It’s been awhile since I have done a swimwear review but this year I want to feature more styles on this blog. I have discovered so many amazing swimwear brands, and I hope I get to feature a hand full of them for 2018, suitable for different budgets. For a long time I have found quite difficult to find a one-piece swimsuit that would match my tastes and my body. I honestly don’t feel comfortable wearing non-wired bikinis since my breasts are rather projected but believe it or not I still want to wear those cute and minimalist cuts.

[ Empreinte kindly gifted this swimsuit for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I have always wanted a strapless unpadded swimsuit because I love the retro silhouette they can give. I know it’s a lot to ask especially since there are many padded strapless swimsuits on the market now, but I still wished to own one some day. So when I saw the Empreinte swimwear collection at Curve, I was both surprised and intrigued! I really wondered how these cups could support fuller busts without going down with mouvements.
The Havana bikini is available in 4 colorways this season (Coquelicot, Iris, Black and Mangue). I really loved the Coquelicot and Mangue colorways as they are so summery and refreshing! However, when I received this swimsuit in Iris, I was surprised by the loveliness of this colour on my skin. Iris is an elegant purple that would probably work for a variety of skin tones.

I am a UK 30GG and UK 10 and received the Havana in a size 38/F according to the tag, which is roughly equivalent to an Empreinte 32F.
I know this must be confusing but many French brands who make cup sized swimwear name the size as a combination of the dress size and the cup. I am usually a French 36-38 in dress size and an Empreinte (30)F cup. The logic behind this is to assume that a person wearing a 30 or 32 band would wear a size FR 36/38 (UK 8-10). Following that logic, since this style starts from a 32 band (according to the brand’s website), I received a 38/F.  Don’t worry some websites sell them with normal bra sizing, but since some don’t I thought it would be worth it to give an explanation. Note that this style goes up to an Empreinte F cup. If you like the detailing and colour but need a bigger cup size there are three other versions of this swimsuit that go up to an Empreinte G cup.

Now, let’s go back to this swimsuit unusual construction. From the inside, you can see that a demi-bra with vertical seams at the cup has been integrated to the swimsuit. The seam is not situated at the middle of the cup but is a little bit closer to the gore which is probably meant to center the breasts. However, this bra is only attached from the sides, as if the band part was the bodysuit itself. As you can see, there are little waves of gel around the edges to prevent is from slipping.

The wires, although being relatively narrow are longer than what I am used to with Empreinte bras, but that might be because I usually wear a 30F. I feel like they could suit a couple of cup sizes instead on just one like an Empreinte 32F bra would. At the back, there is no hidden band which means that the fit isn’t adjustable in that regard. I appreciate the exterior construction of the bra, as the wires completely disappear and the two oblique seams give some structure to the cup. In fact these seams are mostly responsible for the uplifting, slightly pointy look of these “cups”.

I found this body to fit me well, providing enough coverage for my bum and shaping really slightly my natural body shape. I love the crochet detailing which is actually one of the trends of this Summer. It definitely adds something to the silhouette of this bodysuit and who doesn’t like some bits of transparency on a one-piece swimsuit? I feel like it breaks a little the plain look of this piece, which is very nice.

The thin strings at the top don’t hurt the neck as they were really made for decorative purpose rather than support. I actually find the Havana swimsuit to be supportive enough but it really provides its maximum level of support when it is wet. Then, the lycra material starts hugging your body and the wires feel closer too. Since my breasts roots are rather high set, these wires don’t touch my infra-mammary fold. I also think that if I had a shorter torso I would not have this issue. Note that I am 1m71 with a medium sized torso.

If I could change something about the Havana swimsuit, I would add a hidden band at the back. I have seen that in the past on full bust swimsuits and it does help to feel more secure. However, since this style stops at a F cup, I think women that fit in this size range won’t have real support issue. Note that this piece doesn’t feature any opening so you need to pass it through your thighs and hips. I have rather narrow hips so for me this is not a big issue but it is something to take in consideration.

Overall, I really love this swimsuit. It makes me feel like a modern pin-up. I even found the only hat on earth that could fit into my hair to match it. I appreciate to be able to move around without adjusting it constantly. It’s really pleasant to wear, glamorous in a simple way and fits my breasts nicely. I call this a win! <3

Have you ever tried a fullbust strapless swimsuit ? What is your favorite swimwear style?

Sending sunny vibrations!

Yours truly,

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  1. That is a great colour in general, and it really suits you. (I’m out of Empreinte’s range but I do admire it on you.)

    1. Thank you very much! I hope they extend the size range soon! I think they introduced H cups recently for their lingerie but not yet for the swimwear unfortunately.

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