Those who know me know about my love for Ellesmere lingerie. It’s one of my favorite lingerie brands for so many reasons. I have to say that I have a personal history with the brand so I might sound overexcited but I believe I am objective about the quality of their products. I haven’t talk about them in a while but this year the brand is back with amazing embroideries and an improved fit, so why not share the good news?

[I received this set as a gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
Ellesmere is a Montreal based business ran by Julia Rechel, a Canadian designer who takes inspiration from her Yukon to create soft and delicate designs I always fall in love with. As a one-woman business, Ellesmere is working hard on offering the highest quality possible and uses high-end material such as Italian embroidery or mesh. The product I am introducing to you today is very particular in the sense that the embroidered tulle has been made especially for the brand by one of Europe’s premier embroidery houses.


It’s honestly so regal. I think these pictures give you a good idea of the radiant and festive pattern. These beautiful shades of blue remind me of the Mediterranean sea, and the gold thread is reminiscent of the sun rays reflection against the water. It’s a bit of Summer in a lingerie set, but honestly also feels like the perfect special occasion lingerie set making you shine from underneath your clothes.

Fit and quality

I told you in the past that Ellesmere is really great when it comes to custom sizing. I have a few bras made especially to fit my asymmetrical breasts and they really still look and feel amazing after wearing them regularly for the past 2-3 years. Note that I have a lot of bras, that I always handwash so they do get damaged very slowly. Nonetheless, I still can notice that certain brands material stretch faster than others and some colors fade quicker too. I think Ellesmere products hold up very well.I got the set just before going to Guadeloupe so I didn’t have the option to pick my usual size (which is now 30FF & Small), the sizes in stock were 32F and Medium. Surprisingly, and although I didn’t put on weight I found everything to be extremely comfortable and didn’t feel the need to ask for customization.
The 32F was a perfect fit and I have been wearing the band at the loosest setting. If you love a tighter fit, then, of course, your usual size would work and still be comfortable but I am loving the fit of the 32F. Ellesmere straps are fully adjustable which is great and once I am set up for the day, I don’t need to readjust the bra, it’s light, secure, and supportive. Although Ellesmere bikinis fit me great in a Size Small, I love the feel of the Medium, it’s just as comfy and I get a nice coverage at the back. As for the suspender belt, this is my favorite thing about the recent improvement the brand made: even as a 4 straps suspenders, I can wear it all day and it doesn’t slide along my hips. This is AMAZING for me, as I usually get very disappointed with 4 straps suspenders.

I love my stockings high and stable so I usually forget about suspenders that come with lingerie sets from brands that don’t really specialize in these products. But here I am, with this gorgeous little thing that is just tight enough to sit against my narrow hips without sliding and keeps me pretty all day long. The previous suspenders from the brand didn’t really work for me when I tried to wear them with stockings. I love this one so much: it’s wider and features a 3 hooks and eye closure. I thought I would need a Small to ensure stability but the Medium does the job. Note that Ellesmere medium is a US 4/6 although my waist measurement fits the Small better, I do wear a 4/6 US (UK 8/10) dress size, so I would say it’s actually true to size.

I am wearing Ellesmere garters in this photo, they are really my favorite way to wear suspenders during Summer, and it was warm in Guadeloupe of course. However, now that I am back in Montreal, I will definitely play with colored stockings as Spring is a bit chilly still (it literally snowed yesterday *eye roll*).

Ellesmere isn’t currently taking new orders due to the Covid-19 situation but they planned to reopen the shop section by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Lots of love, and please stay safe!

Yours truly,

2 Replies to “Ellesmere label Etienne set review (32F & Medium)”

  1. Snow in Montreal yesterday, in May? Yikes.
    It was very windy and chilly here in New York yesterday,
    but thankfully no snow. Guadeloupe looks beautiful!
    That Ellesmere lingerie set looks gorgeous!
    I am loving the look of the artistically designed and exquisitely detailed blue and gold embroidered ornamentation as well as the look of the fabric,
    and of the trim of that beautiful Ellesmere lingerie set!
    The quality of the elastic around the leg holes of the panty also looks excellent .
    I love the appearance of Ellesmere lingerie!

  2. That’s a gorgeous set and you look stunning in it!
    Looking forward to trying this brand when she reopens

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