If you are like me, you must already be ready to forget about heavy winter coats and just start wearing your cutest dresses and lighter pair of stockings! The higher temperatures just give me more styling ideas and all I want to do it starting showing off my lingerie as outerwear again.

So here are a few items I would love to style this Summer, or as soon as the weather allows it!

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La Femme en Noir Black Widow Palazzo Pants 

10 Items for lingerie-as-outerwear stylingI have been wanting to buy these pants for quite some time now and I really hope they wait for me because they are truly perfect! They are currently on Final sale and were ethically made in Hollywood. I would wear these for absolutely any occasion…

LOVE STORIES Mermaid satin-trimmed lace bra

10 Items for lingerie-as-outerwear stylingThis bra would never fit me as is but I can’t think of a few ways to layer it. You could just have it picking out of a shirt or a light dress, and it would be enough to create a nice effect thanks to that pretty lace. Honestly, lace should be the new jewellery. (Though I admit, it’s way less durable.)

Persephone satin lounge pants by Gobling fruit

10 Items for lingerie-as-outerwear stylingI had a huge crush on this pair of satin pants too. I am just so into the paperback vibe lately. It can really be flattering while still looking both casual and elegant. I LOVE it. Very high on my wishlist. Sizing and colorways are limited though!

I.D. SARRIERI Embroidered tulle bodysuit

10 Items for lingerie-as-outerwear styling

So this is out of my budget but OMG this beauty! Can someone just buy it and post about it so that I can live vicariously through you? I.D Sarrieri never fails to amaze me. This opulent embroidery is everything. This piece should absolutely be worn outside the house. Come on! Look at those sleeves!!

Nubian Skin bodysuit

While this might be surprising (or not), basics are usually the easiest items to style. I love this Nubian skin bodysuit as it is the perfect piece to layer your lingerie and accessories over if you don’t want to look naked but still want to emphasize on your precious pieces.

A sheer crop top(Asos)

And then of course, a classic, the sheer top. You can wear anything underneath and rock a lingerie-as-outerwear look! It’s also easy to wear all sort of harnesses over it. This is an extremely versatile piece of clothing. Highly recommend if showing off your lingerie is too daring for you and you need an extra layer between it and the world ( which is supposedly the norm, no judgement! 🙂 ).

Liquorish – Pyjama top

One of my favorite things since I am a kid is fancy PJs and now I like to wear them out.
I can totally see this top used as a shirt over a pair of jeans or even pleated pants.

Agashi Wednesday mesh Bodysuit

If you want to support independent designers, have a look at Agashi’s shop! They have some great clothing options and you can get custom designs as well!

Bluebella – Phoenix bra

Although Bluebella doesn’t make such a cool design in my size, I know I would manage to wear it over a plain top. This bra looks like what a modern Xena would wear and I am here for it!

Flash You and Me Embroidered skirt and halter top

I got to meet Flash You and Me at the Salon de la lingerie this year, and since then, I am dying to get one of their embroidered skirts! Seriously, I would love to see what can be reasonably done with a sheer skirt that wouldn’t involve an opaque skirt underneath. I am sure this is manageable, though!

Let me know your thoughts! What is your go-to lingerie as outerwear item?

Yours truly,

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