure what was the inspiration for this set but when I look at it, I see a seductive armour. It’s modern and feminine but not frilly. As often with Empreinte, the embroidery is very graphic but many details soften this design in a very graceful way. I had a huge crush on the gorgeous ruffled straps and gold rings! The scalloped embroidery also enhances the luxurious look of this set.

[ Empreinte generously gifted this set for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]Over the years, I have got to try many different Empreinte bras ( Cassiopée and Pompadour among others) in both 30F/75F and 30G/75G. Doing so, I realized that the brand has about 3 types of fits for their unpadded bras. So depending of your breasts shape you might fit into 2 different sizes. The construction of the cup affect the repartition of the volume available for the breasts in some areas. Although the brand is very consistent in the sizing, it is good to take this in consideration.

In fact, a bra like the Cassiopée must be very flattering for breasts that are even or full on top in my opinion. I found it to also have plenty of space at the bottom of the cups so I believe this bra is quite easy to fit people into. The Pompadour, is a full cup bra which is close at the top. However, this bra doesn’t cut into the breasts tissue, it has enough space for a bit of top fullness. This pattern will accommodate your breasts shape better than the Cassiopée if they are shallow.Now some Empreinte balconnets features an un-stretchy seam at the top of the cups that close them quite drastically. If you have any kind of top fullness you will probably have to size up. This can be an issue if you buy only online. If you get to see Empreinte bras in person once, you should be able to spot these styles online.
Well, Diane is one of these bras. As I always receive Empreinte packages as surprises I didn’t get to think about the size I needed for that particular style. It’s only after wearing it for a few hours that I realized that I could have gone for a 30G this time.

While my smaller breast is fine, the bigger one tends to escape on the side due to the lack of space at the top of the cup. This doesn’t show much in the pictures, mostly thanks to the gorgeous scalloped embroidery. The edges of the mesh only give the illusion of a perfect continuity between my breasts tissue and the cups. You can see a little bit of it on my 6th picture.

Now this fit is definitely acceptable but I just know I would be more comfortable in a bigger size because I have to wear the left strap as loose as possible to get it to fit me well. My concern when I tried it the first time was that the 30G would be too big for my smaller breast. In fact, since Empreinte bras have a very specific fit, a 30G would probably be too projected, and since the cup are made of an un-stretchy material, I think the gap would have been visible. The big issue here is that I have about 1 cup difference between my breasts. That said, I have seen other women rock this bra just by going up in the cup even being full on top.

Nevertheless, I am very happy with Diane . It fits about 1/2 cup smaller than my other Empreinte bras, but this doesn’t affect the beautiful placement of the wires and gore. As you can see, the narrow wires sit nicely around my breasts roots and the gore tacks well against my sternum.
This bra is very secure and in fact, my breasts don’t move inside the cups through the day even if I bend forward. That is a very good point since usually, a bra that is too small will force you to re-adjust it often.The three-part construction gives an amazing uplift and is very flattering under clothes. I just find this design to look sleek and well finished. Every time I wear it I feel powerful as if I had my life together ahah. The band is true to size and features 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes and is very comfy. Empreinte uses a very soft and high quality materiel for its bands. I think it’s one of the most pleasant to wear I have come across. The straps are rather short and fully adjustable which is a must for my high set roots. I think with slightly bigger cups the straps length would have been perfect.

The coordinate:

I received the shorty in size XS and I think it’s a great fit. Shorties are my favorite underwear style. They are just flattering, comfortable and easy to wear under anything. The Diane shorty is beautiful. It is mid-rise and provide a nice coverage at the back. I love that it’s mostly made of this embroidered mesh and is totally VPL*-free. The black microfiber used on this shorty is also ruffled around the gold ring which is a nice reminder of the bra straps

VPL : Visible Panty Line
I am in love with this set. I feel like Empreinte is getting into a more modern aesthetic. While I loved what they were up to in the past, I can’t wait to see where this is going. My advice with this set would be to size up in the cup and enjoy the glorious construction. I believe Diane would flatter anybody. If you are tired of black lingerie, you can find this set in 2 other colorways (Quartz, and Bleu royal). I am personally a black lingerie lover but I’d love to see the Quartz one in person.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Bisous, bisous!

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8 Replies to “My thoughts about the Diane set by Empreinte (75F/30F & XS)”

  1. My mother’s friend was a seamstress for Empreinte for a few years, and she used to grab some of the bigger (the biggest she could find, she said, usually like FR 85/90/95FF/G) samples for me (sadly teenage me didn’t appreciate just how amazing it was).

    The thing was that even then they didn’t fit well (too big band, too small cup), but because they were free, and samples (they din’t have the label, or else a handwritten label, and sometimes the mesh/elastic color didn’t match for example) I could sew them, and take the band in. And I found you can remove the non elastic ‘seam’ at the top, usually it was a thin non stretchy ‘ribbon’ sewn in if I remember right? I think a really tiny zig zag stitch? and if you can remove it you can gain a cup size or even a little more, because the mesh can stretch (but it becomes a tiny bit less supportive on top). Sometimes then it becomes to loose and then I’d have to sew another elastic/ribbon back instead, just a little longger than the first.

    I don’t know that I’d be comfortable doing that to a new bra that I paid for, but I think it’s a good way to rescue an old bra that became too small!

    1. That is such a great idea! Thank you! Also you were so lucky as a teen! I wish I knew about this brand at that time of my life!

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