When it comes to fashion, I love Fall/Winter the most. These seasons always bring the most elegant colorways and the most creative styling. It’s also at that time of the year that I created my blog 3 years ago. I think Autumn especially is an inspiring season. And despite the grey sky and limited natural light, I want this blog to be a nice place to enjoy with a tea when it’s cold outside.
Today’s review is about a brand that I only recently discovered: Louisa Bracq. I actually heard about this brand years ago, when it was still called Secret D’Eva, but never got a chance to try it at the time. The brand eventually rebranded and is now known for their amazing embroidery made in France.

[ Louisa Bracq provided the lingerie for review purpose. I was compensated for my work but all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I chose to review their line Color Fever, because it felt pretty unusual. This collection is inspired by the Tachism, a French type of abstract painting, popular in the 40’s and 50’s. I love a good mix between art and lingerie. The print’s colours feel very warm and are perfect for this season and the shiny midnight blue embroidery just adds a touch of luxury to this set.

This collection offers 4 styles of bras: full cup, balconnet, half-cup, and push-up. I opted for the balconnet style, called “Tulipe” by the brand. This style is available from 32B to a 36G, with some 30 bands available. Note that the full cup version goes up to a French 105I (equivalent roughly to a UK40HH). I received a French 85F, tagged as UK 32F and the brazilian brief in size XS/FR 38.

Fit and construction:

The shape of this bra feels like a hybrid between a balconnet and a half-cup. I really like the way it shapes the bust without covering it too much. Although in pictures, it looks like a regular balconnet, it does feel different. I would say, less deep, although not shallow. It’s definitely made to provide the beautiful décolleté you can get with half-cup with the security of a balconnet.

The wires are medium width, but short enough to be comfortable. This is something I have often noticed with French brands. The wires also feel lighter than Polish or British bras wires, and the cup are sewn to give a more natural shape. This doesn’t prevent the bra from being supportive, though. But with my wide breasts, such short wires can result in a little bit of fat showing at the side of my bigger breasts (as you can see in the last photo). It’s not a big deal but I think a 30G would have solved this issue.

[The band features embroidered detailing.]

I keep repeating myself but you guys should be careful with French sizing. Despite what’s written on the international sizing chart, French sizes aren’t the same as other EU sizes. I usually wear a UK 30G/30GG and a 32F/30G in French brands. You can usually go down a cup size with French lingerie. The bands feel looser but the cup run bigger. Once you find your size, you’ll usually be able to buy from most French brands online, because their sizing is very consistent.

The band features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I think I should have opted for a 30G/80G instead of a 32F/85F but I am comfortable wearing the bra at the middle hook.
The gore tacks comfortably. Actually, I didn’t mention it but it is adorned with a little pendant made of two littles faux diamonds and a tiny little tassel.
I had to edit my nipples out of the pictures but the sheer part of the cup is actually very transparent. I love how this highlights the beauty of the repetitive embroidery.
The straps are large enough and comfortable. They are also fully-adjustable. I think this bra has a very well balanced construction, between support and aesthetic.

The coordinate:

The coordinate, in size Small, fits me very well. It’s a mid rise brazilian brief that provides a lot of coverage at the front and just enough at the back. This type of brief are my favorite because they prevent VPL but are also very comfortable. I really hesitated between this one and the high waist version but I figured, I would get more wears out of this one during Winter. As you can see on the first picture of this review, it works very well with high waisted jeans. It doesn’t show on my pictures but at the back of the bra and coordinate, you’ll find a little branded embroidery. This type of discret detail always gives a nice impression.
I am surprised by how much I like this set, considering, prints aren’t my cup of tea, but when I tried it on the first time the colors, the embroidery, the shape of the cup… Everything felt just right, aesthetically. I don’t have much red lingerie and this set is a good alternative for people, who, like me, tend to wear dark colors all the time.
This set isn’t overly feminine and the embroidery is very geometrical and repetitive. It just feels very modern to me and different from what I generally see in French lingerie.
The attention to detail is beautiful, the finishes are very neat and well-made. Overall, that just makes me want to try more Louisa Bracq lingerie. I have been eyeing their Soleil d’hiver and So Vichy collection since this Summer so hopefully I’ll put my hands on them. *That Lingerie addict life*…

Louisa Bracq has numerous retailers such as : Vogaine , Toutes les Poitrines and La Redoute (there are many more actually but they don’t all carry everything).

I will come back soon with another Louisa Bracq review, so stay tuned!!

Yours truly,

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5 Replies to “Discovering Louisa Bracq : Color Fever 32F & XS review”

  1. Where can you actually order their products online? I went to the website (Soleil d’hiver and So Vichy were the two that appealed to me as well) but I could only find a way to see offline shops (none of which are that near me). I can’t even see the pricing to see if it’s something I would consider…

    1. Hello there,

      Thanks for letting me know about those issues. I am writing at 2 am, so eventually I forget some things. Louisa Bracq prices start at 70 Euros for a bra and around 40 euros for the coordinate. I added some websites where you can purchase their lingerie.


  2. I’m surprised I don’t remember seeing/reading posts on Secret D’Eva lingerie (before the name change).
    The Louisa Bracq balconnet bra and matching panty look very pretty.
    I like the looks of the embroidered mesh, the orange, red, brown, purple and orange on black print, the tasseled silver charm over the gore of the bra and the matching Color Fever Culotte. Though I’m unfamiliar with French international sizing the stated range of sizes, from U.S. XS – 6XL, for the brief, makes availability of the right size sound promising.
    I’m looking forward to seeing and reading your next Louisa Bracq lingerie set review.

    P.S.: I can’t vouch for the following website site, but just found this site via a Google search for Secret D’Eva lingerie: https://www.ouhlala.co.uk/collections/louisa-bracq

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