How often have you wished you could show off all this beautiful lace and silk lingerie outside of your house? Despite being hidden, lingerie is sometimes the most luxurious part of an outfit. I personally spend a few minutes every morning to appreciate my undergarments before putting clothes on. I love these moments. It’s like putting on a secret weapon. Something that sets the mood of the day. Because of that, a lot of thoughts go into my daily undies. Is this bra flattering under this particular dress? Are the colors appropriate? Tights or stockings? The stockings always win, by the way.

My new favorite thing is to style lingerie as outerwear. Lingerie/loungewear fabrics are often sophisticated and elegant. Although you can see through it, lace has this way to wrap your body into mystery. I really enjoy it.

Wearing lingerie as outerwear can feel a bit daring. That said, in many ways, you have more chance to look overdressed than underdressed when doing so. The intricacy of luxury material provides a timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion. Living in a city like Montreal is definitely an opportunity to be creative with my outfits and I get quickly excited whenever the temperature is higher than 15 degrees. Would you guess from these pictures that I am wearing a night slip? Well, I do, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Frank And Oak

Satin covered buttons and capped sleeves are not so common in modern clothing but they easily give an element of luxury to an outfit. I decided to layer this Gossard slip (UK10) over the Ellesmere lingerie Lemuria bralette (30GG) because its deep neckline requires plain undergarments. I particularly love the gold hardware on the bralette, as it is a great reminder of my choker’s ring, and overall brings a bit of shine to a quite classic look.

Despite having a classic style, I am always in search of new inspirations. Ethical fashion tends to be quite simple (at least, the one available for my budget) so I have to say that lingerie often proves to be useful to add originality to an outfit. On these pictures I am wearing some Frank and Oak pants (size 4). When buying from this brand I always pick the options with less than 30% polyester. Simply because polyester ages badly, and isn’t biodegradable in addition to not being breathable. Ultimately I would like to buy only natural fibres. These pants were made of Tencel 100% and I love them. They seem thick enough for Spring and Fall so I know they’ll get a lot of use, and they were also comfortable during this super warm Summer.

Fashion is one my favorite forms of self care. The same way that I don’t skip moisturizer in the morning, I think putting together an outfit that I love is a way to please my body and my mind. I want to feel confident and I make sure to wear something that aligns with my personality and definition of style. An outfit can say so much and so little about you, but ultimately, it offers a possibility to express yourself and use your personal assets. I decided to start a series of lingerie-as-outerwear posts this month. I would love to introduce you to more ethical brands that are still affordable and in trend. Plus, for those who aren’t from Montreal, it would be a great opportunity to show you around a little! :p

With love, always.


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