Lara Intimates is a brand that has been very popular around the fullbust community lately. I think it’s been a year now that y’all started asking me to review their famous Wren bra. You know I am not the fastest when it comes to buying/reviewing lingerie, but fortunately, the brand recently reached out to me and offered to send me this exact set.
I will try to give you a very detailed review of my experience with them, so you know what you can expect if you decide to get some of their bralettes.

[ Disclaimer: This set has been gifted to me by Lara Intimates. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post might contain affiliate links. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
Lara Intimates Wren bra reviewThe bralette trend has been very popular for a few years now. It seems that this trend really pushed the industry and you can tell that now, almost every brand has their own bralette. Lara Intimates is solely making wireless bras but has been perfecting their fit to serve fullbust women up to I cup. I believe that the brand has its own sizing which is more or less similar to other UK brands depending on your size.
Lara Intimates Wren bra review

Finding your fit

Initially, the brand asked for my measurements in order to find the perfect size within their range. “The measurement should go from where your boob joins your chest at the front, round to where an underwire would sit under your arm.”- said the brand. This is the most efficient way they have to get the breasts volume.

I have to say that when I give my measurements to brands, I try to be as accurate as possible giving bust circumference, underbust circumference, bust radius and even waist circumference. I have been successful with made to measurements products 90% of the time giving all these data. But indeed, measuring breasts “diameter” can maybe be a more efficient way to have an idea of the needed size.

Lara Intimates Wren bra reviewWith this method, I found a 23cm diameter. My underbust circumference being 69cm, I think this put me into a 28G in the Wren bra. However-and maybe you can see it- this size a bit small for me. I believe a 30G would have maybe worked better. Or a 28GG.
I know I can wear 28 bands but honestly, they are never super comfortable for me except in some Polish bras). I think it could be a good option if I want to extend the bralette life, but I would love to see how a 30G would fit.
Lara Intimates Wren bra review

Fit and appearance

The Wren bra is actually a bralette that closes with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. It really has a beautiful construction, as if everything was thought out with a made to measure mindset. Actually, except for the back closure, nothing else is adjustable.
The Wren bra doesn’t have traditional bra straps. Now they really don’t need to be shortened, at least not for me. However, if you have lower set breasts, you might want to have a little looser straps for comfort.Lara Intimates Wren bra review I have full on bottom, close-set and full on side breasts. While this bra is definitely wearable (and I wear it a lot), it does crush my breasts a little. I think you can’t really see what I mean because it doesn’t show much in the pictures, but it’s visible on the sides. It could be due to the pattern of this bra, but I believe, I need a bit more room in the “cup”. Now a month after receiving it, it does fit me better, and the fit issues are less obvious.Lara Intimates Wren bra reviewLara Intimates Wren bra review My favorite things about this bra are really the shape it gives under clothes and the fact that the underbust elastic is staying into place throughout the day.
Honestly, this bra is extremely secure and reliable. I can wear it under many different tops and get a very beautiful shape, almost as if I was wearing a wired bra. Of course, depending on your size, this bra will be made in different variations. You can see all of them on the brand’s website.
Lara Intimates Wren bra review I love the placement of the seams as they really allow a smooth and uplifting fit. This sporty feminine vibe is very pleasant on days when you don’t feel like wearing lace and wires. The bra features two layers of strong mesh on the inner part of the cup, but three on the more external part (under the diagonal seam). This is clearly a well-thought-out construction.Lara Intimates Wren bra review The material used for this bra is meant to last and support heavy busts. The underbust elastic is very strong and I don’t think it will get loose fast. I would definitely recommend this product to full-busted women. Only take in consideration that the measurement method isn’t 100% accurate and you might need an exchange. I think getting this info gets harder with bigger cup sizes.
Wren bralette

The coordinate

I received the hipster brief in a size Small. I would say that this brief runs a bit smaller than my other bottoms in the same size. I have narrow hips and I would say that I could almost have gone up a size. Again, it doesn’t show much on the pictures, and it is also wearable, but I think I like having a bit more room around my hips and bum.
This hipster brief isn’t like most hipster briefs I have seen on the market. I would call it kind of a tanga? But I guess it depends how much your bum likes to eat panties.
Wren bralette reviewI still think I made the right choice with this coordinate, as I like the way it looks on me. Overall, this set is a nice experience and I would love to try other pieces from this brand. This colorway is one I really like as it changes from my usual wardrobe. I even think it could work under light-colored clothes. If you aren’t a fan of bralettes that don’t have a clear separation of the breasts, the brand recently launched their Clio bra, which has had a lot of success lately!

I hope you enjoyed this little review. As usual, don’t hesitate to ask for more details! 🙂 I am happy to help!

Yours truly,

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  1. After this pandemic I’m not wearing underwires on the regular. Thanks for this review. They’re on my try list.

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