The whole world seems to be super-hot on sustainability right now. Going green has never been so cool, relevant and important. And guess what, the fashion industry is one of the leaders…

You’ll be surprised at how little changes can make your fashion choices even greener, so we’ve rounded up six top tips for embracing the world of sustainable fashion – enjoy!

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tips for embracing sustainable fashion

Donate clothes

Donating clothes is one of the easiest ways to make your fashion choices more environmentally-friendly.

If you’re in need of a wardrobe clear-out (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), take everything you no longer wear to a charity shop for others to benefit from. If you throw them away, they’ll only end up in landfill, which we all know too well is not good for mother nature at all. Or alternatively, find out which of your local high street stores accept old clothes to recycle.

Ditch fast fashion

Buy less, but buy well – that should be your new motto when it comes to new threads.

Ditching fast-fashion means you’ll be saving the environment, and looking fly at the same time. Try to keep the 30 wears test in mind every time you fancy something new; which means, if you’re not going to get at least 30 wears out of it, it’s a no-no.

tips for embracing sustainable fashion

Swap clothes

Ever really wanted that cute top your friend’s wearing, but don’t want to buy the same thing? There is an answer – clothes swapping!

Exchanging clothes with friends is not only great for the environment by reducing landfill, but it also means you get a hot new wardrobe in the process, too. What’s not to love? Organise a clothes swapping party and invite the girls around for a night of (sustainable) fashion, food, and fun.

Shop consciously

Loads of clothing brands are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon, so it’s easier than ever to be conscious. Bonds, for example, are aiming to hit a 40% renewable energy target by 2020.

Shopping consciously can be done on the high street or online – just do your research for the best brands (some will claim to be doing their best for the environment, but look a little closer to make sure their claims are true).

You can even use social media, especially Instagram, to research hashtags related to sustainable fashion, and find new brands.

Embrace the cool wash

Want to start being more sustainable at home? Hit that washing machine switch to 30-40 degrees, as opposed to 60. A cooler wash will use less energy, reducing your carbon footprint and your electricity bill at the same time.

Plus, loads of detergent brands are now suited for cooler washes, and no one wants to risk shrinking their clothes either, right?

Go second-hand

Seek out charity shops and online sites where you can purchase second-hand items. Buying someone else’s pre-loved items reduces landfill, goes against fast fashion and helps get the most out of every individual item of clothing. Plus, you can pick up some absolute bargains when looking in the right places – score!

tips for embracing sustainable fashion

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