I must have said it before, but Lejaby is one of these brands that gave me hope in French lingerie. While France is still a big reference in Fashion and contour fashion, I have always felt a bit left out, despite being quite average size-wise. I am a 5’7 franco-caribbean woman wearing a 36-38 (UK 8-10). I feel like this is not a rare thing in France. And yet, it took me to look into British and US designers to find lingerie that fitted me, and images that made me feel represented.

[I bought this set with my own money. All thoughts and opinion are my own.]

While I still don’t see much women of color in the French lingerie imagerie, I am very appreciative of French brands making DD+ lingerie. Lejaby in particular always attracted me for their very delicate designs even for their Elixir range. It’s the first brand that made me feel like I wasn’t condemned to wear black minimizer bras even with my G cup breasts.
Actually… Being a lingerie blogger made me realize that G wasn’t the end of the bra alphabet and I wish more French brands would carry gorgeous bras for even deeper cups. But one step at a time. Full-bust lingerie isn’t easy to design and produce, and introducing new sizes can take years. Let’s enjoy the process and hope that more brands will see this as a worthy investment.
Two or three years ago, I came across the Attrape-coeur range in a Galerie Lafayette and obviously had to try it on. I was surprised to find a 30 band in such a big store as, most retailers don’t stock them. To my surprised the 30G/80G I tried, fitted absolutely perfectly. I couldn’t afford it at the time but I knew I could never forget this luxurious and unusual design. I was lucky enough to find it on sale, thanks to the lovely lingerie addicts Facebook group.

The bra:

At the time, I was mostly surprised by the fit, which was so good compared to what I have tried from other brands before. It felt like the cups were molded to fit my breasts. I believe that I had fuller breasts at the time so my asymmetry was less visible in this bra. Though, I think it looks quite perfect even today when I stand straight.

Despite the incredible illusion created by the microfibre detail on the cups, this bra is a three-parts full-cup bra. It’s made of a discreetly shiny and unstrechy tulle. I believe the brand made an incredible work on the pattern to make it so smooth and seemingly seamless. As usual with Lejaby Elixir, the band features 4 sets of hooks and eyes. It is made of a soft and beautiful power mesh and feels true to size.

As I said before, French brands tend to run big in the cup, so I can usually get aways with a 32F or 30G in most of them, despite being a UK 30GG. However, with Lejaby, I think 30G full cups fit me way better than 32F ones despite them being French sister sizes. I can never fill the top part of the cup in the F cups.
The attrape coeur bra seems to be made for rather even breasts but somehow works beautifully on me. If you have tried Lejaby before, you should be good with your usual size. Also, if you have shallow breasts, I’d recommend to try the balconnet version, which has a lower coverage. Sadly, this version only goes up to a F cup, but I always have luck with Lejaby 32F balconnets so it might be worth a try.

The coordinate:

I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous shorty on Belle-lingerie, as it was impossible to find any other coordinate on the internet in the colorway Bleu Saphir. I got a size UK 8 and prayed for it to fit. Luckily, this shorty is made of an incredibly strechy microfibre. This allows for a flexible sizing and I am very happy I got this size.
From the front, it looks quite simple and not very special. But the back is where the magic happens. The thin guipure embroidery is the detail that makes this set extra special and I love its placement at the back of this shorty. It’s just so delicious.

I did encounter a problem with this bra though. Yesterday, as I decided to wear it for the 3rd time, I realized that a part of the band got damaged. I have no idea when it happened but the part of the band that was lined with tulle was torn apart on the right side… I am so annoyed right now. It never happened to me with any other bra and I hope I am just unlucky and this won’t happen to other customers.

That being said, I still think Attrape-coeur ( heart-catcher in english) is a precious set and I feel lucky to finally own it. I know this set has been made in black, white, navy blue with Swarowsky crystal, and a few other colorways. Each of them are glorious really. Often stock pictures don’t do them justice. Lejaby had a big sale on them a few month ago but it seems that they are all gone from the official website now. This collection and Theodora were really my all time favorite from the Elixir range and I am sad to see them go.
I really want to try their Venenum bodysuit as, I think it’s the first one they made up to a G cup. I feel like 2019 will be the year of the bodysuit on this blog. Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

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